Fakeyou Review: Deep Fake Text to Speech Tool

Written by Adam Morris

Updated September 14, 2023

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We give FakeYou 4 out of 5 stars.

FakeYou is a powerful AI tool that enables users to accurately convert written text into spoken audio using celebrity voices or cartoon characters.

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Have you ever wanted to create realistic-sounding voiceovers without hiring a voice actor?

Do you struggle with finding good text-to-speech tool that won’t make your speech or audio sound robotic or unnatural?

Enter Fakeyou, a new player in the TTS game that claims to offer high-quality, natural-sounding voices for all your voiceover needs.

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Does it meet the expectations that were created around it? In this review, we’ll take a closer look at Fakeyou text to speech’s core features and see if it’s worth using for your content creation needs.

What is FakeYou Deep Text to Speech Tool?

Fake You is an incredible TTS website that enables users to quickly and accurately convert written text into spoken audio.

The audio can be presented with various voice options to create a more natural or unique sound.

Some of the options available on FakeYou include celebrity voices, cartoon characters, movie stars, announcers, and even musicians.

Additionally, there is also the option to clone your own voice and create an AI version which you then use for any digital speech purposes like automated voicemails or video clips.

The use of deep fakes to create natural sounding speech has become quite popular recently and Fake You is a simple and effective way to leverage this technology.

It opens up plenty of possibilities for anyone looking to create their own vocal content without having to hire any professional services while still producing audible results with high fidelity virtual voices.

How does FakeYou Deep Fake Text work?

You can use FakeYou to turn text into speech using a deep fake voice generator.

It offers numerous cartoon voices to choose from, as well as open source voice models, making it a collaborative project.

Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use – users don’t need to sign up or go through any other steps in order to generate TTS.

Fakeyou TTS ai using popular character voice

Fortunately, users are able to download their generated TTS in .wav audio file format or access them via URL if they desire quicker access.

All in all, FakeYou works by translating plain text into intelligible speech with a diverse range of celebrity or voice types.

How to use FakeYou To Make Natural Sounding Voices?

You can use FakeYou.com to easily create your own text-to-speech recordings with the perfect voice for your project, just by following a few simple steps.

To get started, first sign up for an account on FakeYou’s website.

From there, select which of the available celebrity or voice type best suits your needs. Then type in your desired text, and customize features like speed, pitch, and emotion until you’re satisfied with the result.

Fakeyou free text to speech tool

To incorporate the file into your project, generate and download it.

Who is FakeYou Deep Fake Text Best For?

Content creators have a powerful tool at their disposal in the form of FakeYou. This artificial intelligence powered platform provides a wide range of voices, including celebrity options, for content creators to use in order to enrich their video, podcast, or other multimedia projects.

Using it is not only cheaper than hiring expensive voice actors, but it also lets content creators make distinctive and compelling audio experiences for their audience.

Fakeyou voice to voice tool

No matter which format they choose, content creators can rest assured that Fake You is just what they need if they’re looking for high quality voiceovers that will take their project up several notches without having to break the bank.

Use Cases

FakeYou is a powerful tool that uses AI technology for bringing characters to life with natural-sounding and realistic voices, and creating engaging audio experiences.

With FakeYou, content creators can create custom voices for existing vidoes while musicians can craft unique music by combining their own voice clone with melodies and beats.

The possibilities are truly endless and this application offers limitless creative opportunities that users won’t find anywhere else.

Fakeyou lip sync feature

Additionally, the app allows Twitch streamers to create an interactive atmosphere with personalized sound effects in order to reach new levels of engagement.

With its intuitive user interface and diverse range of features, FakeYou is the perfect choice for unleashing your inner artist.

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Key Features

FakeYou is an online tool that provides users with various pricing plans to help them produce or use a text-to-voice generator. Its subscription based plans include Plus, Pro, and Elite, where each varies in price per month and processing priority.

With the use of unique pricing options, FakeYou allows for unlimited text-to-speech generation as well as audio generation up to 30 seconds for the Plus package, up to 1 minute for the Pro package, and up to 2 minutes for the Elite package.

Fakeyou user guide

Furthermore, with animated voices of celebrities, its natural language processing technology synthesizes speech so that it sounds more natural than any other available software.

Additionally, users can upload their own private models which can be exclusive to them or share it with other users depending on their pricing plan.

Moreover, FakeYou is also offering commercial voices that allow highly believable conversations due to its feature of precise speech recognition.

Extensive Library of AI Voices

FakeYou offers a wealth of different voice options for content creators to choose from. With over 2,461 selections, FakeYou has a wide range of voices that can fit any project and bring it to life in the most unique way.

Fakeyou tts models

The voices provided are high-quality recordings that can be used for creating various types of content such as videos, animations, documentaries, and podcasts.

FakeYou Supports Multiple Languages

Fake You may have some language options for those looking to make funny videos or jokes, but the selection is quite limited.

However, these languages aren’t necessarily practical if you’re someone who plans on using this service for professional purposes with a broad international audience – there are simply not enough languages available.


The cost of using Fake You Text-to-Speech depends on the features you choose. This program provides various options to cater to your individual requirements. The starting price for the basic plan is $7 per month.

Fakeyou pricing plans

The pro plan is $15 per month while the Elite plan is priced at $25. These plans offer additional features such as voice customization and an increased number of characters per request.

FakeYou Alternatives

The technology of text-to-speech has gained popularity over time, enabling users to effortlessly transform written text into computer-generated verbal communication.

Fakeyou is one of the most widely used deep fake voice generator tools on the market, though it does come with some limitations such as a limited number of voices and languages.

There are several alternatives available that could be very useful for people who are seeking a better solution because they offer a wide range of features.

Uberduck AI homepage

One of the best alternative include Uberduck.ai and Murf.ai each providing comprehensive functions such as deep learning algorithm support, high-quality output files and custom libraries for voice manipulation.

FakeYou Text to Speech Review: Conclusion

FakeYou Text to Speech is an impressive tool with a lot to offer. The voice generation is of high quality, allowing content creators to access crystal clear audio easily and without significant resources.

The user-friendly interface makes it especially suitable for business professionals who need full control over their voice production and who want the ability to adjust settings for additional control when needed.

Fakeyou tts sign up page

In addition, the competitive price point allows even those on tight budgets to access the powerful text-to-speech technology without breaking the bank.

All things considered, FakeYou Text to Speech is a great option for anyone needing intuitive yet comprehensive voice creation capabilities. It may not have every single desirable feature or adjustment that some other tools offer, but it certainly provides quality sound at an excellent value.

Whether creating podcasts, videos, or accessibility services, FakeYou text to speech should definitely be in consideration for those looking for a powerful text-to-speech program at an unbeatable price point.

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