C3 ai vs Palantir

Written by Adam Morris

Updated August 14, 2023
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C3.ai and Palantir are both major players in the constantly evolving field of data analytics and artificial intelligence. But which one is the better investment choice?

C3.ai and Palantir both offer cutting-edge technology and expertise in data analysis and management. However, their approaches and business models are quite different. Choosing between these two tech companies can be difficult for investors who want to take advantage of the industry’s potential.

The business world is discussing the potential of data-driven technologies and their value to industries. To find the best investment opportunity, it’s essential to examine individual companies closely amidst a wide range of options available in the market. In this article, we’ll compare C3.ai and Palantir, examining their strengths and weaknesses to help investors make an informed decision.

Disclaimer: This article is not a piece of investment advice but merely a comparison of both companies.

Artificial Intelligence Stocks

Over the past few years, the stock value of companies focused on artificial intelligence has been consistently increasing. This is because many companies are utilizing AI to enhance their products and services, in an effort to gain a competitive advantage in the current digital age.

Demand for artificial intelligence services has also been increasing with corporations using big data to boost their operations and investors keen on buying top artificial intelligence tech stocks. The growth of technology companies has created advantageous possibilities for investors who want to profit from their progress in the upcoming years.

The list of artificial intelligence stocks can be long and intimidating. It’s important to do your own research to find the right stock based on your goals, risk profile and preferences. Popular AI stocks include NVIDIA Corporation, Baidu Inc., Alphabet Inc., Microsoft Corporation and IBM Corporation.

They offer diverse portfolios of products ranging from software platforms, streaming services, robotics solutions, automotive technologies and more. Each organization may possess its own specific strengths which could make them attractive options for investing.

C3.ai Inc (AI)

C3.ai is a growing software company that prides itself on providing the world’s largest enterprise AI production footprint. Its technology helps corporations develop, deploy and operate large-scale AI and predictive analytics applications for various operations, ranging from customer relationship management to inventory optimization.

It’s worth noting that C3.ai has Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) as one of its prominent shareholders, suggesting the tech giant believes in the potential of this enterprise’s services.

Despite their impressive offerings, however, C3.ai’s stock prices have been performing below expectations in recent months, making it an uncertain investment choice at this time; specifically if investors are looking for short-term gains.

Nevertheless, C3.ai still provides many innovative solutions to businesses and may soon see an overall improvement in performance should demand for its products increase in the future. As such, regardless of its current share value, C3.ai should continue to be monitored by investors who expect growth from artificial intelligence companies.

What Does C3 Do?

C3 is an enterprise AI platform that aims to revolutionize the way organizations manage data. With the help of their technology, companies can quickly ingest and interpret huge amounts of data from their enormous ecosystems. Under the leadership of Tom Siebel, a well-known figure in technology circles, C3 has claimed a global leadership position in this field.

At a 2019 keynote address, Mr. Siebel emphasized how quickly his team was able to begin developing and delivering their platform, as well as its critical importance for businesses in providing digital innovation opportunities.

To better understand what exactly C3 does, it can be compared to the traditional means of managing vast amounts of organizational data through implementing large enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms like SAP. While these could take years or even decades to deploy, C3’s platform utilizes cutting edge AI technology to efficiently and effectively carry out similar tasks but with much faster results.

Their platform allows companies to easily look at tasks from a holistic perspective and have greater visibility into operations within their organization more quickly than ever before.

Pros and Cons of C3.ai


The company expects the market opportunity to grow at 12% each year, giving them a strong position in the enterprise AI space. Moreover, they are proving their capabilities by delivering 1.6 billion predictions per day from their 4.8 million machine learning models – indicating that their solutions are invaluable when it comes to business operations and efficiency.


Despite its impressive growth prospects, there is no guarantee that C3.ai will be able to capitalize on this large potential opportunity due to competition from other vendors in the same space but with larger budgets for marketing and product development than C3.ai could ever hope to achieve.

Additionally, since this is still a relatively new technology, there could be unforeseen problems arising as clients experiment with deploying C3 ai’s products which could result in additional costs or even damages suits against the company down the line. As such, investors should tread carefully before investing heavily in C3 Ai stock as it does come with some inherent risks involved that may not have presented themselves yet.

Palantir Technologies Inc (PLTR)

Since it was introduced to the public sector, Palantir Technologies has become a well-known technology company. It offers big data analytics services, offering two powerful platforms: Foundry and Gotham. Both of these products are tailored to support AI, allowing clients to integrate massive datasets which provide the necessary input to train AI algorithms. This allows Palantir’s customers to analyse immense amounts of information without compromising on security or privacy concerns.

Several U.S. government agencies have signed deals with the software giant, confirming its status as a significant player in the tech industry. Not only does Palantir now have an emphasis on providing services for commercial clients, but it works with governments on tasks such as tracking terrorists, stopping cyberattacks and more – showcasing just how powerful their technology can be for crucial operations like these.

What’s more impressive is that Palantir manages these tasks while producing solutions that respect individual rights and freedoms – making them a trusted provider in the data-driven world we live in today.

Pros and Cons of Palantir


Palantir Technolgies is an attractive investment opportunity for several reasons. Firstly, the company has highly stable customers with lucrative business contracts. This creates a consistent revenue stream and makes it difficult to disrupt the company’s existing business.

Additionally, Palantir’s extensive reach across multiple sectors creates a sizable total addressable market of over $100 billion that offers significant growth potential. The team behind the company has proven themselves successful and competent through their success at previous ventures.

This is further backed up by high approval ratings and good employee reviews, suggesting that Palantir is an incredibly well-run company where people enjoy working.


Investing in Palantir comes with some risks associated. Its success partially rely upon its network of big-name customers and their continued usage of its products or services suddenly ending could cause a major disruption in revenue streams and consequently affect the share price of Palantir stock negatively. Moreover, given that it founders and their affiliates effectively control the organisation, any issues surrounding them or larger stakeholders could bring uncertainty to the stock value as well as question other corporate decisions being made at the company level.

Strategic Partnerships For PLTR Stock

Palantir Technologies (NYSE: PLTR), a data analytics company, has been building its reputation as a reliable partner for several large government agencies. Palantir and the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Office of Safety, Infrastructure, and Operations are collaborating, with plans that could result in generating up to $89.9 million in revenue over five years. This program follows other notable partnerships with IBM (NYSE: IBM) and BP (NYSE: BP).

The scope of these partnerships demonstrate the trust that several institutions have in Palantir’s solutions for knowledge management and data-driven decision-making. As such, investors can view these collaborations as a strong indication that PLTR stock is likely to appreciate in the long run. The success of the recent contract win could potentially secure increased admiration from other major clients, further strengthening Palantir’s outlook in the industry.

What Does Palantir Do?

Palantir is an enterprise software provider that offers a central operating system for an organization’s data. The tool enables companies to quickly analyze their data and gain useful insights, which allows them to operate more effectively with greater flexibility. By using Palantir’s software, companies can be up and running in hours and deploy changes quickly across their data sources, both locally and globally. It enables efficient data management for organizations of any size.

Palantir’s S-1 filing document outlines how their success is dependent on the company’s capability of bringing high-value enterprise AI applications into production use rapidly. Therefore, Palantir seems to be targeting organizations who need real-time analytics and reverse-engineering services at scale. With this level of efficiency, it appears Palantir is set to become a leader in providing enterprise solutions that no other software provider can provide.


Investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next big growth frontier. That’s the bottom line. Companies need AI capabilities for efficient and profitable operations, and C3.ai is poised to be the market leader in this realm with its enterprise AI software.

Even though some AI stocks, like Palantir and C3.ai, may have seen decreased stock prices, investors should consider them as potential long-term investments. Given that these companies provide essential AI capabilities to corporations and their profitability depends on these services, patient investors can capitalize on the more reasonable values of these stocks.

Essentially, if you are looking for a solid investment opportunity in today’s market and believe that artificial intelligence is the key to unlocking future growth potential, then you should certainly consider investing in C3.ai or Palantir stock. Not only do these two companies offer essential services for corporate success, but their valuations may also represent good buying opportunities at a more reasonable price point than normal.

The bottom line here is that both C3.ai and Palantir appear to be solid investments capable of generating long-term returns for those willing to take a risk now and wait patiently for results.


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