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Written by Adam Morris

Updated September 4, 2023

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The Metal Unicorn Card is an innovative credit card that offers flexibility in terms of fees, interest rates, and repayment options.

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Selecting a credit card that provides purchase rewards and enhances credit score may pose a challenge due to the numerous options available.

Credit cards are a convenient way to make transactions without carrying cash and can also provide various rewards and benefits. There are differences among credit cards that should be taken into consideration. Some may have hidden fees or unfavorable terms and conditions.

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To find the best credit card for your needs, it’s crucial to do extensive research and compare options carefully. is a credit card that has gained popularity for its unique rewards program and focus on building credit. In this Cred AI review, we’ll take a closer look at the features of to help you determine if it’s the right fit for you.

Cred AI Review: What is has created a unique and innovative product to help people build financial stability and credit score. The main product is a Unicorn Card that functions as a cross between a credit card and a debit card, along with a checking account that is protected by the FDIC. Since the Unicorn Card debt is tied to the checking account, the spending limit will always be how much money there is in the account so it provides more security than regular credit cards.

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What makes different from traditional debit cards is that it reports both on-time payments and utilization to major credit bureaus. This allows users to establish good borrowing habits while still building their credit score over time.

Plus, does not wait until due dates for payments – it pays off the amount right away making it easier for users avoid late payments or go into overdrafts since they never have to worry about high interest rates or penalties. Overall, provides an easy way for people to stay financially responsible without worrying about owing debt to banks or other institutions.

How does work? is a financial technology company that has revolutionized the credit card industry by introducing its Unicorn Card Visa, issued by WSFS Bank. It diverged from the traditional model of white-labeling existing stock platforms with a different logo and instead looked to the influence of PayPal and Venmo for inspiration.

The process starts when you sign up for the card and agree to let their AI manage your spending. By utilizing their cutting edge technology, promises to never charge fees or interest, while at the same time boosting your credit score.

For people looking for greater control over their finances and more assurance that they get the best possible deal on their purchases,’s alternative is attractive option. It offers something not widely accessible anywhere else – automated bargain shopping – allowing users to find better prices faster than ever before!

To get started, you must register through a website or app and complete a form. Once you’ve completed this simple process, Cred will make a soft credit inquiry to approve your account and offer a credit tradeline. This means you don’t require a good credit or credit history to apply for the credit line – so it’s perfect for people who may not have had luck elsewhere!

Once approved, you will receive a Metal Unicorn credit card via postal mail within a few days. You can use the Unicorn card as you would a debit card – so there’s no need to worry about carrying around extra bank cards or juggling multiple accounts! VS. Traditional Credit cards?

When it comes to picking the right credit card, and regular credit cards both offer different benefits. Banks or financial institutions typically issue credit cards that have various rewards and bonuses, such as cashback, points, or miles, which can be earned by using them for purchases.

Additionally, they can provide access to various loan options if your credit score is good enough. However, the drawback to owning one is that there can be hefty transaction charges and interest rates associated with them.

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On the other hand, provides a unique approach to handling your finances with their Metal Credit Card. It looks stylish but more importantly it offers an AI system that will update your credit score in real time while providing interactive recommendations on how you could improve it further.

Therefore, while a traditional credit card has their place and certain advantages, has many advantages that could revolutionize how people handle their financials going forward.

Cred AI Deposit Account

For those who don’t want to bother with a deposit account, the credit card can be used on its own. But for the full experience, you need both. With a deposit account, you have access to features including automatic payment and a safe spending limit. By default, you’re enrolled in automatic payment, so odds are good that will work without any extra steps on your part. However, if you want to disable automatic payments (and opt out of the “ Guaranty”), you can.

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Apart from automatic payment, having a deposit account lets you take advantage of other features including limit and restrictions on spending as well as bonuses for frequent transactions. In addition to all this nifty functionality, opening a deposit account also gives users access to special deals and discounts from the company itself, so it’s worth considering if there are any that suit your needs.

The Unicorn Card™ (Solid Metal Credit Card)

The Unicorn Card™ from is the perfect credit card for those looking to step up their game and make a statement. It’s sleek metallic design is sure to stand out when you go out on the town and turn heads as you pay with it. The image of the majestic unicorn serves as a reminder that this isn’t any ordinary credit card, making it both beautiful and functional.

Cred AI metal card

This card works differently than traditional ones. Instead of linking to an existing line of credit, you must deposit money upfront, similar to a secured credit card but without having your cash held hostage until you have paid off your balance.

This account is set up for automatic payment of transactions so you don’t have to worry about having cash on hand for your purchases. With the Unicorn Card, has revolutionized the way people buy things, giving them more freedom and convenience without sacrificing financial security.


Free ATMs has created a fee-free ATM network so that customers don’t have to worry about paying additional charges when they need cash fast. With their mobile app, you can easily locate free ATMs from the over 55,000 available in their network.

Whenever you withdraw cash from an ATM it will be considered a cash advance against your Unicorn Card credit card but no interest fees will be applied as long as the service is running to manage your payments automatically. This means that you don’t have to forfeit any of your hard earned money to access quick cash when needed and have access to various convenient locations in order to do so.

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The convenience and cost savings provided by this fee-free ATM network enables customers to make smart financial decisions without worrying about spending extra amounts on ATM fees each time they use an out of network machine. makes sure that customers are always informed and empowered when it comes to their finances with innovative features such as this one. So now there’s no excuse for not having the money you need right at your fingertips with a little bit of savvy planning and smart use of’s services.

Early Access to Paychecks

Managing finances can be a challenge for many, particularly those who rely on their paycheque to get by. Early access to paychecks can provide some much needed financial flexibility and financial peace of mind. Thankfully, with, this is now possible through their direct deposit system.

With’s direct deposit set up, users are able to access the funds from their paycheck as soon as they have been received by from the payer — in some cases, this may even be up to two days before the scheduled payment date!

While it is important to note that timing and schedule of any direct deposit depends on the payer themselves, accessing your wages earlier than usual provides great financial relief for those who need it most.

Minimum Deposit, Credit Limit, & Fees

When it comes to, this type of card is very similar to a secured credit card that requires you to place a cash deposit in order for you to start using it. The minimum deposit amount you can make is $100 and sadly there is no option of adding any authorized users.

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One positive aspect of this card is that it provides regular reports to the credit bureaus during each cycle. This can be beneficial in improving your credit score, especially since the credit limit is $1,500 and the credit utilization rate typically stays between 2-3%. If your balance is at $0, the credit utilization rate is 0%. Furthermore, offers an auto-reload system in case your fund runs low.

Despite having ‘no fees’ as they purportedly advertise, there still exists an APR and interest rate on spending at 17.76% as well as 24.99% on cash advances; though luckily these rates won’t be put into effect unless you turn off their automated system.

Interest Rates & Fees’s metal Unicorn Card offers an innovative and impressive financial solution for users. Unlike other credit cards, no annual or transaction fees are charged on this card, allowing users to optimize their spending and get the most out of their purchase dollar. Additionally, as long as its built-in credit optimization and spending features are turned on, users can avoid paying interest altogether.

When these features are turned off, however, the APR for purchases starts at 17.76%, which is a variable rate that can change over time depending on market conditions. The APR for cash advances is even higher at 24.99%. Nevertheless, even with the added costs for unoptimized use of the unicorn card it remains one of the top performing cards due to its comprehensive approach to financing and lack of upfront fees.

Cashback Rewards

The Unicorn Card is an impressive payment and credit card option for those who want to keep their banking organized and secured. The card comes with a suite of features designed to make life easier, such as a Stealth Card, Instant Deposit, Cred Optimizer, and Friend & Foe.

However, despite all these great features, the Unicorn Card does not offer rewards or cashback on any purchases made. Not having the option to earn rewards from this credit card could be a dealbreaker for some users. However, it is worth noting that the card has no fees or interest charges.

Cred AI flux capacitor benefits

Many people are reluctant to sign up for yet another credit card because of the penalties involved with missing payments or overspending but using the Unicorn Card eliminates those worries without sacrificing rewards and cash back opportunities. The selection of tools offered helps users optimize their spending so they always track down the best deals while also monitoring their accounts without risking additional surcharges.

Ultimately this can be beneficial financially to users who may have traditionally struggled with using credit cards responsibly due to high rates on interest or rewards programs exceeding limits on spending – negating any potential savings that could have been gained otherwise.

The Application Process

The application process is quick and easy to do. You can start an application online, but all applications and account functions must be completed through’s mobile app. The entire process should only take a few minutes and the most part of it consists of providing necessary information such as your name, address, date of birth or Social Security Number. After your information is reviewed, you may have to wait up to seven days to receive approval from

Although there is no minimum credit score required for approval from, financial, credit, and background checks are conducted as part of their review process in order to determine whether the applicant is suitable for their card or not. It’s important for applicants to answer all questions truthfully in order to get accurate results during the review process; having false information or attempting to deceive can hurt your chances at receiving an approval.

How to Deposit Funds

Depositing funds to has never been easier. Using an Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer is a convenient choice for adding money to your account. You can also link up direct deposits from wages, commissions and other sources of income which will help streamline any funds you’d like to deposit into your account.

Cred AI mobile app

Mobile remote image capture is another way to add deposits directly into your account with just the snap of a picture! For those worried about FDIC insurance coverage, not only are deposits held at WSFS Bank but they are also protected by FDIC insurance for amounts up to $250,000.

If you do have a registered user account already set up with, then it is easy and simple to start transferring funds right away whether via app or website; just remember you must complete your transfers before the daily cut-off time (which varies depending on day) to ensure timely processing of your deposit transactions within 1-2 business days following the date of the transfer request was made before 5 pm ET for same-day processing.

Build Credit With Cred AI is a valuable tool that helps you build credit without having to do a hard credit check or relying on an initial credit score. It works by connecting to the three major credit reporting agencies and reports your available revolving line of credit and utilization every month. This allows people with fewer resources or bad/low credit scores access to building their own financial future through thoughtful management of their monthly budget.

Cred AI unicorn card

The benefits of using don’t just stop at granting more access to secure lines of credit, but also in providing improved opportunities for establishing better spending habits. By giving users the ability to separate their money into different buckets — say $1,500 towards a line of credit and the remaining amount held in reserve — it can help them manage short-term payments while also setting aside money for longer-term goals like saving up for emergencies or investing in the future.

This kind of strategic budgeting can greatly improve consumer confidence over time as they get used to managing their funds more responsibly and find themselves able to handle larger sums without worrying about debt or other issues associated with overextending finances.

Stealth Card™ (Virtual Card)

The Stealth Card™, or virtual card, is a useful tool for online shoppers that want to minimize their risk of fraud. It functions as a digital version of a physical credit or debit card that can be used for a single transaction or over a limited time period. A randomly generated number specific to the virtual card, along with an expiration date and security code, is provided so it can be used in places where your actual card isn’t present.

Cred AI stealth card

Having this extra layer of security makes it safer to shop online or on unfamiliar websites as the virtual card number will be different from that attached to your account. You can easily deactivate it if you feel like something is off, instead of having to cancel your physical card altogether. This way you can remain secure without completely sacrificing convenience when shopping online.

High-Security™ Mode

High-Security mode from is an important feature that adds an extra layer of security to transactions. It does this by establishing very short authorization periods for each transaction, usually a few seconds, and automatically expiring them. This ensures that even if someone were to gain access to your card information, it would be almost impossible for them to use it for fraudulent purchases as the authorization window won’t last long enough.

Having High-Security mode enabled puts the power in your hands and substantially reduces the chances of unauthorized transactions occurring on your card, whether it be physical or virtual.

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Enabling High Security Mode is really simple and requires just a few clicks on the mobile app or website user interface. After you’ve enabled it, all incoming payments meant for the associated Stealth Card are subject to a minimum time frame of authorization before they can go through — which significantly heightens overall security levels and makes sure you retain control over your card at all times.

So if you’re looking for added protection while making online payments with your card then logging into the app digital right away and enabling High Security Mode is highly recommended!

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is a highly favored feature among bank customers because it allows them to manage their finances using their phones. This is especially convenient for users who have limited time to access their accounts through a computer. The app allows users to access all their vital banking information and pre-approve future expenditures, making it easier and faster to spend money.

Some users have expressed concerns about the app’s limited functionality. One user wrote on Google Play that “the app crashes all the time”, while another said that they had trouble logging in. Based on these reviews, it seems that suffers from some serious issues that need to be fixed before it can truly compete with other Banks’ mobile apps. for Business

Overall, seems to be a decent option for individuals looking for ways to improve their financial life. Some of the features are specifically geared towards making life easier for consumers, such as access to banking products and services early and free ATM network usage.

However, businesses may find that is not the best solution for them. The service is not specifically designed for businesses and does not offer any specific features or benefits specific to how businesses operate. In addition, is not currently set up to handle multiple authorized users or business accounts. This means that it may not be ideal for businesses that need specialized functionality or want to manage their finances in a more organized way.

Therefore, it may be wiser for businesses to look into other options that cater specifically to their needs, such as Brex Cards or Divvy Corporate Accounts. Enterprises who are curious about might want to consider signing up for a free trial of either product first.


Since the card can be used even when traveling, it’s a great way to avoid having to carry multiple cards and wallets. Plus, the Unicorn Card credit card may be used everywhere Visa credit cards are accepted, so you’ll have no trouble getting cash when needed.

Additionally, with 55,000+ ATMs available worldwide, you shouldn’t have any problem accessing your cash if needed. And as long as you have a valid guaranty, you won’t pay any interest on the ATM withdrawals – which are considered cash advances against the Unicorn Card credit card.

Is Regulated? is under the regulation of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). This regulation comes from the partnership with Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB (“WSFS Bank”), Member FDIC who provides the deposit account and issues the Unicorn Card. Your deposits are insured up to $250,000.

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The implications of this partnership are vast and important. Not only are your savings protected up to $250,000 by the FDIC, but you are also eligible for special privileges and services associated with being a customer of WSFS Bank. For example, WSFS Bank offers free checking and no fees for wire transfers.

Cerberus Capital Management LP is not only a registered broker-dealer but also a member of the FINRA Investor Education Foundation. The foundation offers educational materials related to stocks, bonds, and other investment products. As such, users have access to industry leading education and support resources that would not be available through most other financial institutions.

Who is For?

The Unicorn Card is ideally suited for individuals with no credit history or poor credit who are looking to improve their credit score. With a linked deposit account, account owners can enable services that automatically transfer funds and manage spending to avoid paying interest and build credit.

Plus, with its host of security measures such as Stealth Card and Friend & Foe, the card is ideal for people with fraud and privacy concerns. So whether you’re looking to start rebuilding your credit or just want to keep your finances safe and secure, the Unicorn Card is the perfect choice.

Customer Support

Customer service representatives are available by phone 24/7. Additionally, support may be reached via email at Customers can also submit a ticket online.

Cred AI application form

Cred has promised to provide assistance with everything from account verification to issue resolution. Whether something is simple or requires more in-depth assistance, the team is available to help. The online ticketing system provides a simple way for customers to contact a support representative and get prompt assistance with their issue.

Is Cred AI Secure? offers various security features, such as encryption and secure storage, to ensure the online safety and convenience of its customers. is PCI DSS certified, meaning it has met industry standards for securing data. Additionally, never sells customer information to third parties– this includes refusing transactions from specific merchants.

Cred AI FAQ page users can be assured that their account information is secure and will not be at risk of being compromised. With Stealth Card and Friend & Foe features, customers can protect their account numbers and deny transactions to individual merchants- ensuring their accounts are always safe and secure.

Can Anyone Apply For Cred AI?

It can be difficult to apply for a credit card because most banks and credit unions have minimum financial and credit requirements that applicants must meet before they can be approved. Cred.Ai helps make the application process easier by providing a rating for each applicant, which determines their level of eligibility and ensures accurate scoring.

If applicants pass a profile check and meet the minimum requirements, they are guaranteed approval, which increases their likelihood of being approved for a loan or credit card.


The Metal Unicorn Card is an innovative credit card that provides users with numerous features and benefits, while maintaining flexibility in terms of fees, interest rates, and repayment options. With its emergency Stealth Card feature, automatic Cred Optimizer function, and convenient mobile app access, the Metal Unicorn Card offers customers a simple way to manage their finances without compromising security or bonuses. Additionally, the guaranteed no-fee structure allows for a worry-free shopping experience with no hidden costs along the way.

Overall, the Metal Unicorn Card is an excellent choice for those who need a reliable credit card that combines convenience with peace of mind. With plenty of features, customizable APR options, and 24/7 customer service availability; users have no reason not to take advantage of this innovative financial tool.

With such an impressive list of attributes coupled with its competitively low APR rates; it’s easy to see why the Metal Unicorn Card is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices among consumers seeking a reliable financial partner.

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