BigJPG Review: Free Online Tool to Enlarge Images

Written by Adam Morris

Updated October 13, 2023

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We give Bigjpg 3 out of 5 stars.

Bigjpg is a free tool that allows users to automatically enhance and expand photos without reducing quality using cutting-edge AI technology.

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Today’s internet presence requires high-quality photographs. Marketers and influencers need a good image enhancer to make an impression on social media. Bigjpg is popular for using AI to improve photo quality and resolution.

Bigjpg ai image enhancer tool

Users are able to upsample their photographs and enhance the finer details with Bigjpg’s powerful features. It can read many file types and has desktop and web versions.

Both free and paid options exist to meet the varying demands of users. In addition, users have access to a wider selection of picture enlargement and enhancement options thanks to the existence of various rivals to Bigjpg that serve similar functions.

Bigjpg Review Main Points

  • Bigjpg uses AI to increase image quality.
  • It supports several formats and features in desktop and web editions.
  • Users have the option to choose between free and paid versions, and there are alternative image enhancing tools available

Overview of Bigjpg

Specialized image editing application Bigjpg enhances JPG images with several capabilities. The application automatically enhances and expands photos without reducing quality using cutting-edge AI. The software’s deep convolutional neural network processes images quickly and accurately with little data loss.

What sets Bigjpg apart from other image upscalers is its AI image denoiser and artifacts while keeping the image crisp and sharp. As I’ve played around with the program, I’ve seen that these tools help users improve image quality even when starting with lower-resolution source material.

The AI-driven procedure also eliminates difficulties with traditional scaling methods and ensures that the final output matches the original in scale and resolution.

Furthermore, Bigjpg is quite user-friendly, allowing even those without technical know-how to utilize the software effectively. Its interoperability with a wide variety of operating systems and hardware means that it may be used by virtually anyone in need of image editing or enlargement.

Based on my work with Bigjpg, I can say that it is a trustworthy and effective picture upscaler that can unquestionably help bring about first-rate outcomes in image enhancing endeavors. The software’s simple UI and AI-driven approach benefit photographers and graphic designers.

Image Quality and Details Enhancement

Noise Reduction Tool

In my experience using Bigjpg, its AI-powered noise reduction feature effectively addresses unwanted noise and artifacts in enlarged and upscaled images. This is particularly important when up-scaling images that are already low in quality or have high levels of noise. Enlarged images retain quality while displaying finer details by removing noise.

Image Quality

Bigjpg enlarging images

It is crucial to think about how up-scaling affects image quality while working with Bigjpg. My experience with Bigjpg’s AI algorithms is that they preserve image quality while increasing resolution. The tool produces photographs with sharp lines, details, and colors using advanced magnification technologies.

Up-scaling Resolution

In my efforts to enhance images with Bigjpg, I’ve noticed its ability to upscale images’ resolution without creating pixelation or visible blur. It can scale photographs to various magnifications without compromising clarity or resolution. The final expanded image, whether for printing, digital display, or commercial usage, will retain its high visual quality thanks to the high resolution up-scaling process.

Edge Enhancement

Another significant function of Bigjpg is image edge improvement. When up-scaling an image, it’s crucial to retain the clarity and crispness of edges within the photo. I’ve observed that Bigjpg recognizes edges and enhances them during the image enlargement process, giving the images a well-defined and clean appearance. This attention to detail results in a high-quality output that is visually pleasing and free from jagged or disproportionate edges.

Supported Formats

Jpeg and Tiff

Bigjpg supports popular image formats, including JPEG and TIFF. I’ve found that users can easily upload and process images in these formats without any compatibility issues. The Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) format is popular due of its high quality compression. Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) is another lossless format that works well for both web use and professional printing.

Bitmap and Png

Bigjpg also handles two image types: Bitmap (BMP) and PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files. BMP is an uncompressed format which leads to larger file sizes but preserves the image’s quality. The lossless compression quality that PNG offers is well-known for its ability to preserve image data while significantly cutting down on file size. It’s even preferred for web-based graphics due to its transparency support.


Lastly, Bigjpg also accommodates GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) files. Due to its ability to store several frames in a single file, GIF is widely used for animated graphics and short animations. However, the limitation of GIF is its 256-color palette, making it less suitable for high-resolution images or photographs with a broad color range.

Finally, Bigjpg supports JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, and GIF.

Web and Desktop Versions

Windows PC

As a Windows user, I found that Bigjpg is compatible with Windows PC, providing a smooth experience for enlarging and enhancing images. The desktop version’s streamlined installation and feature access mean I can quickly and easily enhance my photos without having to resort to a web browser.

For Mac

For Mac users like myself, Bigjpg offers a macOS-compatible version that can be downloaded and installed on my computer. This ensures that I can access the image upscaling tool without issues, and provides the same level of quality as the Windows and online versions of the software.

Web Browsers

Bigjpg’s online interface makes it easy for me to access the image-upscaling tools from any modern web browser. Including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. A web-based version lets me utilize the service from any device without installing software, which I like.

The website’s layout is also very straightforward, which facilitated my ability to quickly and easily upload images in common formats like JPG and PNG.

Bigjpg’s compatibility with Windows, macOS, and other browsers makes it a user-friendly image upscaling option. I like that there are desktop and web versions so I can choose the one I prefer.

User Interface

I found Bigjpg to have a straightforward design that made it easy to get about the site. The minimalistic design ensures there are minimal interruptions or distractions while enhancing the images, as it does not display excessive advertisements.

Popular image formats like JPG and PNG are supported by Bigjpg, making it easy for users like myself to post pictures straight from our mobile devices. I loved that I could adjust the width and height while upscaling my photos, giving me more control.

The interface’s simplicity allows users with varying technical knowledge to use it. Though I did notice certain limitations like the 4 free credits and 4X as the maximum upscaling time.

In conclusion, Bigjpg’s straightforward interface makes photo editing easy. The simple structure and configuration options make for a pleasant and productive experience.

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Free and Paid Versions

When using Bigjpg, you’ll find that there are both free and paid versions available. The AI-powered tool’s free version lets users extend and improve photos. You can work with images up to 3,200 pixels in the free version, which is a decent size for most non-professional users.

For those who need more advanced features or larger image sizes, the paid Professional version is recommended. Users that upgrade to a paid account gain access to features including image enlargements of up to 8,000 pixels in width, reduced wait times, and elevated support status.

When it comes to pricing, the paid version offers different plans to cater to various needs. Some plans provide monthly or yearly subscriptions, while others offer a one-time payment package for lifetime access.

Bigjpg serves a large audience with both its free and premium versions (Professional). Whether you’re an amateur photographer or working in the digital media industry, Bigjpg’s versions provide options to meet your image enlargement and enhancement goals.

Alternatives to Bigjpg

AI Image Enlarger

As a writer who has experience in image upscaling, I have discovered the best bigjpg alternative to Bigjpg which is the AI Image Enlarger. This tool quickly enlarges images without compromising quality. I found it easy to use and accessible as a free photo upscaler, especially for beginners.

Bigjpg before and after photo

Online tool AI Image Enlarger has several important functions. It supports JPEG, JPG, PNG, and TIFF files, making it versatile. It also uses powerful AI to increase image quality, which is superior than prior methods.

Alternatives to Bigjpg

Besides AI Image Enlarger, there are several other image upscaling softwares that serve as effective alternatives to Bigjpg. Here are some famous ones:

  1. Upscayl: Upscayl is a free, open-source program that makes it easy to improve your photos. Cutting-edge technology makes photographs bigger and better with less work.
  2. Waifu2x: This is a popular image upscaling tool initially designed for anime images. The effects are fantastic and may be applied on any image.
  3. Waifu2x Caffe: A variation of the aforementioned Waifu2x, Waifu2x Caffe offers users a different interface and user experience, but with the same high-quality image upscaling capabilities.
  4. Gigapixel AI: A powerful image enhancer, Gigapixel AI uses machine learning algorithms to upscale and improve image quality. While it is not a free option, it delivers outstanding results that are worth the investment if you need to upscale images regularly.
  5. Real-ESRGAN: REAL-ESRGAN is a strong image enlargement tool with outstanding results. Its cutting-edge technology upscales pictures better than most others.

As someone well-versed in this domain, I believe it is crucial to select the most suitable image upscaler option for your specific requirements. Each of these options to Bigjpg has its own features, so I suggest looking into them all to find the one that fits your needs the best.

Before You Go…

From what I’ve learned about Bigjpg, it is an image editing tool used to make photos bigger and less noisy. Deep Convolutional Neural Networks are used by the tool to keep the picture quality the same as it gets bigger. Many reviews of Bigjpg have said how easy it is to use and how well it works to upscale pictures without needing technical skills.

Creating an account with Bigjpg


  • User-friendly and accessible for those without technical backgrounds
  • Utilizes advanced technology (Deep Convolutional Neural Networks) to maintain image quality
  • Improves marketing tools and social media profiles.


  • Some advanced terms may be overwhelming for new users

Based on the reviews I’ve read, I’m sure that Bigjpg is a good tool for people who want to make their pictures bigger without losing quality. Its ease of use and current technology make it popular with people and corporations. Before deciding if the product will work for you, examine its promises and performance with real-world instances.

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What makes BigJPG stand out from other upscalers?

BigJPG, a unique image enlargement application, employs AI to increase sharpness, clarity, noise, and jagged edges. It works offline and online on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, among other platforms. BigJPG’s AI-driven algorithms let it produce high-quality results that often exceed expectations and do a better job of upscaling than standard methods.

How does the AI-powered enhancer of BigJPG work?

The AI-powered photo enhancer in BigJPG works by analyzing your input image and intelligently filling in missing pixels during the upscaling process. This allows BigJPG to maintain the sharpness and detail in your image while increasing the image’s resolution. Traditional upscaling methods can produce blocky, low-quality images, while AI technology helps the upscaled image look more natural.

Can BigJPG upscale images to 4K quality?

Yes, BigJPG can upscale images to 4K quality and beyond. The AI-driven techniques dramatically boost photo resolution while preserving details and eliminating distortion. The quality of the original image will determine the results. If the image is low-resolution or compressed, it may not be sharp enough.

What are the limitations of BigJPG’s free version?

BigJPG offers a free and a paid version of their service. With the free version, users may experience some limitations such as limit on uploaded images , slower process times, and lower priority in queue compared to paying users. Additionally, larger images and complex editing tasks might require the paid version to access advanced features and capabilities.

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