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Written by Adam Morris

Updated August 10, 2023

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Copy AI is a cutting-edge AI software that helps you create high-quality content and SEO ready with 25+ templates and real-time scoring capabilities.

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Have you ever heard of AI-powered copywriting tools? With the rise of technology, it’s no surprise that the world of marketing and advertising has been impacted too. But how effective are these AI writing assistants in creating marketing copy that resonates with customers?

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Copywriting has always been an art form. It takes years of practice, experience, and creativity to write compelling and persuasive marketing copy. However, with the introduction of AI-powered copywriting tools, the game has changed. These tools claim to be able to create copy that engages customers, but are they really living up to the hype?

In this article, we’ll be reviewing one of the most popular AI-powered copywriting tools, We’ll dive into its features, how it works, and most importantly, whether it’s worth investing in. So, let’s get started and see if is the solution to all your copywriting woes.

What Is

Copy AI is a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence content writing tool that can automate your content workflow with ease. With the help of natural language processing and deep learning, Copy AI is able to understand and utilize raw text to produce high-quality written compositions.

Utilizing Copy AI simplifies creating content for a wide range of users regardless of their language or audience. Editing tools such as style and tone adjustment allow the user to create unique written works tailored specifically for their target audience without any hassle.

In addition, some of Copy AI’s features include over 90 different templates and tools for various activities such as editing, formatting, structuring, and proofreading text so you can have peace in mind knowing your work will be perfect before hitting publish. Utilizing Copy AI definitely makes life easier for anyone who needs help producing high-quality written works!

How Does CopyAI Work?

CopyAI is a revolutionary copywriting software that utilizes OpenAI’s cutting-edge technology, GPT 3. This state-of-the-art language prediction model is equipped with an array of impressive capabilities as it is trained on over 175 billion parameters.

With this supercharged AI, CopyAI strives to generate pre-crafted and high-quality content that requires minimum effort from the user. By using a simple drag-and-drop function or a text editor, CopyAI can be fully customized according to the desired results.

Copy AI chatbot, a chatGPT alternative

The AI assists in naturally expanding phrases, suggesting synonyms, automatically correcting grammar mistakes, improving SEO ratings, and more. Additionally, CopyAI intelligently designs sentences within punctuation rules to ensure superior readability.

For experienced users seeking even more customization capabilities, CopyAI has further features such as creating note templates enabling the user to inject notes into already written pieces no matter how long they are.

Allowing for faster turnaround times without compromising creative capability and originality, CopyAI will save amazing amounts of time in creating compelling copy for any organization or individual needing access to top-notch quality writing services! Review: Features

Copy AI provides a wide range of features to help users create better content faster. Its main focus is to make the writing process easier by providing intuitive and helpful tools that allow writers to quickly finish their work.

90+ Copywriting Templates

Copy AI has revolutionized the way we think about content creation. It now provides more than 90 templates to ensure that users are able to generate different types of content quickly and efficiently. The templates cover a range of topics, from digital ad copy for social media posts to brainstorming ideas for viral posts on Instagram.

Copy AI templates available

The best thing about Copy AI is that it allows you to navigate between different topics according to your needs. For example, if you’re creating long-form content, then you can choose from Long Form Content Idea Generation or YouTube Script Writing.

Furthermore, if you need help developing online course topics, then the Course Material Creator template is perfect for you. With so many options available, Copy AI makes creating content simpler and faster than ever before!

Multi-Language Support

Multi-Language Support is an important feature of Copy AI, as it allows anyone to produce quality content in their native language. By supporting more than 25 languages, including Chinese, French, Spanish, and Russian, Copy AI is capable of addressing a diverse international audience. This helps to create a bond between readers and the creator of content. After all, reading content in one’s native tongue is more enjoyable and accessible than something written in a foreign language.

With this multi-language support, users can engage with their target audiences even if the readers are not English speakers. For example, marketers will be able to expand campaigns into non-English speaking countries without having to hire professional translators or totally rewrite their content.

The same goes for business owners who want to reach global customers but don’t have enough resources. With the help of Copy AI’s multilingual support they can extend their reach while keeping content consistent across countries and languages. Moreover, non-English writers can take advantage of its advanced grammar features such as auto-translate and words suggestions for accuracy and precision in each language used.

Google Chrome Extension

The Copy AI Chrome extension is a breeze for content creators and writers. It helps them quickly transition between researching and writing without having to open additional tabs or windows.

With this extension, users can easily access their favorite productivity tools such as Google Docs, Gmail, and more. Plus, they don’t have to leave any of the essential features behind as Copy AI has taken good care to make sure everything remains intact.

Copy AI free template

The beauty of Copy AI Chrome Extension is that it allows one to focus on the writing process without worrying about anything else. One no longer needs to constantly visit the official website as all the necessary features are readily available at the tip of one’s fingers.

Additionally, Copy AI works really well with other applications so content creators don’t need third-party software to get their work done—which ultimately means more time spent creating great copy instead of managing multiple windows and websites.

AI Content Quality

The quality of content produced by Copy AI is decent, yet could be improved. It is easy to use; there are many different writing tools provided, and you receive a variety of perspectives with each choice. Still, it cannot replace the skill of a human writer. LongShot AI offers excellent results in comparison.

Even though Copy AI may not be as powerful as other similar products, it does offer one great advantage: saving writers time. With Copy AI, you will cut out hours from the research phase as well as during idea creation and composition. Plus, all types of content creators can benefit from its features and usability—from bloggers to freelance writers to professionals in academic or creative fields.

Copy AI still has plenty of potential for improvement, ranging from general text data to overused expressions and grammar mistakes that often occur when automatic content generation is applied.

Its great flexibility in accommodating various topics makes it convenient for users who wants custom-built writing solutions instead of fixed templates found in many artificial intelligence based programs. And although it may not have top-notch results now, its adaptable nature means it’ll eventually become more advanced than today’s version before long.

In-built Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checkers are invaluable pieces of software that help keep content producers and writers honest. Copy AI stands apart from other tools by allowing users to easily and swiftly check for plagiarism in their written material with its dedicated in-built plagiarism checker.

Through this feature, different types of duplicate or similar content can be found more accurately, which would be beneficial for any prospective content creators. The scores generated by the plagiarism checker will provide an estimated measure of how original the contents are, helping to identify where improvements may need to be made and thus improving the quality and integrity of the final product.

Copy AI writing generator

Unfortunately, a downside is that Copy AI’s plagiarism checking option is only available with a premium account, meaning free plan users must look elsewhere if they wish to use this kind of tool.

However, in terms of value for money Copy AI remains competitive when compared to higher priced individual subscription packages where the same options are often offered as an additional bonus on top of existing services. Furthermore, with Copy AI’s efficient and accurate algorithm it does make up somewhat for its lack availability on the free version.

What Can I Use Copy AI For?

Copy AI can be a powerful tool for businesses that want to create high-quality content quickly and efficiently. With the help of this AI technology, users can generate content in different formats such as landing pages, blog outlines, web content, product descriptions, and even social media campaigns.

Copy AI automates the process from start to finish by utilizing natural language processing algorithms and machine learning models to generate a wide range of personalized content that is optimized for various target audiences.

Copy AI use cases

This type of automation significantly reduces the amount of time spent on creating content while still achieving a high level of accuracy. Additionally, many businesses prefer Copy AI since it provides more precision than manual methods when it comes to grammar, punctuation, tone, and accuracy.

Furthermore, Copy AI allows users to customize their own contents based on specific criteria like topic, genre or publication style while maintaining consistency at all times. This eliminates the need for extensive editing processes or fact-checking procedures that would otherwise take up much more time without making any substantial improvements in the end results.

Therefore, Copy AI is an excellent choice for companies who are looking for ways to streamline their workload and achieve high-quality results with minimal effort.

CopyAI User Interface

The user interface of CopyAI is a great example of modern and simplistic design. It features an intuitive left panel that allows users to create new projects, as well as use various tools and templates available.

On the main screen, you are presented with a few handy use cases along with a list of folders and projects created by you. Furthermore, the upper-right corner gives you access to language and account settings. Despite these advantages, the UI is quite slow and unresponsive, making it difficult to navigate through tasks.

Overall, CopyAI’s user interface is indeed easy on the eyes but suffers from its slowness and lack of responsiveness. Fortunately, the developers have promised additional updates to improve navigation speed in the future. In the meantime though, users must endure its shortcomings with their current experience.

Left Sidebar Menu

When it comes to creating content quickly and efficiently, the left sidebar menu in the Writebase Platform is a great tool for users. On the top of the menu, they’ll find the New Project button highlighted in green to help them get started on their project right away.

Below that lays an expansive array of templates and tools to aid with their writing needs such as product descriptions, digital ad copy, and more. What makes this section especially convenient is that users can “star” certain tools or templates so that they are pinned to the top of the list for easy access whenever needed.

How to use Copy AI

This is beneficial since each user may utilize two or three options more than others depending on what their content requires. With this ingenious feature, you can switch between projects without having to search for your go-to items each time.

Overall, Writebase’s left sidebar menu aids in making the writing process straightforward and straightforward while providing writers with every resource necessary to develop quality content confidently and quickly. With its stocks of templates and tools along with its star buttons for easy access, this platform covers all needs while helping you stay efficient and organized no matter how many different projects set out on at once.

Top Menu

The top menu in Copy AI is where users can make language-related changes to their account and change both the input and output text. For bilingual people, this is convenient because they can fill out prompts in one language and generate text in another.

For example, if a native Spanish speaker wanted to use Copy AI they could type their prompts in Spanish while also generating text in English. This ability gives Copy AI users the option to communicate across any of the more than 25 languages offered within the platform.

The user can also do more than just change languages at the top menu, as they can gain access to account settings which are essential for personalizing their experience with Copy AI. Through these settings, a user can access modules like “Account” which allows them to create an account or log into an existing one, as well as set up profile information such as how they want their name displayed on the platform and preferences for notifications from Copy AI.

Furthermore, top menus give users control over the features they choose not to use by allowing them to turn off content filters like Safe Mode and copy edit availability features like 24/7 support under “My Services”.

How To Use

Using to create the perfect website copy or promotional materials is incredibly easy and intuitive. The platform is user-friendly and offers educational videos to ensure you get the most out of the platform’s features.

To get started, you simply need to input your product/brand name, and will bring up a list of ideas on how to best promote it. You can easily tweak the copy to fit your brand’s voice by adding specific keywords or phrases that represent your business accurately.

Copy AI prompting a topic

Say, for example, that you wanted to create a list of blog ideas for a new product launch – all that’s necessary is typing in your product or brand name as well as writing a short description about what it stands for and what makes it unique.

Once an idea is generated based off of this information, allows you to modify features pertaining specifically to grammar, conciseness, SEO optimization, text complexity levels and more – making sure that each piece of copy meets exactly what you have in mind for your brand as a whole. Pricing

CopyAI is a great tool for content creators and digital marketers alike. It offers a unique blend of artificial intelligence-based writing assistance that helps to craft unique and well crafted pieces. The pricing plans from CopyAI make use of this technology at affordable rates, allowing users to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

Copy AI pricing

The free plan from CopyAI includes a basic set of features such as spell checking and grammar checker as well as other editing options in order to enhance user experience. However, for those who require more, the Pro plan is available which can be purchased on either a monthly or yearly subscription basis.

This plan provides access to advanced features such as sentence rephrasing, AI-based suggestions and advanced editability tools for content optimization. The price you pay will depend on the word count limit you opt for and currently ranges between zero dollars per month (for the free plan) up to thirty-six dollars per month (for the Pro plan) when billed annually.

Free Plan

The CopyAI free plan is the perfect way for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and hobbyists to begin utilizing AI-infused productivity tools.

With the CopyAI free plan, users are able to access over 90 use cases as they build a library of useful functions they can leverage in their businesses. The word generation limit on this plan comes out to 2k words/month which is more than enough to experiment with different features of the platform and test things out without breaking the bank.

Copy AI free trial

CopyAI knows that when it comes to startups or new businesses, every penny counts. Through offering a free plan, it allows businesses and individuals that may not have resources yet available to them the chance to still benefit from working smarter not harder by leveraging copywriting automation.

It also allows them start building an asset base right away so that when they are ready to upgrade their plans or take advantage of new opportunities, CopyAI functionalities will already be integrated into their workflow.

Payment Methods

CopyAI makes it easy for customers to pay for their orders quickly and securely with accepted credit cards. Credit cards are one of the most widely accepted payment methods online, and CopyAI ensures that your transactions remain safe and secure.

In addition, CopyAI supports Google Pay as a payment method for customers in India. Google Pay is fast and convenient, making it an ideal choice for customers who want a more streamlined experience than traditional payments methods. With Google Pay, you can pay securely with your device using secured payments through your bank account.

It’s simple to set up the service, and you can pay without having to enter any financial information when making purchases with CopyAI. This makes paying for goods and services quick and effortless!

Refund Policy

CopyAI has an amazing refund policy for customers that are interested in trying out its products. All of their plans come with a 10-day money-back guarantee, allowing customers to thoroughly test out their tool before committing to it. This gives the customer plenty of time to get a feel for the features and benefits CopyAI can offer.

The 10-day trial period is also perfect for addressing any issues, such as compatibility with existing programs or difficulty learning how to use it. During this time, CopyAI’s customer service team is available at all times to answer questions and provide assistance should anything go wrong.

At the end of 10 days, the customer can decide whether they want to keep using CopyAI or request a full refund – no strings attached! This makes CopyAI highly competitive compared to other services, ensuring customers have ample opportunity to try out the product before making a commitment.

Free Trial

CopyAI offers users an easy way to trial their Pro plan with a 7-day free trial. This trial comes with all of CopyAI’s 90+ use cases, and no credit card details are required! The firm believes that getting the full experience of their product should be effortless and available to everyone. Therefore, during the trial period, customers have full access to their features without feeling pressured to commit financially before trying them out.

The Pro plan for CopyAI provides users with access to additional features such as AI-powered natural language processing (NLP) capabilities for optimizing customer service and personalized conversations. It also streamlines multi-channel marketing automation tasks such as personalizing emails sent to customers based on their engagement with other channels such as websites or mobile apps.

Furthermore, it can be used to track customer behavior and spur greater sales conversions with analytics reports for monitoring marketing ROI in real time. The 7-day free trial is not only the most financially secure way to use CopyAI’s services but also an optimal way of experiencing their enhanced features accurately. Alternatives

If you’re looking for a viable alternative to, there are plenty of AI copywriting tools to choose from. Below, we’ll talk about some of them and how they are different from Copy AI. 


Copy AI and Rytr are both AI writing tools that can be used to generate content. However, they differ in powerful ways. Copy AI offers more templates than Rytr, but Rytr has the unique ability to use several different languages and tones to write content.

Rytr AI homepage

It is also much more budget-friendly than Copy AI while focusing exclusively on short-form blog content, digital ads, sales copies, emails, and other brief copywriting formats.

Thanks to the wide variety of language options and its lower price tag, many people may find Rytr to be a better option than Copy AI for their needs. Furthermore, there’s a free account offered by Rytr which makes it even easier for users on smaller budgets to try out this type of content generation technology.


At a starting price of just $15, Writesonic is much cheaper than Copy AI but has a more complex pricing structure depending on the length and complexity of the project. In addition to being affordable, Writesonic offers more third-party integrations through Zapier than Copy AI does not offer.

Writesonic AI homepage

These integrations make it easy to connect with contacts from various customer relationship management platforms and email marketing programs with ease. It also allows greater flexibility in producing automated content tailored for specific customer audiences faster and smoother.

For those who want more control over their work, Sonic comes with drag-and-drop/editing templates to help you customize your own content at every stage so you can get exactly what you’re looking for without sacrificing quality or speed.

Jasper AI (Previously Jarvis)

Jasper AI provides an efficient and reliable alternative to Copy AI for content generation. This cloud-based platform offers a wide range of features, such as a multilingual editor that can be used to write content in various languages, over 50 templates to help create unique and creative content, and Boss Mode which allows you generate high-quality long-form content.

Additional features include the ability to automatically add relevant images, videos, and GIFs to your posts, meaning the entire process from initial idea to outputting SEO-friendly content can be completed with ease. homepage

With Jasper AI users have access to a powerful platform where they can quickly produce well-written, targeted content that improves their reach and visibility online. Whether it’s creating product descriptions for an eCommerce store or optimizing blog posts for search engine performance, Jasper AI has the necessary tools and options available to make it happen with minimal effort.

They also provide detailed analytics so users can see how their content performed on each site or social network they published to; making sure their message is heard by target audiences organically.


The CopyAI suite of tools has revolutionized the way content is created. From blogging to social media content, these tools offer a powerful, yet simple platform for quickly producing highly engaging and unique content. The accuracy of the automated output is simply amazing; it intelligently reads any source material you give it and produces desired topics with highly relevant content tailored specifically to your requirements.

Copy AI platform security and insurance

CopyAI’s products are exceptionally useful for marketing campaigns or generating an enormous, fast-paced stream of ideas for a project. They enable the creation of high-quality blog posts and marketing campaigns in no time at all – freeing up valuable hours that would otherwise be spent manually working on content.

In addition, CopyAI’s artificial intelligence engine incorporates SEO “on the fly” which eliminates tedious manual keyword strategies while guaranteeing optimized digital visibility in search engines for those who choose to use their product. All-in-all CopyAI’s tools are a compelling choice for accessing both creative and technical benefits alike.


Copy AI is a popular choice amongst content creators for quickly generating articles and other types of texts. Although the program has many advantages, it also has several drawbacks that hamper its effectiveness. For one, Copy AI sometimes produces irrelevant or completely random content with made-up facts and information.

This makes fact-checking very important when you use Copy AI. Additionally, lag issues are common while using smaller generators such as “Bullet Points to Blog Section” which cause infuriating delays when trying to generate long-form content. Furthermore, Copy AI lacks integrations with third-party applications which could even further improve its capabilities.

Overall, Copy AI is an effective tool for quickly generating basic article sections or blog posts, but there are still areas it needs to address before surpassing existing writing software solutions.

CopyAI Customer Support

CopyAI provides customers with friendly and efficient customer support. With an email contact form, response times are within 1-2 days, so you can trust that your queries will be addressed in a timely manner. Additionally, CopyAI has a large Facebook Community of more than 15k members for users to ask questions and get help from other community members who are familiar with the product.

Copy AI customer support

Further, CopyAI’s tutorials are comprehensive and provide multiple ways for customers to learn how to use the product for their business or personal needs. Weekly demo sessions make it even easier to understand different aspects of CopyAI as you can see them in action firsthand. These demos provide guidance on how to use the product and ensure everyone is getting the most out of their CopyAI experience.

Who Should Use CopyAI?

CopyAI is an amazing tool for anyone who works with content. It is especially beneficial for those professionals who are deeply involved in creating and curating content such as content writers, copywriters, social media managers, digital professionals, corporates, small business owners, and freelancers.

CopyAI allows these users to easily create high-quality content quickly and efficiently while still speaking in their own unique voice.

Copy AI for email marketers

Furthermore, CopyAI also offers a great solution for creative artists such as poets, lyricists, authors and more. Instead of spending hours or days struggling to develop the perfect descriptions or words to evoke emotion in readers or listeners, CopyAI can help do the work with its powerful AI-enabled features that understand the purpose of the text it creates.

With this support, creative artists can focus on refining their process and sharing their complete visions instead of worrying about wording or grammar errors.


Copy AI is an AI writing tool that may be of benefit to those looking for a tool to generate short-form content such as marketing copy, emails, and ads.

Although Copy AI does not come with all the same features as other tools like Jasper AI or Writesonic which can provide full-length blog articles, it still offers plenty of helpful features like over 25 templates from industry experts as well as the ability to grade your own work against an AI model. Best of all, signing up for the free trial will open you up to access all the features featured on Copy AI.

Overall, Copy AI is ideal for individuals who are looking to create concise and data driven snippets of writing. While those seeking more involved content might look elsewhere, Copy AI is still a great option if you want to write high-quality marketing copy or emails quickly and efficiently. With its 25+ templates and real-time scoring capabilities, there’s no doubt that using this app could save time and help ensure your confidence in the quality of your work.

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