Lovo Review: Best TTS Tool?

Written by Adam Morris

Updated October 10, 2023

Our rating for Lovo AI


We give Lovo AI 3 out of 5 stars.

Lovo is a TTS software that uses AI and ML technology to give users natural sounding and customisable voiceovers with over 180 voices in 33 languages.

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Professional content creation tool Lovo employs AI and Text-to-Speech to create high-quality audio and video for commercials, e-learning, training, translation, and other uses.

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Voice creator tools are more important than ever because more and more people in the content creation business are trying out sounds made by AI.

Lovo makes natural voices that save time and energy to address this demand. In this full review, we’ll look at everything about Lovo, including its features, price, ease of use, and how it compares to similar software.

Main Points Love Review

  • Lovo uses both AI and Text-to-Speech tools to make music and video that is good enough for broadcast.
  • Lovo makes voices that sound good and are easy for artists to use.
  • Pricing and packages cater to diverse needs, with free trial options for new users.

Understanding Lovo

As a content creator exploring the world of AI-generated voiceovers, I discovered Lovo, a leading text-to-speech software.

I recently learned that Lovo uses cutting-edge AI to make voiceovers and speech creation that sound natural. Because of this, it can be used in areas like marketing, entertainment, teaching, training, and translation.

Lovo AI genny tool

When it comes to versatility, Lovo doesn’t disappoint.

Because it serves so many different languages and dialects, I can reach a larger public and quickly adapt my services to new markets. Features built into the platform aim to streamline and expedite the content development process.

The voice-copying products made by Lovo are impressive.

This allows users like me to create custom voices that resemble our own or someone else’s recorded voice.

This function can be quite helpful for companies that want to develop brand-specific voices, as well as for people who want to utilize the same tone on all of their online profiles. Lovo is different from other text-to-speech systems because the sounds it makes are of such high quality.

With its AI-powered voice synthesis, Lovo is able to produce lifelike speech that is difficult to distinguish from actual human voices. This allows me to create professional looking video content without the need for hiring voice over artists or investing in expensive recording equipment.

How Lovo Benefits Creators

As a person who makes material, I have found LOVO to be a very useful tool. The platform’s capacity to reduce e-learning asset and movie production costs and turnaround times is a bonus for content developers like me.

With its powerful AI-based text-to-speech engine, LOVO generates human-like voices that can be used to narrate scripts quickly and efficiently.

From explainer videos to audiobooks, LOVO’s extensive library of voices has you covered. Because of this, I can discover the ideal voice for my productions without breaking the bank on professional voice actors.

Lovo AI use cases

The realistic sounds on LOVO make it easy for my viewers to understand and follow what I’m saying, which makes their learning experience much better.

My ability to concentrate on my primary duty as a content developer is much enhanced by using LOVO. If I can save time on voice-over production, I can focus on other parts of my work, which will lead to a better result in the end.

Creators like me save time and money, are more flexible, and simplify communication.

Exploring Lovo’s Voice Generation

As a content creator, I have found that Lovo.ai offers several advantages when it comes to voice generation.

Using technologies like synthetic speech, machine learning algorithms, and artificial intelligence, their technology gives users voiceovers that sound real and can be changed to fit their needs.

Lovo’s ability to cater to users of varying linguistic backgrounds and voice skin tastes is something I find particularly impressive. They have advanced voice cloning technology that lets you make voices that sound completely real.

As a user, the experience of working with Lovo’s voice generation is seamless. With a multitude of voice options, I am able to select the most suitable voice for my project, be it an e-learning module or a podcast narration.

Because the tool is easy to use, anyone can use it, no matter how much scientific knowledge they have. Because of its dedication to authentic voiceovers, Lovo stands out.

As someone who has used other text-to-speech tools, I find that Lovo’s voice generation comes close to replicating the quality of actual voice actors.

Last but not least, anyone who wants to see what Lovo.ai can do for them can sign up for a free plan, making it a cheap choice. People who utilize a lot of data or want more features pay premium rates.


There are four main editions that cover everything from individual users to professionals working on large production projects.

At the most basic level, LOVO offers a plan for $25 per month, which comes with a 25% discount on yearly billing, making it $19 per month. With this package, users get premium voices, the ability to add background music, commercial rights, convert up to 15,000 characters per download, unlimited listening and sharing, and access to all available voices.

Lovo AI pricing plans

LOVO also has more complete packages that are made to fit the needs of business shows and other big projects. More characters per download, more voice options, or the chance to collaborate with voice actors and freelancers are all possibilities with these premium subscriptions.

Productions that call for a more nuanced hand might benefit greatly from having access to voice actors and freelancer plans.

Commercial Usage of Lovo

I, as a content provider, find several commercial applications for Lovo. Text-to-speech audio can be sold on the site to gain money.

Lovo does a great job of making voices that sound like people’s for use in video games. I can simply select the best voice for each character thanks to the library of over 180 voices available in 33 languages. This makes the game feel more real and improves its general quality.

Lovo AI voice library

The voice skins for Lovo are also a great bonus. I am able to better relate to my target demographic with the help of these voice actors. Voice skins let me give my business a style and connect with new customers.

My advertising campaigns have been greatly aided by Lovo’s text-to-speech technology, which is powered by artificial intelligence. I may make engaging audio commercials for use on several channels, such as social media and streaming services, with the help of this platform.

Because of this heightened adaptability, engagement rates for audio ads have improved, and campaigns have been more fruitful than before.

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I like that LOVO puts so much effort into making its features accessible and easy to share as a content maker. Using the platform’s API, developers can quickly and easily integrate AI voice generation into their existing apps. The voice production tools in LOVO can be utilized independently of the platform’s UI, simplifying the development of unique applications.

Sharing voice content generated by AI with other team members is a notable feature of LOVO.

With a free account, I can effortlessly share my text-to-speech creations by generating a shareable link. This makes it easier for me to show my work to coworkers or clients and get feedback, which makes creative projects go faster and makes sure everyone is on the same page.

LOVO’s variety of AI-generated voices and support for 34 languages make it highly accessible for different users and audiences.

Advanced Features

The company’s voice library of over 400 authentic voices in 140 languages and 25 moods sets it apart from direct competitors. I was able to give my writing a more genuine and engaging tone by picking from a wide variety of professional voices.

Not to be beaten, LOVO also has a state-of-the-art voice cloning system that lets customers make their own unique sounds with just a 10-minute recording of the voice they want. When I needed to sound just like someone else, or give something a little something more by using my own voice, this function really came in handy.

Lovo AI voice cloning

Since animations and other forms of multimedia play an important part in enriching material, I found that LOVO’s compatibility with other programs made it simpler for me to produce engaging audiovisual results.

Despite the advanced nature of these features, I found LOVO’s platform to be highly intuitive, allowing me to navigate smoothly and generate high-quality audio with minimal effort.

As a user in need of content for both personal and professional use, the flexibility offered by LOVO was invaluable.

Comparing Lovo with Play.ht

While exploring the world of synthetic speech solutions, I came across two popular options: Lovo and Play.ht. Both systems have tools that make it easy to make voiceovers that sound real, which makes them good options for film and other uses. They are different in important ways.

Play.ht voice generator homepage

Starting with Play.ht, this platform serves small businesses well, according to numerous reviews. In addition, a free trial is available along with paid subscriptions.It’s cheap and easy to use, so it’s great for people who want to make videos but don’t have a lot of money. Play.ht also offers plenty of sounds for different tastes.

Lovo has more than 180 speech sets in 33 languages, giving you options for your project. Because everyone has a different voice, this service can be customized. Lovo also regularly upgrades and adds new voices to its library, so its selection is always evolving.

When comparing technical aspects, the following features can be highlighted:

  • Pricing: Play.ht offers a free trial and starts at 1 user per month, while Lovo’s pricing details were not explicitly mentioned in the search results.
  • Market segments: Both platforms cater to small businesses; approximately 75% of Lovo’s reviews and 78.5% of Play.ht’s reviews come from this segment.
  • Ease of use: Although the available information doesn’t provide a clear comparison, user reviews generally indicate that Play.ht meets their business needs better than Lovo.

In the end, both Lovo and Play.ht have their flaws.

While Lovo excels in providing diverse and dynamic voice options, Play.ht seems to edge out Lovo in user satisfaction and affordability. Which of these two platforms is best for you will come down to your wants and goals.

Technical Aspects of Lovo

LOVO is a web-based SaaS platform that boasts an easy-to-navigate UI. The video editing tools are intuitive and powerful; I had no trouble using them. This helps entertainers of all talent levels.

AI technology allows LOVO make natural-sounding voices, a major strength. It was surprising how many sounds there were for different languages, accents, and tones. Text-to-speech lets the platform make high-quality ads, e-learning, training, translation, and marketing materials.

Lovo AI user reviews

Sound effects for use in both audio and video productions are also available on LOVO. Also, because LOVO works with many different file formats, it is easy to import and export many music and video formats.

Lastly, content makers who want to save time, have options, and get great sound quality should use LOVO. Being web-based SaaS, having easy-to-use video editing capabilities, AI-generated voices that sound natural, a range of sound effects, and compatibility for numerous file formats make it helpful.

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How does LOVO AI compare to its competitors?

I’ve found that LOVO AI stands out among its competitors due to its impressive library of over 400 human-like emotional voices in more than 140 languages. While some users have noted a slight robotic tone, many people find it difficult to differentiate LOVO voices from real human voice. In comparison to other text-to-speech tools, LOVO’s voices are often considered more realistic, and the control over emphasizing words is better.

How user-friendly is LOVO’s text-to-speech interface?

The LOVO text-to-speech interface is straightforward, in my opinion. The use of natural language processing on the platform makes it easy to type in text and quickly hear the results in high quality audio. The video dubbing tools of LOVO have also changed the way content is made.

What customization options are available for AI voices?

With LOVO, you may modify artificially intelligent voices in a variety of ways to create unique recordings. There are many voices with varied tones and styles. In addition, the AI-generated voice may be tailored to your own preferences by adjusting its pitch, volume, and speaking speed with the use of granular audio control. There is no limit to what may be accomplished in the fields of marketing, advertising, e-learning, training, and localization thanks to this granular level of customisation.

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