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Written by Adam Morris

Updated August 18, 2023

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Cushion AI is an artificial intelligence program that scan banking and credit card fees that are up for negotiation and negotiates on your behalf.

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Finding a way to avoid or recover bank fees is a cause that many of us can get behind. With Cushion, an app that supports all US banks and its A.I. negotiates fees automatically on your behalf, users have saved more than $12 million in bank and credit card fees. The app’s scan feature is user-friendly and requires no effort.

Using this app looks promising as rates for monthly maintenance fees, which can add up to $144 or more each year, can be recovered using minimal effort.

Plus, it’s free to scan and see what fees you might qualify for refunds on – so its risk-free. On top of helping us reclaim our hard earned dollars back from pesky miscellaneous banking costs; Cushion also aims to put money back into your pocket – something we could all benefit from. Below, we’ll talk about Cushion AI in detail. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Cushion Review is a company based in the San Francisco Bay Area that specializes in financial technology. The company is headed by founder and CEO Paul Kesserwani who has an ambitious goal – to build a digital version of a CFO for the consumer that can help manage their finances.

Cushion AI homepage

To gain consumer trust, the first product has been designed to automatically negotiate people’s bank fees and credit card interest charges on their behalf.

The power of lies in its automated system which will look into your account data to gain insights into your spending habits, debts, and even investments to craft tailored solutions just for you.

How Does Cushion AI Work?

Cushion AI is an artificial intelligence program that helps you get refunds on unnecessary fees. It uses AI to scan your purchases and charges, so it can figure out which ones may be eligible for negotiation. Cushion AI guarantees the safety of your bank and credit card account details, which means you can relax without worrying about possible data theft or identity fraud.

After Fee Fighter detects a charge or fee that could be refunded, it’ll send you a request to negotiate the sample charge on your behalf. Simply relax and allow Cushion AI to handle everything else! You don’t have to worry about any complicated negotiations either; with Cushion AI’s smart bot and algorithms, your interests will always be at the forefront in every single case.

Thanks to this revolutionary technology, you can quickly get reimbursements on those pesky charges without doing any extra work yourself. With Cushion AI helping out through every step of the process, getting refunds has never been easier.

Cushion App Features is an invaluable tool for managing and tracking banking fees. With a free Cushion account, users have access to a dashboard that scans their accounts over the 12 months and shows them the total fees paid.

This provides an overall financial picture of how much money you are spending on banking fees, which can often be more than expected due to individual hidden costs or annual fees for travel cards. For those looking to gain further insight into their banking fees, Cushion also offers a payment-based membership plan.

Cushion AI tacking bills

This unlocks features such as detailed fee data (currency conversion charges, monthly bank account maintenance/overdraft fees, digital transaction charges), fee negotiation services, access to discounts offered by banks and other third-party providers, automated monthly reporting of fee changes, and notifications of upcoming payments.

All this valuable advice from Cushion allows users to make informed decisions about their banking practices, saving both time and money in the long run.

Fee Genius

Fee Genius, brought to you by Cushion, is a powerful financial tool perfect for those looking for insights into their profitability. You can receive a detailed report of all fees charged in the past year by paying only $4.99 annually. In addition to this, Fee Genius includes daily transaction scanning, so expenses are monitored moving forward as well as backwards into the past.

You can also set up fee alerts so that you receive an immediate email notification of any sudden or unexpected fees being incurred. Furthermore, to prevent unnecessary overdrafts and help predict future fees, Fee Genius examines your account balance and tracks your spending patterns accordingly.

Fee Negotiation

Cushion AI’s Fee Negotiation service is an optional add-on to its annual membership, and it offers a unique value proposition. Without you ever having to move a finger, Cushion works hard to look over your recent transactions, negotiate with banks or payment processors, and try to get you back the fees you have paid over the past year.

Cushion AI managing bills

This means that if you had been paying hundreds of dollars every year in unfair fees, Cushion could help you recover the money you deserve. Before signing up, it is important to review the terms and conditions, as it is typical for services like this to have some additional details that should be taken into account.

For one thing, Cushion takes a 39% cut of any fees successfully negotiated – so if they manage to get your $100 back from banking fees, then $39 will be taken as their payment for services rendered. It’s important to understand this detail and take into account all potential costs before using this service for fee negotiation.

Negotiating Credit Card Fees

It can be a challenging and lengthy process to discuss fees with your bank or credit card company. Thankfully, Cushion has designed an AI bot to simplify the process of reducing or eliminating bills and fees from your accounts. By connecting Cushion to your accounts, users are able to enjoy a hassle-free experience when lowering their bank and credit card fees.

Cushion actively searches for various types of fees such as overdraft charges, ATM fees, and monthly service charges. Once these fees are found, the AI bot on Cushion begins negotiating with the financial institutions on behalf of its customers in order to find a more beneficial agreement for them.

Furthermore, customers remain in control as they get to choose which fee reduction is best for them. Cushion AI has revolutionized personal finance by providing consumers with advanced tools, enabling them to have greater control over their financial management.


Cushion is a free tool that can help you monitor your banking fees from the last 12 months. However, for further features such as daily transactions scanning and alerts you’ll need to upgrade your account to Fee Genius, an annual membership costing $4.99 per year.

Additionally, should you want Cushion to negotiate transaction fees on your behalf you also have the option of opting into their Fee Negotiation service. This does not increase the cost of your annual membership but instead incurs a 39% success fee on any successful negotiations.

Cushion AI different bills you can use

With its free account option as well as additional add-ons Cushion provides a comprehensive suite of features that cater both small scale and large scale operations. In addition, its negotiated fee structure makes it an ideal solution for those requiring multiple transactions or who process recurring payments from customers who may be located outside the user’s own region or country.

Cushion ensures users are able to stay ahead by keeping aware of any transaction costs or fees they may incur in the course of conducting business with other entities.

How To Get Started

Opening an account with Cushion is easy and straightforward. Log in then, select the ‘Create Account’ option. Provide your phone number to receive a code for verification. Don’t forget to verify the code before continuing. After receiving the code, you’re free to connect any existing bank or credit card accounts that you wish to link with your new Cushion account. You also have the option of choosing between different subscription levels and paying for them as necessary.

Navigating through Cushion’s website is quite intuitive so users should have no trouble finding their way around when opening an account. Whether you want access to features like budgeting tools or shopping services found in higher tier subscriptions, setting up your new account should be an enjoyable process with minimal hassle throughout.

Rewards Program

The Cushion Rewards program provides customers with a variety of ways to earn points and cash out for rewards. To earn rewards points on Cushion, users may invite friends using a referral link. For every friend who signs up with the referral link, users will be rewarded with 350 rewards points (around $3.50).

Rewards points can then be cashed out in exchange for Amazon gift cards worth 10 dollars when 1000 points are reached. Furthermore, Cushion provides chat support for any questions customers may have regarding their account or transactions – this service is offered exclusively through an iOS app and typically responds within one hour.

As of now, these are the only available methods for earning rewards; weekly referral contests are also hosted by social media platforms that offer extra ways to earn if someone refers other people towards this service. Moreover, there are no external Cushion Reward partners to give further opportunities for increasing points – something that is need ongoing improvement in order to make it more enticing and attractive for long-term loyal customers.

Is Cushion A Scam?

Your money is safe when using Cushion. AI Cushion does not deposit any of your money. Instead, they charge payments with credit cards and ensure maximum safety and security by encrypting their website. Cushion offers a secure payment environment for its clients that is compliant with industry standards. Therefore, customers can use the platform with peace of mind. Additionally, Cushion follows regular security audits and implements best practices across their entire platform for added assurance that sensitive data will remain secure.

Is It Worth It?

Cushion is an innovative payment negotiation service that helps customers save money on their bank and credit card fees. With over 15,000 banks and credit unions, users can benefit from fee reduction without the hassle and complexity of traditional negotiations. Cushion takes a small portion of the fees saved as their fee – 39%, meaning that customers are able to keep more of their savings.

Cushion AI positive customer reviews

Deciding whether or not to pay for a service such as Cushion that checks for fees and attempts to recover them can be a difficult decision. For those people who check their account transactions already, asking if it is worth it may already have an answer of no – this is something we are already conscious of and doing ourselves. Using Cushion can be beneficial for you if you frequently receive bank or credit card fees, like out-of-network ATM usage or overdraft fees, as it can help you save more money.

If you are undecided, there are other services available that can help you negotiate bills and fees. If you frequently incur fees, utilizing these services may be cost-effective in the long term. Conversely, you could transfer to a financial institution or credit union with reduced fees to escape these additional costs and spare yourself from the need to transfer banks in the future.


Cushion is a tool that helps with budgeting by keeping track of banking and credit card fees. It features several convenient tools, such as daily monitoring, alerts and overdraft predictions that can help save users money over time. However, a disadvantage of Cushion is the relatively high fee of 39% associated with its negotiation service.

Additionally, Cushion focuses only on banking and credit card fees, so those needing coverage for other expenses (like medical bills or cable/internet payments) should consider looking into alternative services such as Trim or Rocket Money.

Consider your financial situation as well as other available options before making a decision about which service best suits your needs — doing your research pays off! Through proper budgeting practices and checking out different services available, users can make sure they’re getting the most bang for their buck.

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