Autodraw Review: Free AI Drawing Tool

Written by Adam Morris

Updated September 21, 2023

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AutoDraw is a tool developed by Google's Creative Lab that assists individuals in creating artwork more effortlessly using AI on any device for free.

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What is Autodraw?

AutoDraw is a tool developed by Google’s Creative Lab that assists individuals in creating artwork more effortlessly on their computers, tablets, and smartphones. Drawing good artwork has always been a difficult feat for those that lack the eye-hand coordination or the skill for it.

Autodraw homepage

Even with some basic background knowledge and a stylus, great drawings could be hard to achieve because of certain unknown elements like perspective or shading. AutoDraw changes this by providing users with very accessible online tools to quickly sketch out ideas that can then be transformed into beautifully rendered alternatives.

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Overview of Autodraw Drawing Tool

Any Web Browser on Any Device

AutoDraw is a great tool to make stunning digital drawing and illustrations. It works on any web browser in any device, whether you are using a computer, tablet or smartphone. No need to download anything – all you need is an internet connection and access to the AutoDraw website at

Upon visiting the website, users can easily create illustrations by simply doodling or sketching with their mouse pointer or stylus directly on the page.

Autodraw compatible with many devices

AutoDraw can also convert user sketches into precise line drawings that look like they were created by professionals with its built-in recognition algorithms for shapes and lines.

The intuitive interface also provides various tools such as pencils and custom shapes making it easy even for beginners to create high-quality render artwork in just minutes.

Design Simplicity

AutoDraw is a great digital sketching tool for anyone needing a simple and effective drawing solution. By using the basic features of AutoDraw, you can create your own “Paint-like” image without any of the automated drawing matches being utilized.

With brushes, you can add color to shapes or to just create original works. Typing is also supported, making it that much simpler to write words and phrases on the canvas alongside other drawings you may have created.

Autodraw tool

Overall, AutoDraw gives users a straightforward painting interface that is capable of producing impressive results regardless of what type of content one may be creating. From intricate artwork to more technical drawings, all these are possible with AutoDraw’s easy-to-use tools.

Users will find everything from text bubbles for cartoons and speech balloons to pixel lines for objects with borders as well as various colors and texture options that make personalizing their creations a breeze.

Hundreds of Drawings

AutoDraw is a tool that replaces conventional pen doodles with professional artworks. The drawings used on the platform, which come in all shapes and sizes, are drawn by talented artists, designers, and illustrators. Thanks to this wide selection of diverse artworks, having your work look aesthetically pleasing looks like a piece of cake!

Autodraw collaboration with artists

What’s great about AutoDraw is that new drawings are continuously being added to the database. Anyone who is interested in submitting their artwork to the platform can quickly do so via the AutoDraw Artists web page. Even though the submissions will be reviewed prior to acceptance for compliance with quality standards, this convenient feature allows users to easily refresh their drawing options on a regular basis.

AI-Powered Design Assistance

The use of Artificial Intelligence in AutoDraw can greatly enhance the artwork users create. AI behind it rapidly recognizes what is doodled and tries to match it with similar drawings from its database. When you’re using Autodraw to draw something, try to focus on using basic shapes as they are easier for the program to recognize.

The AI will then list all the potential matches in the “Do you mean” list located at the top of your screen. If you find that one of those matches is the image that you intended to draw, simply click on it and it will be replaced with a better version from Autodraw’s own library.

Autodraw collection of drawings

AutoDraw allows users to take their sketching skills even further by providing long-term improvements without any extra effort or creative burden.

Not only does AutoDraw make it easier for people with limited artistic skills to come up with more professional looking artwork due to its AI recognition capabilities but also provides users with excellent designs for inspiration.

It might not be as powerful (or as human) as an experienced artist but AutoDraw has revolutionized how sketches and digital drawings can be transformed into works of art in a matter of seconds!

Its Free!

No strings attached; AutoDraw is completely free of charge and doesn’t even offer any ads!

What makes AutoDraw so great is that it’s user-friendly and even newbies can quickly get the hang of the tools available. You can also share your work with others due to its online platform accessibility. The auto-generated pictures are amazing too, as you just need to draw a quick sketch and the program does the rest for you – turning it into realistic images with precision.

Whether you have previous experience in graphic design or are a beginner, this software can improve your product design project or personal hobby. So try out AutoDraw today and unlock your creative potentials without any cost along the way!

Before You Go…

AutoDraw is an AI fast drawing tool perfect for anyone, from the occasional doodler to the professional artist. Leveraging the same technology used in QuickDraw, AutoDraw’s suggestion tool uses advanced machine learning algorithms to accurately guess your intended drawing each time.

This makes it possible to capture beautiful artwork in a fraction of the traditional time.

Autodraw interface

Adding to its versatility, AutoDraw is also compatible with numerous platforms and devices so sketching on-the-go has never been easier.

Whether you’re using up spare moments between tasks or setting aside time for creating something amazing – with AutoDraw’s incredible AI-enabled technology you’re only limited by your own imagination! So grab your device and start drawing, expressing yourself with unique sketches made faster than ever before.

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