How To AI Upscale A Video

Written by Adam Morris

Updated August 6, 2023
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Have you ever encountered a video with poor resolution that you wanted to enhance to a higher quality? It can be frustrating when the only version available is blurry or pixelated. Nowadays, there is a solution available with the aid of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI upscaling technology has revolutionized the way videos are edited and restored. With AI algorithms, it is now possible to take low-quality videos and enhance them significantly. This advance in technology has opened doors for video restoration, remastering, and upscaling.

In this article, we will discuss the ins and outs of AI upscaling technology for videos. This guide will explain the different available softwares you can use to improve the quality of your videos, using AI upscaling technology. It will be helpful regardless of whether you are a professional video editor or an amateur enthusiast.

What Is AI Video Upscaling Software?

Recently, AI video upscaling software has become increasingly popular as an innovative application of artificial intelligence (AI). The technology uses algorithms to analyze an image or video and creates new pixels that match the existing ones to produce better image quality.

This upscaling process is different from traditional methods which merely interpolate existing pixels, giving sharper lines but rarely realistic details. By utilizing AI to accurately analyze the content of the image and synthesize new pixel data, the result is a much more impressive output with fewer artifacts and better detail resolution.

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There are multiple AI upscaling software programs in the market that use different techniques to achieve similar results. However, their success rates differ.

Most of these software packages boast advanced features like multiple rendering passes for truly lifelike visuals as well as noise reduction settings to eliminate graininess or other unwanted artifacts. These tools allow professionals to have more control over their workflows and create high-quality, visually impressive images.

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Is AI Video Upscaling possible?

AI Video Upscaling technology makes it possible to improve low-quality videos. This advancement is especially useful for movies or video content with relatively low resolution, as it helps make them seem more vibrant and realistic.

Instead of just raising the bit rate of the video, AI can apply certain processes like interpolation or analysis of each frame individually that help upscale the footage without compromising its quality too much. AI technology can then fill in the blanks and create realistic interpolated frames which makes for a better viewing experience.

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In addition to upscaling existing videos, AI can also be used to generate new videos with manipulation techniques such as upscaling and removing backgrounds from existing videos. This can greatly enhance various types of media, allowing users to create custom visuals with ease.

The possibilities are virtually endless as AI machines get smarter day by day, allowing them to use its predictive abilities to leverage their work in creative ways that never could have been done manually before. It’s an exciting time for those who want to push visual limits and create unique content!

Best Video AI Upscaling Software

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects are two apps from the Adobe Creative Suite that are used for various video and motion graphics editing tasks. Adobe Premiere Pro is designed for video editing, while After Effects provides tools to create motion graphics and special visual effects.

Both apps offer many advanced features, but they may be difficult to learn and require a significant amount of practice to master. Additionally, they don’t usually offer AI-based upscaling, so traditional techniques must be used to achieve high quality image enhancement results.

Adobe Premier Pro homepage

To utilize them effectively, it’s recommended that users have one of the best desktop computers for video editing as Adobe software is quite CPU intensive.

All in all, Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects are great tools if you need advanced video or motion graphic editing capabilities but may be overkill if you only plan on doing basic upscaling. Experienced users can certainly get great results with these programs provided they have enough time to learn the different features and have the right hardware with adequate computing power.

Topaz Video AI

Topaz Video Enhancer AI is an amazing piece of software that helps to produce incredible videos from whatever equipment you have access to.

This process enhances the color and tone of the video, resulting in a sharper and brighter image that appears more vibrant. Additionally, Topaz can also sharpen the edges in the video footage, resulting in a much crisper image which greatly improves its overall quality.

Topaz video AI homepage

This software can run effectively even on machines that don’t have high processing speeds or massive amounts of memory, as long as there is enough RAM. Using this software, you can achieve excellent results with relative ease. Notable features include removing tough motion blur and noise reduction, allowing you to capture stutter-free scenes with rich detail.

The latest version of Topaz Video Enhancer AI also comes packed with powerful tools that enable better speed management and scaling options without causing any damage to the overall quality of your videos.

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI is an excellent solution for anyone looking to enhance their videos with the power of Artificial Intelligence. The software utilizes advanced AI technology to enhance videos, resulting in sharper and more realistic images with 4K resolution.

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI offers many other features as well, including batch processing for bigger projects and fast speeds for quick results. Whether you’re a professional content creator or just a casual user, this powerful video upscaling tool has you covered.

AVCLabs video enhancer AI homepage

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI is constantly evolving to keep up with the latest technologies; it is regularly updated with new features, optimization options, and bug fixes. It has simple navigation on the front page so users can quickly get started and get excellent results without spending hours perfecting every step.

With its intuitive design, strong performance, and versatile usability, AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI is perfect for any level of video production enthusiast.

DVDFab Enlarger AI

DVDFab Video Enhancer AI is an advanced software solution that uses artificial intelligence to upgrade and enhance the quality of videos.

This software is especially useful for those who have low-resolution or grainy video files and would like to improve their video quality without having to invest in high-end equipment. With DVDFab Video Enhancer AI, users can take advantage of cutting edge technology to turn ordinary video files into spectacular masterpieces.

DVDfab enhancer AI homepage

Using this software, it’s possible to automatically increase the resolution and frame rate of any existing video file. The artificial intelligence behind the scenes also detects and enhances minute details, making sure that each frame looks as perfect as it can be.

Additionally, DVDFab Video Enhancer AI supports a wide range of video formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, WEBM etc., so that you can use it with almost any type of files.

All in all, thanks to its powerful features designed for optimal performance and easy-to-use interface – DVDFab Video Enhancer AI is an excellent option for anyone looking for advanced video upscaling software solutions.

Pixop: Best AI Video Upscaler Online

Pixop is a great AI-powered video editing and enhancing app that produces remarkable results with its advanced OCR Neural Network technology. This software has revolutionized the industry of VR video editing by providing improved accuracy, speed and convenience to users.

Pixop AI video enhancer homepage

The integration of automation makes it easy to use and also helps save time. With every update, the newer features provide better ways to enhance videos and explore new opportunities for content creation.

The app provides some amazing features like automated background replacement tools for immersive filming, automatic multi-angle shots generation for cinematic experiences, resolving blurry footage into detail-rich visuals, audio dubbing, automatic chroma keying process technology for green screen productions and various filters designed especially for filmmakers.

Pixop takes VR video editing experience to next level with its picture in picture views merged from various sources with ease through accessible controls without altering the original source code or uncompressing it unnecessarily.

Undoubtedly it streamlines the traditional method of creating cinematic marvels for all kinds of users as well as professionals at personal production level or globally at preview theater level Without spending hours in post-production processes and background activities.


Video 2X is an amazing free and open source AI software for video upscaling. It has a powerful neural network that can upscale video to 4K resolution, providing realistic results without any pixelation or artifacts.

Furthermore, the processing speed is exceptionally fast, which means there won’t be a long wait for you to have your videos processed. Those looking for a high-quality free solution will love Video 2X.

When compared to its competitors, Video 2X stands out by not only offering excellent upscaling quality but also being incredibly convenient. Its user-friendly tools make it easy to modify the video’s resolution and then quickly apply the changes with just a few clicks.

Furthermore, if you are not satisfied with the changes made to your content, you can easily restore the original version without any trouble. With Video 2X, creating beautiful videos that are ready for display on 4K resolution screens has never been simpler.


GDFLab is an impressive video upscaling software that uses artificial intelligence to take low-resolution videos and increase their resolution with minimal quality loss. It allows you to take a standard definition video and reproduce it in high resolution, giving your old movies and TV shows that extra bit of clarity without the pixelation or blurriness often seen in upscaling.

GDFLab is perfect for anybody looking to modernize their classic movie and television library without compromising on the picture quality or having to buy expensive Blu-rays or HD versions of their favorite titles.

GDFLab video enhancer ai homepage

The user interface of GDFLab is very straightforward and easy to use, requiring no prior knowledge or experience with video encoding software. With just a few clicks, you can have your old favorites upscaled in minutes.

Additionally, computer processing capabilities are maximized; because the neural networks used by GDFLab are constantly training as they process more videos, its performance improves quickly over time. It’s no surprise that GDFLab is one of the most popular choices among serious cinephiles looking for a reliable, powerful video upscaling solution.


Hitpaw Video Enhancer AI is a comprehensive video-enhancing software that utilizes artificial intelligence to bring low-resolution videos up to 4K quality. The software provides various tools and features that are designed to enhance video quality in different situations.

This enables users to improve their footage without the need to purchase new camera equipment. It comes packed with three powerful AI models that are fine-tuned for different types of media; the general model can repair older videos by making them sharper and clearer, the animation model specializes on fixing anime or cartoon visuals, and the face model will help improve human facial features for a more natural look.

Hitpaw video enhancer AI homepage

Furthermore, it supports over 30+ formats so all kinds of video files can benefit from this technology. With its compatibility with both Windows and Mac OS systems HitPaw Video Enhancer AI is an attractive option for everyone regardless of their technical expertise.

With this powerful AI software at your disposal you’ll no longer need to worry about investing in expensive hardware upgrades as your video resolution will be guaranteed 4K quality with just one click.


iSize is a great choice for video upscaling due to its innovative algorithm and wide range of customizable options. First, iSize uses a proprietary algorithm that has been specifically designed for video upscaling. This algorithm produces excellent results with minimal artifacts, ensuring superior quality compared to other options.

Furthermore, iSize offers customizable options that allow you to control the sharpness and detail level of your videos as desired. With intensity and depth control, you can easily adjust your video to look just the way you want it.

iSize video enhancer AI homepage

By utilizing intelligent algorithms and providing powerful adjustable controls, iSize makes it easy to achieve just the right visual look for any project.

Whether you’re looking for sharper colors or more realistic textures, this intuitive software makes sure you get the creative results you’re aiming for quickly and easily. With this amazing upscaling solution at hand, creating stunning visuals is just a few clicks away! is an AI-controlled video upscaling software with the capability to redirect users’ videos up to 4 times their original resolution.

The AI algorithm that drives the software has been trained on hundreds of hours of footage, creating a deep learning technology capable of recognizing and replicating video quality from different sources. With its powerful functions, users can preview the final product before investing credits in it, making sure they get the perfect output they are looking for.

Additionally, Neural. love also features custom colourisation capabilities allowing users to bring more vibrancy to old videos which gives them a brand new look and feel.

Neural love video enhancer homepage

This revolutionary software provides immense creative possibilities with its ability to manipulate video at higher resolutions — allowing viewers to experience sharper visuals with greater clarity.

Furthermore, by using advanced algorithms to examine each frame of a video and draw upon previously existing clips as reference points – Neural. love delivers some interesting results compared to other similar scaling tools in the market such as MagicScale or Upscale Master Pro.

It’s remarkable performance has seen it become one of the most preferred UPScaling software The only limit is your imagination!

Waifu2x Extension GUI

The waifu2x-Extension-GUI is the perfect solution for Windows users looking to upscale their images, GIFs, and videos without having to invest in expensive upscaling software.

It allows users to use NVIDIA’s RTX Super Resolution, full frame interpolation, and frame analysis capabilities to attain high quality upscaling results. It also comes with a number of different development options such as being able to set the layers and compress output file sizes after processing.

Mac users have an option too in waifu2x Video which relies on the same waifu2x upscaler. However it has less features than its Windows counterpart since it is still relatively new and inexperienced but nevertheless it can be used for animated video upscaling workflows on macOS 10.15 or higher.

For those using the function for the first time, the user interface is uncomplicated and user-friendly. Upscaled videos can come out looking just as good as those done on other professional grade solutions depending on how much effort you put into configuring settings correctly during each step of the process.

How To Do An AI Upscale Using Adobe Premiere Pro

The process of increasing the video resolution to 4K using Adobe Premiere Pro is easy and doesn’t demand advanced skills or experience. The intuitive interface allows you to quickly select the desired output format and settings, so you can get impressive results without too much effort.

Editing software on screen

Using a high-end graphics card will make upscaling videos faster due to the app’s GPU acceleration. When using Premiere Pro to upscale videos to 4K resolution, make sure that your media source has an acceptable file size as up-converting from lower resolutions may result in significant visual artifacts, especially with low quality footage.

Although the software does a great job of enhancing details when possible for best results avoid noisy video formats such as H264 or MPEG4 which can cause pixilation when upscaled.

After applying the settings and changes needed depending on what type of output you’re seeking all that’s remaining is time since exporting 4K content takes more time than usual due to its demanding nature – but once completed it is guaranteed to look amazing and true to life!


In conclusion, AI video upscaling technology provides an excellent solution for people looking to upgrade their content from 4K to 8K. Users can use it to improve the resolution of various video formats, including 4K and 5K.

It can also quickly convert HD videos into 4K resolution with the help of DVDFab Video Enhancer AI for Windows. Topaz Video Enhancer AI is the most powerful tool for professionals but it comes at a price, making it less accessible to non-professionals.

No matter what kind of resolution you are looking for, AI video upscaling technology offers a convenient and efficient way to get it done. By following just a few simple steps, you can enhance your viewing experience with high-quality visuals. You no longer have to accept subpar picture quality when advanced technologies are readily available.


How accurate is AI upscaling?

AI upscaling works well only if the initial content is good, the algorithm is chosen carefully, and there are enough computing resources. It can enhance low-quality images or videos, but cannot create new information that wasn’t in the original.
In some cases, AI upscaling can even introduce artifacts or distortions in the output. However, as machine learning and deep neural networks continue to progress, AI upscaling is becoming increasingly precise and efficient, particularly in areas like image restoration and video compression. Nonetheless, it is still not a substitute for high-quality content captured or produced at the right resolution in the first place.

Is there a free AI upscaler?

Yes, there are some free AI upscalers available online. One popular option is Let’s Enhance, which lets users upscale images up to 4x for free. Another option is waifu2x, a free and open-source tool that can upscale images and denoise videos.
It should be noted, however, that free options for image processing may not consistently produce high quality results and may have restrictions on the quantity or size of files that can be processed. Additionally, some free AI upscalers may include watermarks or ads in the final product. It is always best to research and compare options before selecting an AI upscaler for your needs.

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