Hyperwrite Review: Best AI Writing Software?

Written by Adam Morris

Updated October 8, 2023

Our rating for Hyperwrite


We give Hyperwrite 4 out of 5 stars.

Hyperwrite is an AI writing assistant that comes with a content creator function, rewriter, and plagiarism checker to streamline the writing process.

Get Hyperwrite for $19.99/month

Many people who are interested in finding ways to save time when writing have taken notice of Hyperwrite, an artificial intelligence writing assistant. This application offers several features to help you write quickly and well.

In this Hyperwrite review, we’ll discuss the platform’s primary features, payment options, and comparisons to competing AI authoring software.

Hyperwrite ai homepage

Hyperwrite has a lot of options so that it can meet the wants of many different users. This system saves time with a content creator, rewrite function, and plagiarism checker.

We’ll explain how the AI works and how to adjust parameters for best results.

To help our readers make an educated selection, we’ll be spending a lot of time in this review contrasting Hyperwrite to other leading AI-powered writing software.

Main Points Hyperwrite AI Review

  • The tools included in Hyperwrite make it easy to create and revise material.
  • Flexible pricing plans accommodate a wide range of user scenarios.

Best Features


As a user of Hyperwrite AI, I find it incredibly easy to generate content with this AI writing tool.

Hyperwrite Ai tools

The interface is simple, and you can choose from several document layouts to start writing.

Because of the AI features, I spend less time writing and get better results in less time.

Editing Capabilities

One feature that stands out to me is the Magic Editor.

This tool helped me make all the necessary changes to polish my work. I find AI-driven suggestions improve my language, style, and readability. I can spend less time reviewing and concentrate on specific issues.

Additionally, Hyperwrite offers long-form editor capabilities in their Ultra Plan, allowing for even more control over content creation.

AI Powered Writing Assistant

I have found Hyperwrite’s AI helper to be quite sophisticated, with useful insights specifically catered to my work.

Hyperwrite ai assistant writer

The AI Speech Writer is a feature that has personally helped me to generate well-structured speeches for various occasions.

With the Starter Plan, I can use a wide range of AI tools, such as HyperChat, which has made it easier for me to take part in talks. The Hyperwrite AI tools have altered my game, especially for creating creative and engaging content.


Free Plan

If you want to give Hyperwrite a try but are hesitant to commit any money, the Free Plan is a fantastic choice.

Although limited in functionality, the Free Plan allows you to explore Hyperwrite’s potential before investing in a paid plan.


Upgrade to the Premium Plan for $19.99 per month for more advanced features.

Hyperwrite AI pricing plans

If you’re a blogger, marketer, or content creator and could benefit from a powerful AI writing assistance, this plan is for you. The AI-generated material can be tailored to your preferences with the Premium Plan’s improved performance and expanded personalization choices.

Ultra Plan

For users who need the best and most comprehensive AI writing tool, the Ultra Plan is the ideal choice. At $44.99 per month, this plan provides the highest level of features and support necessary for professional content generation.

If you’re serious about writing, upgrading to the Ultra Plan and using Hyperwrite to its fullest extent is a wise investment.

In the end, Hyperwrite has different price levels to meet different needs. The Free Plan lets you try the platform. However, the special and Ultra Plans provide tools and assistance to speed up content creation.

You can always upgrade if you find that the plan you first chose doesn’t provide enough features.

Hyperwrite and Other Platforms

Chrome Extension

As a user of Hyperwrite, I appreciate the convenience of their Chrome extension. It allows me to access the AI writing assistant directly within my browser without having to switch between platforms.

Integration with Google Docs

Google Docs compatibility makes Hyperwrite AI great.

Hyperwrite AI google chrome extension

I don’t have to copy and paste between platforms because it works with Google Docs.

This saves time and makes sure I don’t get interrupted while I’m working on making good material.

Linkedin and Medium

Hyperwrite has helped me build my Medium and LinkedIn profile.

Create posts for LinkedIn or Medium with ease thanks to the AI writing assistant’s ability to automatically adjust to the platform-specific formatting and style requirements.

Many AI-powered aspects of Hyperwrite AI make it essential to my writing process.

Hyperwrite’s AI Tools

As a user of Hyperwrite, I’ve found that its AI writing tools help me create high-quality content quickly and easily.

Many AI-powered aspects of Hyperwrite make it essential to my writing process.

Hyperwrite AI personal assistant feature

One of the most powerful AI tools offered by Hyperwrite is Typeahead.

Real-time ideas are provided while I type, helping me to write quickly without breaking the flow of my thoughts. Also, the Autowrite and Rewrite tools work together to refine, simplify, and organize my writing.

I really appreciate Typeaheads since it helps me produce content that is both interesting and educational.

Capitalizing on GPT-3 technology, Typeaheads allow me to generate ideas and create variations on existing text, making my content more diverse and appealing to my audience.

The intelligent writer in Hyperwrite, Autowrite, allows me to tailor the AI’s response to my writing in a variety of ways. This automated writer lets me keep my own voice and writing style by letting me control how much help I get from it.

Overall, Hyperwrite’s cutting-edge AI algorithms have made writing high-quality articles faster and easier.

Comparing Hyperwrite with Alternatives

Hyperwrite vs OthersideAI

Hyperwrite AI and OthersideAI are similar in that they both use AI to improve the writing experience.

While Hyperwrite is focused on streamlining content and providing engaging, tailored output, OthersideAI’s primary strength lies in its ability to generate human-like responses to emails.

Based on my use with OthersideAI, I would recommend it to professionals who mostly need support with email communication.

Hyperwrite vs Copy AI

On the contrary, Copy AI can help you come up with blog posts, ad copy, and social media posts, among other things.

Copy AI homepage

Unlike Hyperwrite, it can handle a greater variety of content generation tasks.

With Copy.AI, I’ve found it beneficial for managing various content-related tasks in one place.

Hyperwrite vs Rytr

Rytr is another alternative to Hyperwrite AI, similar to Writesonic and Jasper AI mentioned in search results.

Rytr AI homepage

From what I’ve seen, Rytr is a good option for businesses that want their content to have a consistent voice and tone throughout all of their marketing materials.

Hyperwrite delivers engaging, tailored content, while OthersideAI is more focused on email communication.

Copy.Rytr users have the ability to generate more specific content with the help of AI.

Other tools like Article Forge AI, Surfer SEO, and Frase might also be considered based on specific needs and requirements.

Before You Go…

According to what I was able to dig out about Hyperwrite, it’s a brand new artificial intelligence writing assistance geared toward streamlining the writing process.

The program has promise since it helps clients write better using cutting-edge AI models like GPT-4 and ChatGPT.

Hyperwrite has customizable pricing for organizations of all sizes and budgets. Free, $19.99 Premium, and $44.99 Ultra plans are available.

As an AI writer, Hyperwrite competes with other popular tools like Jasper AI, and users often compare their features and performance.

Hyperwrite AI use cases

The Research Assistant function is one of Hyperwrite’s strongest points in my opinion. This AI tool summarizes academic papers and articles so readers can comprehend what’s important. Focusing on key data results and concepts does this.

Hyperwrite seems like an excellent tool for authors and academics that wish to save time and use AI-powered writing tools. It’s crucial to weigh the tool’s price and features against your needs and competing AI writing tools.


How does HyperWrite compare to ChatGPT?

HyperWrite and ChatGPT are both AI-based writing tools that can assist users in generating content. However, they differ in terms of language support and features. ChatGPT provides support for multiple languages, while HyperWrite currently offers support for English only. In terms of pricing, HyperWrite offers a more budget-friendly starting plan of $19.99 USD per month, which is lower than the price of some other AI writing tools.

Is HyperWrite’s use restricted in any way?

HyperWrite offers different plans with varying limitations depending on the user’s subscription level. The free plan includes a limited number of content generation features, whereas the premium and ultra plans offer more features and usage capacity to the users.

What are the features of the HyperWrite Extension?

The HyperWrite Chrome extension allows users to benefit from the platform’s features without having to navigate away from their writing environment. With this extension, you can access HyperWrite’s contextually aware inline autocomplete, paragraph generation, and rewriting tools directly from the browser while writing on various platforms. This makes writing easier and reduces program switching, which boosts productivity.

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