Boomy Review: Instantly Create Music With AI

Written by Adam Morris

Updated September 20, 2023

Our rating for Boomy AI


We give Boomy AI 4 out of 5 stars.

Boomy is a music production tool that is changing the music industry allowing users to create songs quickly and easily using artificial intelligence.

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Boomy is a platform for AI-powered music creation that uses cutting-edge techniques to create original tunes and compositions. Boomy uses artificial intelligence to let users quickly and easily create their own music.

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Boomy lets you choose beats and styles to create tunes and then once a selection is made, the AI technology generates a mix in under a minute. The user can then adjust the composition by moving icons and making alterations to the arrangement.

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Boomy AI: What Goes Behind Music Making Process

Through the use of sophisticated algorithms, Boomy AI, a music automation system, produces original musical compositions.

Users choose from different styles, musical genres, and instruments to start the process. The key, chord structure, and melody of the track are then determined by Boomy AI’s algorithm after it has analyzed the selected elements.

Once these are established, the AI composes new tracks in less than 30 seconds, effectively streamlining the music creation experience. Boomy AI’s music generation technique involves placing notes on a timeline, just as humans do in traditional music composition.

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It creates a blend that closely resembles real music using synthesized sounds or recordings of actual instruments. Even when some components are automated, the use of this method ensures a realistic sound.

Users can edit and further hone the composition after the AI has produced a mix.

Boomy AI Notable Features

The user-friendly interface of Boomy AI is one of its distinguishing qualities. Users with no prior technical knowledge can easily navigate and utilize the platform to create original music. The design is so simple that both beginners and professional musicians can use the software.

Boomy AI’s adaptability is another noteworthy quality. Users can change and personalize the generated music tracks to their liking, allowing them to create their own distinct rhythm.

Boomy AI make music

Users are given more power to influence the final product thanks to this level of customization, which also allows them to enjoy AI-generated music.

Finally, Boomy AI’s advanced features enable users to share and profit from their music in ways that have never been possible before. With an 80% royalty share and the ability to distribute their songs across over 40 major streaming services, users can both expand their reach and earn revenue from their creations.

Subscription Plans 

When it comes to pricing, Boomy offers three different plans. The Free Plan is perfect for users just starting out and wanting to test the waters without investing any money. Included in this plan are basic features such as song creation and editing, 25 song saving capabilities, and 1 release per month.

Boomy AI pricing plans

The Creator Plan is available for those seeking advanced features at a discounted price of $5.99/month. Some of these key features include 500 song saves, 3 monthly releases, expedited release review times, as well as 10 MP3 downloads each month.

The highest tier plan is the Pro Plan which provides unlimited song creating and editing abilities, with unlimited song saves and 10 monthly releases. It also includes expedited review times as well as 25 MP3 & WAV downloads with commercial use rights– all for just $19.99/mo!

How Does Boomy Create AI Generated Music

The creative process begins when a user selects a desired genre or style for the AI to work with.

Then, using synths or instrument samples to create a track with the appropriate key, chords, and melody for the desired style, Boomy’s algorithm analyzes the genre.

In order to improve its comprehension of various genres and styles and raise the caliber of the tracks it generates, the algorithm is constantly learning from user feedback. 

Why Pick Boomy AI As Your Production Tool

Boomy is a music production tool that is changing the music industry by allowing users to create songs quickly and easily. It helps aspiring musicians and content creators by providing a simple creative process and a large selection of song options. Boomy’s ability to assist users in obtaining royalties from AI-generated music is also a significant benefit.

More artists can now participate in the music industry and profit from their works because music is more widely available.

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Users of Boomy can also effectively share and listen to their tracks on a variety of platforms such as Apple Music.

Due to its effortless distribution, artists can expand their online presence and connect with a larger audience. Additionally, Boomy is user-friendly and accessible to all, enabling even those without musical background or experience to create music.

Boomy Uses

Boomy offers an AI-powered production tool to musicians that can generate original songs and encourages them to experiment with new sounds. Boomy’s produced tracks can be used to make original music that defies classification by genre and style.

Boomy AI featured releases

Boomy is a popular choice for content creators that are looking for a unique sound or background music. It provides a wide range of recordings in different musical genres, suitable for various artistic projects.

Before You Go…

Boomy is a platform that uses AI to make it simple for users to make original songs. Artificial intelligence (AI)-based functions are available, including song customization, instrument selection, and vocal setting. When sharing their unique work on any social media sites, users must take precautions and be aware of any potential hazards.

While Boomy does not seem to be a scam, it is always wise to approach online platforms with a discerning eye to protect oneself from potential issues.

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