How To Use Uberduck AI

Written by Adam Morris

Updated August 3, 2023
Uberduck AI homepage

Are you overwhelmed by the many AI integration options available for your business?

Machine learning and AI applications are growing quickly, allowing businesses to adopt them without heavy investments. Uberduck AI allows companies to quickly employ powerful AI applications with minimal effort.

In this article, we’ll discuss the fundamentals of Uberduck AI, show you how to set it up, and explore its powerful features – making it an essential tool for businesses in the modern age.

Everything You Need To Know About Uberduck AI

Uberduck AI is innovating the way music, lyrics, and pictures are created. This sophisticated AI software has earned quick recognition amongst those who want to up their game and craft revolutionary work.

Hand holding phone with video on screen

With Uberduck AI, rappers, and TikTokers have a new asset at their disposal that can fabricate new music, lyrics, and video effects. Originators are no longer limited by their own conceptions and aptitudes since they can now lean on Uberduck AI to lift their work to a higher level.

Uberduck AI utilizes artificial intelligence, including neural voice synthesis, to generate a virtual assistant that is capable of producing up to 150,000 original rap tracks and lyrical videos. Through machine learning algorithms, the technology behind Uberduck AI continually develops and enhances its accuracy as it learns from its errors.

Uberduck AI homepage

Uberduck AI features an easy-to-use interface that enables users to start creating stunning content in no time. This ingenious software boasts unfathomable potential for creators, unlocking boundless possibilities when it comes to content creation.

What is Uberduck AI?

UberDuck AI is an artificial intelligence service that provides users with the opportunity to vocalize text in the voice of a famed personality. You can use the celebrity voices of Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, and fictional characters like Mickey Mouse and Spongebob. This program has even been employed in ads, most notably for GIFs of rappers. Furthermore, it also allows people to use their unique voice if desired.

Uberduck’s AI technology is one of the best in the industry, allowing users to get results quickly and efficiently. Additionally, their Text-to-Speech (TTS) tool offers a multitude of voices for users, though there is still room for advancement.

The unique blend of audio-inspired creativity and AI technology that Uberduck AI offers makes it an ideal choice for those looking to explore creative applications. Its capabilities ensure fast results while delivering distinctive audio experiences.

Furthermore, the Text-to-Speech tool offers a range of voices that can be used to make your social media content even more engaging. Ultimately, Uberduck AI is an impressive and unique software that provides a plethora of features for those wishing to explore creative opportunities.


Uberduck AI is an AI-backed application giving a variety of characteristics to assist users to generate credible voiceovers. It sports a Text To Speech feature that offers a respectable assortment of voices, though more could be included. To use Valorant as an example, the game has almost 15 distinctive personas while Uberduck AI presently features two of them. Hence, they can elevate the number of voices in the program.

Uberduck AI text to speech feature

Furthermore, the app boasts extra features like natural language processing and speech recognition that make it even more effective.

The ImageText to image feature from Uberduck AI enables you to quickly create visuals that match your video or song’s audio. This feature makes it simple and convenient to generate images from text, so you can craft fascinating eye-catching images for your audience. With the help of Uberduck’s AI features, your videos, and music now have the potential to reach professional levels of excellence in both audio and visuals.

How to use Uberduck AI?

To get started, users must first sign up on the website and then select a type of voice they would like to use. This could be a person or character’s name, or any other type of voice they prefer. Once selected, users can type in any text they’d like to convert to speech and hit enter. After a few seconds, the result will be ready for playback with the play button.

Is Uberduck safe to use?  

Although Uberduck might appear secure, you can’t guarantee your safety online. Therefore, it is ill-advised to use your Discord or Gmail ID to log in. This is because Uberduck will request permission to access your Discord server and Gmail account if you attempt to sign up this way.

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For an added layer of security, it is advisable to create a new Uberduck account instead of using existing Discord or Gmail accounts. Doing so will ensure that no one else has access to your personal information and data. Moreover, be sure to craft strong passwords for all online accounts you create; this is important for defending against possible cyberattacks.

Voice Cloning on Uberduck AI?

Creating a recreation of your own voice on Uberduck AI is fairly simple. Initially, you must record around 20 minutes of data in your browser using your unique voice recording flow. This data should be clear and free from extraneous noise for the best results.

If you don’t have access to a microphone or any other recorder, you may also forward previously recorded sound such as from a podcast or livestream. After this data has been compiled, it will be implemented to form an AI-generated twin of your voice that can be used for various objectives like text-to-speech transformation and automated chatbots.

The Uberduck AI platform has some of the top free AI art generators as well. With these tools, users can generate images and videos with recordings they made or from other people. This technology can be used to make custom avatars, animations, and even virtual reality experiences.

If you’re looking for other AI software tools to boost your videos and get more views, you can read about InkForAll AI, ClosersCopy, or Scalenut AI which will help you in writing your Youtube descriptions and Midjourney AI for attractive AI images.

How to Use with TikTok Videos?

Woman capturing a video for social media

Employing Uberduck AI on TikTok is quite straightforward. Initially, users will have to sign in to the official page with either a computer or their phone.

They can leverage either a Gmail, Discord, or account for registration purposes. Next, they can put in the text they would like to be synthesized and pick an actor from the list given by Uberduck AI. Lastly, they can choose “Synthesize” from the menu and wait as their audio clip is generated. If you’re curious whether using AI voices for your Youtube videos are allowed, you can read more of it here in, Are AI Voices Allowed In Youtube?

How to Convert Text to Speech Using Uberduck?

Generating speech from text is an excellent way to make your material more open and attractive. To take advantage of Uberduck AI, simply register with your Gmail, Discord, or account and you are ready.

Once you have logged in, pick out the voice actor of your selection and enter the text you want to be changed into speech. Subsequently, press the synthesize button and behold as your text changes into a sound file with a professional tone from the vocal artist you selected. offers a range of features including customizable pitch, speed, and volume settings so you can get the exact audio output you desire. Plus, you can save any audio files created for future projects or sharing with others.

Uberduck Pricing Plans

Uberduck AI offers diverse pricing packages. The free plan allows people access to voices and the video editor, as well as bandwidth-capped API utilization. For those who require extra features, there is the Creators Plan which starts at $10/month.

Uberduck AI pricing plans

This option gives users unrestricted API accessibility, industrious application voices, and 2,000 Fastlane priority formats per month. Furthermore, creators have the autonomy to make watermark-free videos. For those in need of even more attributes, there is the Clones Plan which starts at $25/month and consists of all the features of the Creators Plan plus additional characteristics.

What Are Some Uberduck AI Alternative?, Read aloud chrome extension,,, and Microsoft text-to-speech are all great choices for transforming your written words into sound files. Every one of these sites features disparate features and capabilities that may be more suitable for your particular needs than homepage

For example, allows customers to personalize the voice they utilize in their recordings while Read aloud chrome extension supplies a more natural sounding vocalization with fewer pauses between words or phrases. In addition, Nuance offers a broad selection of voices and languages while ReadSpeaker has an extensive library of pre-recorded utterances in different tongues along with the ability to construct custom acoustics utilizing their own technology.

Ultimately, Microsoft Text to Speech furnishes an inclusive set of tools for creating high caliber audio recordings from verbalized text with backing for several languages including dialects as well as the capability to customize the velocity and pitch of the generated audio file.


To wrap it up, Uberduck AI is an exquisite app for vocal capabilities. It is user-friendly and straightforward, with quick outcomes that precisely mimic renowned voices from around the globe. The utility also proffers other practical elements such as text-to-speech and speech discovery. The one drawback is that it could include more voices from multiple other widely known series and franchises.

Uberduck AI offers a great choice for those wanting to incorporate voice-based features into their projects or applications. It has a straightforward interface that is both uncomplicated and simple to use, coupled with highly accurate results. This makes it well-suited for creating realistic and expressive voices. Uberduck AI’s extensive capabilities provide a wide range of features, effectively making it suitable for any project needing voice-related functions – thus, its value should not be overlooked!


Can I use Uberduck for free?

Uberduck does have a free plan that allows you to access over 2,000 Uberduck AI voices and a video editor. You just need to sign up with your Google account or Discord account.

Does Uberduck work on mobile?

Unfortunately, Uberduck doesn’t have a mobile app at this time.

How do AI voice generators work?

The use of AI for generating synthetic voices relies on datasets of human speech for training. By utilizing deep learning algorithms, the recorded audio data is analyzed to create a generated voice that matches vocal properties such as intonation, pace, and pitch. Moreover, these AI voices can be customized to imitate various accents, speaking styles, or even emotions.

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