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Written by Adam Morris

Updated August 8, 2023

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Article Forge is an AI Content Generator tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically create unique and SEO ready content in minutes!

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Are you tired of spending hours writing blog posts and articles? Are you looking for a way to save time and still produce high-quality content? Enter Article Forge.

Article Forge is a content creation tool that uses artificial intelligence to write unique articles for you. Although it has been present in the content marketing industry for a while and has received significant attention, is it truly beneficial to invest in?

In this article, we will give you an honest review of Article Forge. In our review, we’ll cover Article Forge’s functionality, operation, and advantages and disadvantages. If you’re a content writer, blogger, or business owner, our review can assist you in determining whether Article Forge is the appropriate tool for your needs.

Article Forge Review

Article Forge is an AI Content Generator tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically create unique and informative content. It scans millions of web pages associated with a given topic and analyzes the content, rewriting it in its own language. This process ensures that each article created comprises pertinent information suited to any related subject.

Article Forge AI homepage

The best features of Article Forge make for incredibly efficient content creation, allowing for articles to be generated within minutes. What’s more is these articles are optimized to be SEO friendly, meaning they will more likely appear at the top of search engine results.

To make the content even more engaging and personalized, article generation also includes images, videos, and links which can be effortlessly added throughout your post – saving you time from manually implementing them yourself. In terms of its efficiency and quality, this tool stands out as one of the leading online services for creating original content quickly and efficiently!

How does Article Forge Work?

Article Forge is an AI-based copywriting platform that helps you create unique and well-composed articles for your website or blog. The innovative AI algorithm employed by Article Forge uses data from a range of different sources to generate drafts for all kinds of writing projects, including content for web pages.

This means that the software can become smarter and faster as it continues to learn over time. To get started with Article Forge, users can simply sign up for a free trial. Then, the AI technology will begin automatically generating drafts that you can use as the basis of your long form articles with minimal effort.

The AI system is highly intuitive and learns to recognize patterns in the text it produces, meaning even more efficient results over time. With its user friendly interface and vast resource library, Article Forge proves incredibly useful when creating high-quality content quickly and affordably.

Is It Easy To Use Article Forge?

Overall, Article Forge is incredibly simple and user-friendly, offering an intuitive interface that allows anyone to create a high-quality article in very little time.

How does Article Forge AI works

The dashboard on Article Forge was designed with the user in mind, providing labels and directions to clearly explain the article creation process. All you need to do is log in and enter your chosen keyword or phrase and within a minute you will have a ready-to-go finished article.

The latest additions to the Article Forge service allow users even more flexibility when creating their articles, as it now offers long form articles of 1500 words or more as an option. Whatever article length you’re hoping for, there are two main choices available – “automatically generated”, which uses AI technology to curate content from credible sources; or “writer generated” which assigns your project to one of its professional writers who can craft a custom tailored masterpiue for you.

Features of Article Forge


Integrations are an essential component of AI software. They facilitate problem-solving by allowing users to utilize multiple different tools together in order to achieve desired outcomes. For example, Article Forge offers two main integrations that can be used to rewrite existing posts and schedule content directly to a WordPress blog.

With these enabled, users can maximize their efficiency when using the software and potentially even save time as compared to manually doing these tasks separately. The setup for the integrations may take some effort on the part of the user, but it is well worth it considering the value they provide once properly configured.

Article forge Ai integrations

In addition to Article Forge’s external integrations, they also offer a few internal ones as well – including SEO tools which allow users to conduct effective keyword research, automate link building activities, monitor website traffic and more. All of this allows users more control over how they use the software while also providing them with greater accuracy in terms of tracking success metrics and making overall changes.

Relying on these automated services results in less manual effort and a much smoother process overall – thus providing tangible benefits for any user utilizing AI writing technology for business purposes or otherwise.

WordAI Integration

Article Forge is a powerful content creation tool that can provide users with fresh articles written in their chosen niche. It offers a wide array of customization options as one creates articles that it would be difficult to achieve with manual writing. However, its primary purpose is to create new content and therefore, it is not optimal for rewriting existing articles.

Thankfully, Article Forge has direct integration with WordAI, an article rewriting software offered by Cortx, its parent company. This allows for the automated rewriting of previously written content so that one does not have to manually rewrite their own existing articles.

To use this integration with WordAI, one must have both an account and API key with the software provider. The subscription for using WordAI alongside Article Forge is similar in cost to using only Article Forge alone, making it a more economical option than doing all of the work manually.

WordPress Post Scheduler

The WordPress Post Scheduler from Article Forge makes it easy to add your finished posts directly to self-hosted WordPress blogs. This allows you to schedule your posts and save the hassle of manually exporting the content from Article Forge. You can choose one or several destinations for the content by selecting individual URLs or sites with a chosen username. Additionally, you can set up a default blog as the go-to destination each time you want to post without having to continually enter your entries.

The scheduler also lets you determine how often new posts should be made and when these will be published. As such, Article Forge has taken away some of the manual processes associated with getting content from its web platform onto popular publishing platforms like WordPress blogs. No longer do you have to launch multiple tabs and copy/paste text into them and develop entire schedules separately; everything is available in one single interface that’s easy to navigate.

Other integrations

Integrating SEO AutoPilot, Cyber SEO, RankerX, GSA Search Engine Ranker and SEnuke TNG with the Article Forge API can be a great boon to any digital marketing campaign. Each of these platforms have their own unique features that allow marketers to automate link building tasks and drive more potential customers to their websites. With the help of provided API key, all these services can be easily connected and utilized for optimizing the content.

One of the core benefits of integrating these digital marketing tools are efficient link building as they provide users with automatic link building mechanic with detailed analytics that help track results quickly and accurately. In addition to this, using these services can allows gain access to a variety of different databases while saving time due to automated content creation process.

This again improves search engine rankings as high quality backlinks are created faster which in turn bring more website visitors. Therefore, integrating multiple SEO tools is an effective way of enhancing the digital marketing campaigns, boosting visibility and increasing the overall web presence.

Human Writer vs Article Forge AI

Article Forge is a content creation tool that aims to write articles as good as a human writer. Whether it succeeds or not depends on the particular article and what level of quality is expected. In terms of basic structure, grammar, spelling, and punctuation it usually holds up quite well and can pass a general review.

Article forge AI vs human writers

However, most human writers have an edge in being able to pick up on things like nuance, tone and voice. Article Forge does not come close to matching this level of creativity and thought offered by human writers when creating new articles for a website or blog.

Given its low cost, many users are more than happy to take what Article Forge offers although there is still some editing that needs to be done before any content can be published. While it’s far from perfect and far from a substitute for creative thinking from experienced human writers, Article Forge does offer decent amounts of fresh content for websites on recurring themes at short notice which makes it a great choice for sites with large volumes of necessary content but limited budgets.

Article Forge Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Article Forge offers an unbeatable selection of plans and packages that are suitable for all content writing needs. Whether you’re a beginner wanting to explore what’s out there or an experienced writer looking to upgrade their skillset, there is a perfect plan waiting for you. You can even get a free 5-day free trial so that you can decide whether or not it fits your writing requirements.

Article forge AI pricing

Article Forge has three different plans tailored specifically for the amount of words you want to generate per month; up to 40,000 words will cost $27/month, but if you opt to pay annually they offer a discounted rate of $13. If this isn’t enough words then up to 250,000 words per month can be purchased at $57/month with the same discounted annual rate of $27 being applied. Any prices paid are made in advance and no commitments require sign-up.

Pros and Cons

Article Forge is a popular automatic article writing software that has become popular with writers and content creators looking to save time while delivering high-quality articles. While it certainly has its advantages, there are also some downsides to this tool that should be taken into consideration before committing. Below, we’ll talk about the things you’ll love and the things you’ll probably hate.


Article Forge is an automated content development program that offers users the ability to generate articles quickly at the press of a button. This time-saving solution allows individuals to produce more content in less time, as compared to manually writing it.

With this tool, users can create SEO-friendly content that is kept up to date with Google algorithms and directly related to targeted topics. The technology utilizes AI and natural language processing for precise contextual knowledge and user friendly prose.

Furthermore, Article Forge offers accurate keyword density based on the topic you input into the system. Using this key feature ensures that the article created has maximum search engine visibility. Moreover, owners are given full control over their projects; from assigning topics to changing titles and images, all customization can be handled in a few clicks of your mouse!

Unlike other automation tools on the market, Article Forge also keeps an eye out for copied material thanks to its plagiarism checker function. All in all, using Article Forge is a great way to save time while generating unique and engaging content!


Article Forge is a tool designed to create high-quality articles for its users. On the downside, it can be quite expensive to maintain if you don’t need it on a regular basis.

Furthermore, the articles generated by Article Forge aren’t necessarily ready to be published and will require careful editing in order to ensure accuracy. Additionally, some users have noticed that Article Forge tends to repeat content, meaning parts of certain articles could appear on different webpages.

Although these points should be taken into consideration when using this tool, everything is subjective and users can make use of certain features in order to improve their output quality. For example, entering relevant subheadings or taking time out to do additional keyword research can help combat repetitive content issues. Ultimately, it’s up to each user how much effort they want to put into making the best use out of this tool for their specific needs.

Customer Support

Customer support for Article Forge is easy, yet limited. Since their main product revolves around an AI writing tool, customers largely won’t need to contact support often. Currently, there’s no helpdesk number or live chat listed on their website – the only way for customers to get support is to fill out a form on the ‘Contact’ page.

Article Forge AI customer support

Rather than having to bother customer service reps with your questions, it might be worth trying to find the answer yourself first by checking out their blog; it’s accessible through the footer menu. The blog has in-depth articles related to common problems that you may encounter while using the software; if you don’t find what you need here, then contacting customer service may be necessary.

In summary, customer support for Article Forge is quick and easy due to their AI driven software platform meaning minimal queries normally need answering by the team. If you need further assistance they have a contact page available as well as blog articles related to common problems appearing in their footer menu that could potentially provide a solution without having to raise a query with support.


Article Forge is a useful tool for users looking to quickly publish content online. It offers a convenient way to generate articles based on user specifications, and provides the convenience of automated tools to expedite the writing process.

However, it is important to note that the quality of Article Forge’s generated content may not be up to standard as expected. Content written by Article Forge may contain fluff or inaccurate facts which require additional editing by the user so that they can be suitable for publication.

Overall, while Article Forge won’t produce ready-to-publish content, it can be a great help to those attempting to quickly write and publish high-quality articles. As long as its use is accompanied with proper editing and fact-checking, it can significantly reduce the time required for content creation and publishing. Hence, users should carefully evaluate their needs before deciding whether or not Article Forge is an appropriate solution for them.

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