Conversion AI Review (Now Jasper AI)

Written by Adam Morris

Updated August 11, 2023

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Conversion AI is an innovative copywriting tool that help users craft perfect headlines, CTA, outline and even SEO-ready long form contents for blogs.

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Do you struggle with creating an effective website or marketing copy? Imagine if you could generate high-quality content in just minutes with the help of a tool. That’s where Conversion AI comes in.

Conversion AI is a new AI-powered tool that claims to revolutionize the way we write copy. This tool uses machine learning algorithms to generate high-quality content in just a few clicks. With Conversion AI, you can get your hands on compelling headlines, product descriptions, and even blog posts without having to put in the hours. homepage

But does Conversion AI live up to the hype? We will review the tool’s features, benefits, and drawbacks to assist you in determining if it’s a worthwhile investment. So, if you’re curious about trying Conversion AI for yourself, keep reading.

What Is Conversion AI?

Conversion AI is an innovative copywriting tool created for websites and emails that are in need of high-converting copy. It offers powerful features designed to help businesses get the most out of their content.

With Conversion AI, users can craft perfect headlines for blogs, create calls to action, develop blog post outlines and even generate longer-form content all with minimal effort. Additionally, the tool provides access to datasets analyzed by machine learning algorithms which guides users through each step in creating compelling website copy that attracts customers and keeps them engaged.

This AI software tool has helped small businesses break through existing customer acquisition barriers due to its ability to produce optimized outreach messages and create content relevant to their target audiences quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, it helps generate well written conversion-focused stories that people will easily remember and connect with over time.

With its intelligent understanding of sales funnels, Conversion AI also allows users to gauge how consumers interact with the content and quickly adjust pages accordingly until the desired result is achieved. Combined with its capacity for A/B testing website images, colors, headlines meta descriptions, etc., this type of advanced copywriting technology can vastly boost conversion rates – all without hiring an expensive advertising agency or full-time writer!

What’s In provides its users with an array of features to help them create successful ad campaigns and sales strategies. These include a variety of frameworks, which are basically forms of formulaic writing that guide the user through setting up the structure and content for their promotional materials to speak to their target audience.

For example, using a framework such as AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) can provide guidance in crafting copy that not only grabs attention but also prompts customers to take action.

Jasper AI customer reviews

Moreover, also offers other features such as copywriting suggestions, video topic ideas youtube video more, and marketing advice. This can be incredibly helpful for marketers who may need fresh ideas or a push in the right direction when coming up with new campaigns.

Furthermore, these elements can even be used together to successfully implement various strategies effectively—from creating faster working deliverables without wasting time searching for resources to finding unique ways to generate leads for conversions.

Conversion AI Review: Features is an exciting new platform that offers various features to help businesses take their success on Amazon to the next level. Below we’ll talk about the platform’s amazing creative writing tools you will love.

AIDA Framework

The AIDA framework is widely used in marketing and is one of the oldest frameworks available today. It stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action and is often referred to as a ‘buyer’s journey’ when used in business. The aim of this framework is to create high converting copy that can be used to generate leads or increase sales.

Jasper AI software features

The primary step of AIDA involves getting the customer’s attention; this requires careful consideration of language and visuals which reach out to a target audience’s emotions. Senior marketers suggest writing from the point og view of what benefits a product or service will provide customers, rather than how it works or features it has.

PAS Framework

The PAS Framework is a popular tool used in marketing and advertising that offers a helpful framework for creating effective copy. The letters stand for Problem, Agitate, Solution, which refer to the three-part structure of most successful marketing copy.

What makes this structured approach so helpful is that it guides marketers to think critically about their customer’s needs and develop appropriate solutions to target those needs. This helps create well-rounded copypieces and marketing angles that address significant issues and offer customers tangible results they can believe in.

It’s an essential method for creating compelling messages designed to attract more customers through the use of good copywriting and creative story telling — no matter what product you’re selling.

Long-form Assistant

Long-form Assistant is a helpful tool for writers and content creators of varying levels. It is especially useful for those who are trying to create longer pieces such as scripts, emails, books, or articles.

Long-form assistant offers two different modes for creating content: a blank document with no restrictions and an assistant workflow. The blank document allows users to type freely and also access all created writing templates from throughout the document.

Japer AI's powerful OpenAI chat GPT tool

The assistant workflow poses questions about the kind of knowledge and information you are looking to add when creating your work. This feature can be quite helpful in customizing content that works well with your ideas and fits within your original expectations.

The long-form assistant workflow helps ensure accuracy in the creation process. It allocates specific tasks that the writer should consider while creating their piece; it also helps narrow down what elements need to be addressed for each section.

The features offered by this long form content writing software help make certain that each user is able to accurately communicate their unique ideas while still understanding how those ideas will fit into a larger framework. All in all, long-form Assistant provides a great platform for creating longer, more precise pieces of work in an organized manner.

Photo Post Captions for Instagram

This app is a perfect solution for companies and stores to help them come up with creative captions for their Instagram posts. It provides users with inspiring ideas based on the photo that they want to post.

Jasper AI template collection

The captions generated by this app are simple and straightforward so that you have an easier time understanding them without having to second guess at anything. It also helps you connect with your followers and encourage engagement by providing captions that provoke a reaction or create a sense of wonder.

This way, you can engage more users, draw attention to your account, and increase the chances of building loyalty among them.

SEO – Blog Posts

Creating SEO-friendly blog articles is essential for any website to have a competitive advantage in search engine rankings. This is where can be incredibly helpful. Using this AI-based algorithm, you can create high-quality blog posts that are optimized and SEO friendly with little effort on the part of the writer.

Framework Templates

The framework templates provide a great way for brands to market their products or services. Utilizing the AIDA framework, this feature allows marketers to create attention-grabbing copy to pique consumers’ interest and desires. This copy is divided into four sections: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

The Attention section should be designed to capture readers’ attention with intriguing headlines and informative content that will draw them in. This tone of voice also helps form a connection between the reader and the brand, engaging them further into the message being conveyed.

Jasper AI copywriting tool

The Interest section builds upon this connection by presenting relevant information that viewers can relate to; this could include things like customer feedback or previous successes of other video sites with similar campaigns. Desires are created next by emphasizing how customers will benefit from opting in and making an effort to identify with their needs.

Finally, the Action section closes out the process by providing viewers with instructions on how they can move forward from there, encouraging them towards the desired result by giving them a clear path ahead.

Product Descriptions

The product descriptions are incredibly important tool that has the power to attract customers and increase sales. A product description should provide a clear, attractive, and informative account of a product’s features and benefits in order to promote its sale.

Jasper AI's ability to learn personalized branding voice

Without an effective product description, potential buyers may be deterred from purchasing the item. The use of’s template for generating content makes it easy to create descriptions with just a few sentences and some basic input.

Content Improver Template

The Content Improver is a tool designed to enhance and improve existing content. It can be employed in any field, from creative writing and journalism to marketing strategy, and website creation.

The Content Improver leverages state-of-the-art advanced analysis algorithms to identify areas that can be improved upon and automatically rewrite them with more creative, engaging, and persuasive language. This means that even if you have an article, essay, or web page already written, the Content Improver can help make it much better with minimal effort on your part.

Facebook Ad Headline

Conversion AI provides powerful tools to help online marketers write content that will engage their audiences. With these writing tools, users can quickly create product descriptions and articles tailored to the specific features of each platform, whether it be Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Google accounts. These posts have high visibility because they are tailored specifically for each platform’s unique style and demographic.

Jasper AI's personalized tone of voice

The specially-crafted content created by Conversion AI can maximize marketing efforts and increase user engagement on multiple platforms. The software helps marketers save precious time by streamlining the task of producing high converting headlines and effective posts on social media channels or creating targeted advertisements for popular search engines.

Conversion AI’s real-time optimization feature allows marketers to discover which versions of their post, video description or ad have the best performance in order to further optimize their strategies. With its state-of-the-art features, Conversion AI is the leading choice for platform-specific content creation that can get results!

Email Subject Lines

With ever-increasing competition for consumer attention, creating an impactful email subject line is essential if you want to stand out. That’s why businesses and individuals are turning to’s subject line templates and tools for their email marketing campaigns. The app helps create catchy subject lines that draw in consumers and make them more likely to open emails.

Persuasive Bullet Points

When it comes to creating persuasive bullet points, the task can be daunting. You want powerful statements that will capture readers’ attention and generate leads. Thankfully, you now have a reliable template on, which allows you to generate bullet points for any kind of landing pages or email message.

Jasper AI social media post template

By using this template, simply tell what kind of text you need and customize the options as needed to achieve your desired outcome. You can choose from a variety of characteristics such as long or short form content sentence structure, inclusion of superlatives or action words, etc.

Once selected, the AI-powered tool will create a powerful list of persuasive bullet points that you can use in any kind of website content or email campaign – leading to better conversion outcomes for your business.

Video Topic Ideas

Creating engaging video content that captures viewers’ attention and ranks well on YouTube can be a challenging task. It requires creativity, research, and marketing savvy to develop ideas into videos that your audience actually loves. To make the process easier, it can be helpful to brainstorm new video topics that have potential to go viral or rank in YouTube’s algorithm.

Video Script Outline

When it comes to creating content for video, having an outline of what you plan to include in your video is essential. A visual script outline template can help streamline the process. This type of template works best for “listicle” videos and “how-to” style videos, as they typically cover a wide variety of topics which need to be addressed concisely.

Facebook Ad Primary Text

Creating effective copy for Facebook ads can often be a daunting challenge. But with this template, you’ll be able to make sure your “Primary Text” section packs a punch and draws attention from potential customers.

Jasper AI team project and collaboration

This template will help you create simple yet powerful copy that sets the stage and provides a clear call to action. Whether it’s creating brand awareness or pushing for conversion rates, the “Primary Text” segment of every ad should provide relevant information that encourages engagement and helps promote your business goals.

With this template, figuring out what to write in this area doesn’t have to be hard work – just use the guidelines provided to craft engaging and compelling copy that gets results!

Blog Post Intro Paragraph

Writing a blog post can be a daunting task, and it can be especially difficult when it comes to writing the introduction. Many of us struggle with writer’s block when we are trying to come up with the perfect opening paragraph and that is why is such an amazing feature! With this fantastic tool, you can easily generate the initial sentence or paragraph that will draw readers in. This will give your blog post the perfect start that will hook readers and get them to read on. makes it simple for you to craft high-grade introductions for your blog posts quickly and effortlessly. All you need to do is input some key words about your blog post and this AI-powered software will generate ideas and potential starter sentences for you in no time at all.

Moreover, if desired, you can customize the content according to your own personal style as well, making it even easier for you to achieve the ideal blog post intro paragraph that matches your vision for the article.

In short, takes away much of the arduous effort associated with crafting great blog post introductions – leaving you with more time to focus on perfecting other aspects of your piece!

Blog Post Templates Conversion AI

Conversion AI provides a great tool for creating targeted blog posts that can generate organic interest in your brand or product. With the help of their blog post templates, you can quickly brainstorm topics and ideas as well as create a blog post outline.

The blog topic suggestions are based on what is highly ranked and relevant on Google, thus giving you an idea of what people are looking for right now. You can even use it to come up with essential sections like introductions or conclusions for each post.

All in one Jasper AI briefs

With Conversion AI’s blog post templates, you can take the guesswork out of creating content and improve the overall quality of your content. It also helps to save time when coming up with fresh ideas every time you want to write a new piece, giving you more room to focus on the other important aspects such as research and fine-tuning sentences or paragraphs.

All you need is a few minutes spent exploring different topics before deciding which one best suits your audience and message that you’re trying to get across. and Surfer SEO Integration has integrated with Surfer SEO Tool to offer an entirely new and unique feature to their users. This integration allows individuals to instantly access the Surfer SEO Tool while writing a blog post in One can make a blog post outline the use of the Surfer SEO tool without having to manually translate the text or switch between two apps or other tools, making the whole process much easier and quicker.

Additionally, also automatically detects which words you use most often and displays them at the top of your word cloud search result on Google, thus enabling you to write high-quality content that ranks higher on Google search engine very quickly.

Jasper AI integration with Surfer SEO

Integrating conversion AI and Surfer SEO is even easier and cheaper now – one only needs to pay $1 during the trial period in order to integrate both these amazing tools for effective blog writing. This makes it cost-friendly for SMEs who like to maximize Google rankings through sophisticated SEO processes implemented automatically through Conversion AI and Surfer.

An integrated Converstion AI and Surfer SEO Tool simplify long time consuming tasks required for maximum online business visibility accross various search engines such as Google, Yahoo! And Bing.

Conversion AI Interface

Using for content creation is incredibly easy due to its user-friendly interface. The process to create great content from start to finish is intuitive and straightforward, regardless of a user’s level of skill or experience.

Whether it be creating an article, a blog post, or something else entirely – offers well-designed templates that make the entire process incredibly simple.

These templates have been built specifically with ease-of-use in mind, allowing anyone to generate excellent pieces of content without having to think too hard about how it should be done.

Conversion AI Pricing

With’s pricing, customers have access to ai suggestions and features that make content creation easier and more efficient. During this launch period, the lowest price of $49/month gives access to powerful features such as 20,000 words generated, over 28+ templates with more being added in the future, a mobile friendly experience for on-the-go content creation and 10 team seats for collaboration between teams and departments.

Jasper AI pricing

In addition to all of this, customers may also create unlimited project folders for keeping their content organized. At we strive to make content generation faster and smarter than ever before while providing incredible value for our customers through our pricing options.

With our affordable monthly plan, you get access to multiple powerful features that enable you to quickly create engaging content without sacrificing quality or spending too much money. Take advantage of this opportunity during the launch period and lock in the most competitive price now!

For the updated price, check out How Much Does Jasper AI Cost?

Starter Plan vs Pro Plan

One of the primary differences between the starter and pro plans is the price. The starter plan is not as expensive as the pro plan, but it does limit how much content you can create. With the starter plan, you get a certain number of words to use in your blog posts or articles without additional costs. The pro plan offers unlimited words so you can create long-form blog posts, novels, and even nonfiction books if desired. Enterprise plan pricing

The second major difference between the starter and pro plans are the features available for each. The starter plan contains basic features such as pre-written templates, grammar checkers, and keyword tools. On the other hand, the boss mode plan includes advanced features such as a support team and analytics tools to help optimize your writing process.

Along with these features comes access to exclusive video lessons teaching essential skills needed for professional success in writing. If you want to take your content creation to the next level, then this upgrade would be worth considering.

Who Is Conversion AI For?

Conversion AI is the perfect AI powered platform for anyone looking to create engaging and effective content to increase their website’s exposure. Its intuitive interface allows writers, bloggers, marketers, affiliate marketers, and social media experts to quickly generate posts that improve CTR (Click Through Rate) with minimal effort or time investments.

From simple blog posts and Facebook ads to high-quality videos and Google Ads copy, users can easily craft digital marketing content without extensive back-end coding experience. It even caters to those unfamiliar with machine learning technology thanks to its simple interactive design that guides users through the Ai process with ease.

Using Conversion AI provides an immense advantage for those into extensive online copywriting, as it expedites content production in an efficient manner. In addition to allowing users to craft text without cumbersome spelling or grammar errors. It also uses artificial intelligence powered algorithms that help ensure posted content meets the latest industry trends while simultaneously increasing click-through rates.

Pros & Cons Of Conversion AI

Pros is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that offers solutions for writing, editing, and converting content. It has a variety of marketing tools to help you create SEO friendly content quickly and accurately. With an AI tool like, you can save time in creating content and let the AI algorithms handle the most tedious tasks. This allows you to focus on more important tasks such as optimizing your keywords or planning your campaigns.

Jasper AI benefits ROI

Using the insights provided by, marketers are now able to analyze user behavior and use more effective strategies in their campaigns, resulting in improved Return on Investment (ROI). Moreover, this platform is powered by experts in programming and copywriting who continuously refine its algorithms and models to make sure only high-quality content is delivered each time.

This means that instead of spending hours or days creating a piece of content manually, you can generate up to 20,000 words at just $49 per month with little effort from your side. Conversion AI truly brings lot of value to your marketing efforts without having to compromise on quality.


Having a tool to generate content may seem efficient and a great way to save time, but comes with several drawbacks. One common problem is the lack of relevance or understanding on the part of the AI when it comes to generating content.

As this tool works by assessing existing texts and applying logic to derive new sentences, sometimes it can veer off into irrelevancy or produce meaningless sentences. This poor application of logic can lead to long paragraphs that repeat the same idea or statement multiple times in different words.

Another downside to using is that for better results one needs to enter very specific keywords after any headings or titles that denote what kind of information should be included in the text beneath them. If these heading keywords are too vague, the AI will again struggle to create relevant content as it cannot accurately discern what underlies these headings.

Additionally, when dealing with some sensitive topics such as politics or religion, one might get an error message or blank page instead of a high-quality article because is not yet equipped to handle such nuanced areas of discussion properly.

Customer Support

The customer support team is dedicated to ensuring that customers have all of the help they need when using their product or services. Around the clock, you can reach out to them through phone support, email, and online chat whenever you have a query or issue.

It isn’t just basic support they provide either; if you’re looking for consultation from industry experts in marketing, has your back. This means that marketers don’t need to go out of their way to find helpful advice – they can simply follow the style guidelines supplied by the service itself.

Jasper AI customer support

To top it off, also boast an official Facebook community where marketers can talk with each other and exchange ideas on how best to make use of their features.

This provides another avenue for customers to get any queries addressed and open up dialogue about what works best among peers in the industry regarding conversion strategies based on products and services. Regardless of what kind of help-related matter arises; timing does not matter as customer care is available 7 days a week around the clock!

Conclusion is quickly becoming one of the most popular AI-based content-writing tools among digital marketers today. By leveraging machine learning to predict what customers want to read about, it can create faster SEO-friendly content tailored to a specific audience without taking up too much time or energy from writer’s block.

What’s more, anyone with past experience in writing or editing text can easily use as it just takes three steps for them to do so! With, users will never have to worry about keyword density ever again and they don’t even have to be good at SEO – it’s all taken care of automatically!

In short, is a great tool for digital marketers looking to produce fast and effective content that converts quickly and effectively without putting too much time into it. It’s incredibly easy to use with an intuitive interface and its powerful AI capabilities allow users to have maximum control over how their content turns out.

Every detail from structuring sentences, clever wordplay and SEO optimization are handled by – making it an invaluable tool for digital marketers everywhere!

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