Ebsynth Review: Animate Existing Footage with AI

Written by Adam Morris

Updated October 12, 2023

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We give Ebsynth 3 out of 5 stars.

EbSynth is a powerful AI program that transforms pre-existing film into hand-painted animations with a single frame of painting.

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Software like Ebsynth has revolutionized animation and visual arts. This AI-powered tool has transformed video editing and visuals.

Ebsynth has introduced a new medium for artists of all skill levels by transforming pre-existing film into hand-painted animations with a single frame of painting.

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Ebsynth is about bringing artistic ideas to life. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, this software can rapidly generate uniquely stylized works of art equipped with the lifelike movement of traditional animation.

The animation synthesis process is simplified and automated using Ebsynth, giving artists more time to improve their work.

Main Points

  • With its cutting-edge, AI-powered animation tools, Ebsynth completely changes the video editing landscape.
  • It’s easy for illustrators and animators to make their own distinct, hand-painted looks.
  • Effective software is a top choice for professional entrepreneurs and casual consumers.

Exploring EbSynth

I found a powerful AI program called EbSynth that could transform photos into gorgeous animations. This program allowed me to transform keyframes into cartoons, giving me greater artistic freedom.

EbSynth relies heavily on what it calls “keyframes” to create its output. I am able to create gorgeous and complicated motion between frames by painstakingly crafting keyframes. These keyframes are used by the AI tool to decide the overall appearance and motion of the animation, speeding up the production time significantly.

Ebsynth painting keyframes

As a user of this innovative tool, I appreciate the fact that EbSynth is still in its testing phase, which means it’s available for free use at the moment. However, in the future, the final professional version will have a cost attached to it and will likely require a license to use.

Creatively merging art and technology makes EbSynth stand out. By harnessing the power of advanced AI algorithms, EbSynth can turn video footage into stylized animations based on the keyframes I provide.

Art and Animation with Ebsynth

Artistic Style Transfer

I use Ebsynth often since it helps me translate my painting and animation styles to other projects. With style transfer, I can take the unique characteristics of a particular painting, such as brushstrokes and color styles, and apply them to another image or video.

Non-Photorealistic Rendering

Ebsynth also offers non-photorealistic rendering, enabling me to transform a video into a captivating, hand-drawn-like animation. By painting a single frame of the video and letting Ebsynth do the rest, my artwork comes alive with seamless motion and a cohesive style throughout the sequence.

Ebsynth transform videos into animation

Facial Landmarks and Paintings

Portrait restoration is made much easier by how well Ebsynth can track face features. Because of this feature, I can make videos that show the personalities of my subjects and stay true to my drawing style. To help guide the picture synthesis process and give the final animation a natural and lifelike look, I rely heavily on facial landmarks.

Ebsynth enables me blend conventional drawing and computer animation by transferring creative styles, rendering non-photorealistically, and using authentic facial markers. This amazing tool clears my head and provides me the courage to tackle difficult tasks.

Video Editing Capabilities

EbSynth’s unique video synthesis capabilities make it easy to convert movies into animated masterpieces with a few clicks, making it my favorite video editing tool. AI is used by the program to make the video footage look like my art as I paint over a single frame.

Ebsynth copying brush strokes

Efficient Editing

EbSynth’s powerful editing options are among its many great qualities. Instead of manually applying the painted frame to each part of the video, EbSynth allows me to quickly transfer painted artwork to any length of video footage. I can spend less time on tedious jobs and more time refining AVI, MP4, and other video codecs.

Automatic Propagation

Another advantage of using EbSynth is its automatic propagation feature. Once I paint over a single video frame, the software automatically applies the painted frame over the whole video. This keeps my project’s style from being inconsistent and saves me time because I don’t have to edit each frame of output by hand.

In addition, EbSynth simplifies output strokes and frames for video editing. This helps me focus on my creative editing, while my consumers benefit from my confidence, competence, and clarity with animation and video material.

A Peek Into Ebsynth’s Backend

As an AI tool, Ebsynth utilizes various algorithms and neural networks in its backend. These algorithms create strong picture synthesis, turning your photographs into style-appropriate art. It works with pre-built Windows binary and can process a series of frames in a video.

Ebsynth video editor tool

PatchMatch Algorithm

One of the primary algorithms used in Ebsynth is the PatchMatch algorithm. The texture-generation procedure is much enhanced by this patch-based approach. The algorithm quickly recognizes similar items in many images, improving accuracy and consistency.

Image Synthesis

With the use of neural networks and cutting-edge algorithms like PatchMatch, Ebsynth is able to synthesis pictures. Image synthesis in Ebsynth involves creating new images by blending source images and the desired style. Because the tool is fast and good at computing, users can make high-quality images quickly and easily.

Ebsynth allows AI and image synthesizer enthusiasts utilize its strong back-end technology to create stunning images and films. Remember that the tool works best for short video clips with less motion and maintaining high-quality output relies on proper management of keyframes and interpolation.

Notable Features

Single Frame Editing

One frame at a time, Ebsynth lets you alter videos differently. With this tool, I can paint over just one frame, and the AI-powered technology takes care of transferring my artistic style to the rest of the video.

Before and after rendering with Ebsynth

After Effects Integration

Ebsynth also provides an easy way to integrate with Adobe After Effects. By clicking the AE button, my Ebsynth project is exported directly into After Effects, where I can make additional edits and tweaks to the film. The entire editing process is eased and accelerated by the integration.

Automatic Texture Synthesis

The automatic texture synthesis feature in Ebsynth simplifies the process of generating realistic textures based on my input artwork. By using texture-by-numbers and super-resolution techniques, Ebsynth can generate textures that remain consistent across different frames, while still reflecting the artistic style I applied to the source frame.

Guiding Channels

Ebsynth uses guiding channels to help control the appearance and segmentation of the output. These channels include:

  1. Soft Segmentation Guide: This helps refine the segmentation process by providing hints to the AI on where different regions should be separated.
  2. Positional Guide: This makes the pattern placement more consistent, making sure that the end result looks good.
  3. Appearance Guide: With this channel, I can guide the AI to maintain specific colors or appearances in certain areas.
  4. Final Blend: This channel combines the soft segmentation guide, positional guide, and appearance guide to generate the final output.


As a talented animator, I’ve explored several tools for creating animations in different styles. EbSynth is one such program; it uses keyframes to transform raw video into creative animations. In this section, I will discuss its pricing, beta and professional versions, and availability for users in the United States.


EbSynth’s current beta version is available for free. However, the upcoming professional version will require a license and will be paid. Exact pricing details are yet to be announced.

Beta and Professional Versions

The beta version of EbSynth has various useful features that allow creative professionals to turn their videos into artistic animations. The tool uses a single keyframe to give the brush strokes in a whole video a uniform, natural appearance. The output is usually in mp4 format.

Signing up for Ebsynth beta version

In the professional version, users can expect additional features and improvements. This includes higher mapping levels that encourage brush strokes to appear in the same location as the original keyframe, leading to more natural animations. Good mapping values typically range from 5 to 50.

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How long does it take to process a video with EbSynth?

I’ve found that the time it takes to process a video using EbSynth largely depends on the complexity of your artwork and the length of the video. However, EbSynth is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, so you can expect a relatively speedy process. Note that your computer’s hardware and specs will also affect processing times. Ensure you meet the system requirements for optimal performance.

What are the system requirements to run EbSynth effectively?

To use EbSynth effectively, you should have a modern computer with a decent amount of processing power and memory. While the exact specifications may vary, it’s recommended to have a system with:
A multi-core processor
A dedicated graphics card (NVIDIA or AMD) for better results
At least 8GB of RAM
Ample room for all of your finished works.

How can I use EbSynth with After Effects?

To use EbSynth with Adobe After Effects, follow these steps:
Export the frames of your video as an image sequence from After Effects.
Create your keyframes (artwork) for the desired frames using your preferred painting or drawing software.
Process the video using EbSynth by importing the image sequence and keyframes.
Once the process is complete, import the newly generated image sequence back into After Effects, and create a new composition with the correct frame rate.

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