Namelix Review: The Best Free Business Name Generator?

Written by Adam Morris

Updated September 25, 2023

Our rating for Namelix


We give Namelix 3 out of 5 stars.

Namelix is a free user-friendly tool that uses AI and ML to quickly generate creative business names, help with domain availability, and create logos.

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Namelix is a free tool that business owners can use to think of unique names for their companies. It has a lot of great features, and people have said good things about it.

With a reputation for favorable user experiences, Namelix has been hailed as one of the top business name generators available today.

Namelix homepage

Before making a choice, think about how well Namelix has done, how customers feel about it, and what other choices you have.

This review will go through these features as well as Namelix’s AI capabilities.

Namelix Review: Main Points

  • Namelix uses artificial intelligence to come up with unique names for businesses.
  • User experiences indicate a reliable reputation for Namelix as a top business name generator in 2023.
  • Before committing to Namelix, one must carefully weigh its performance, customer feedback, and alternative options in the market.

Namelix AI Notable Features

Namelix uses AI and ML to quickly come up with creative business names that people will remember. This saves business owners time and gives them new ideas. Its smart learning algorithm adapts and provides better recommendations as I save names I like.

Logo Design 

One of the features I appreciate in Namelix is the option to design and customize logos to suit my brand image.

Namelix logo maker

Because there were so many ways to customize the tool, it was easy for me to make a mark that was both professional and suited to my chosen name.

Choosing A Domain 

Namelix doesn’t just help me come up with a catchy name; it also checks for domain availability. The software checks if the suggested names are available as domain names with the extensions I provide. This helps me secure an online presence for my business right from the start without any hassle.

User Friendly

Namelix is easy to use with its user-friendly interface. The minimalist layout makes adding individual names a breeze. I can effortlessly filter results by keyword, domain extension, and name length, making the process of finding the perfect name for my business efficient and enjoyable.

Understanding the Naming Process with Namelix

Keyword and Industry Preferences

Namelix input keywords

When using Namelix for creating a business name, the first step in the naming process involves specifying your preferences and industry type. I begin by entering specific keywords that best represent my business values, industry, or products and services offered. The inclusion of this term allows Namelix to produce more sector-specific brand names.

Name Generation and Recommendations

Once I have entered my preferred keywords and selected my industry type, Namelix’s AI algorithm gets to work in generating unique, catchy, and brandable name ideas.

Name availability, domain name choices, SEO suggestion, and the meaning of the names are only some of the factors that are considered by the machine learning-powered algorithm. It ensures that the proposed names are one-of-a-kind concepts that will stand out from the crowd and stick in the minds of the intended consumers.

Additionally, Namelix allows for filtering of results based on name length, branding style, and other preferences. This further narrows down the list, ensuring that the final selection is better suited to my business needs.

Finalizing the Perfect Name

After going through the generated name suggestions, I take my time reviewing the options and gauging their suitability for my business. At this stage, feedback from potential customers or colleagues might be valuable, as it allows for an unbiased opinion on the name ideas and their potential impact on the target audience.

Namelix style options

Once I’ve gathered feedback and considered the various aspects, such as branding potential and domain availability, I am ready to finalize and select the perfect name for my business.

Namelix’s Performance and Customer Feedback

Customer reviews for Namelix have been quite favorable. For instance, the tool has a 4.9/5 rating from the reviews submitted on Product Hunt.

The business name generator powered by AI is quite efficient, coming up with original and memorable names.

What Users Say

As for the customer impressions and experiences, the reviews indicate how users appreciate the diversity of the names generated by Namelix. Users find the process easy and get catchy, brandable business names. 

Many customers value the seamless integration with, making logo creation an easy accomplice to the name generation process. Namelix’s AI takes into account user feedback to fine-tune its suggestions.

Comparing Namelix with its competitors, it stands out due to its advanced AI capabilities.

Namelix stands out among other name generators like NameSnack and Looka due to its unique approach and wide range of business name options.

My assessment of Namelix as an AI-powered business name generator is generally favorable.

Ins and Outs

As with any business name generator, there are pros and cons to consider when using Namelix. On the plus side, Namelix has a unique AI-powered method for creating catchy and brandable names.

This allows them to provide more distinctive names than traditional generators that rely on simple combinations of dictionary words. In addition, Namelix works with to provide customers with tools for creating logos that are both functional and visually appealing.

How Namelix generate names

However, there are some limitations with Namelix as well. As AI-generated names might not always resonate with your target audience or accurately represent your business, it’s essential to thoroughly research your industry and competition before committing to a name generated by Namelix.

Regardless of the name generator you use, ultimately, the responsibility of selecting an appropriate and fitting name for your business lies with you.


In terms of pricing, Namelix offers flexible pricing options for domain name registration with popular providers like and GoDaddy.

The affordability of these providers will enable you to secure your preferred domain name without breaking the bank.

Just because something is cheap doesn’t mean it’s low-quality. A company’s long-term performance, brand recognition, and customer confidence are all dependent on its name.

When using Namelix for business names and logos, consider the pros and cons, align it with your needs and budget, and conduct research for a strong brand identity that resonates with your audience.

Comparisons and Alternatives to Namelix

Namelix vs

In search of a catchy business name, I came across both Namelix and Both programs can help you think of catchy business names and offer logo design services. Professional and relevant brand names paired with domain name availability are essential for businesses to create a strong online presence.

Namelix logo maker

While Namelix uses AI technology to generate unique and brandable names, also focuses on the same goal but offers additional features, such as a logo creation using AI algorithms. Although both tools provide domain names and branding services, seems to be more comprehensive in its offerings.

When I compared the filter results of both tools, I found that offers better granularity with its filters. For example, it lets you choose domain extensions and industry categories, whereas Namelix only provides a few basic filters. This gives people more leeway in choosing the best possible name for their projects.

Namelix as an Affiliate Site

Namelix’s potential as an affiliate site was one of its most appealing aspects to me. For those who aren’t familiar, an affiliate site generates income by promoting products or services. When a user follows the link to a product (such as domain names) and makes a purchase, the affiliate site earns a commission.

Namelix is a naming generator that works with several different TLDs. Because of this, it can be a good fit for affiliate programs that focus on selling domain names. Namelix provides a beneficial service to its customers and generates income through affiliate marketing by displaying a list of available domain names next to each produced business name.

Namelix branding names

Namelix and both have strengths and weaknesses for generating catchy business names and services. When considering your options, Namelix is an excellent one due to its low learning curve and the possibility of affiliate commissions.

However, users who need more comprehensive branding services and features may find to be a better fit for their needs.

Before You Go…

Namelix is, in my view, the best tool for coming up with new and original company names. The software works well and is easy to use, which makes it great for coming up with new ideas and starting a business. Namelix is a great choice when you’re looking at your options because it’s easy to learn and you can get affiliate income.

The filtering tool is another helpful function because it lets you set criteria that the generated names must meet to be acceptable.

The memorability of these names is another key aspect that I have noticed.

Namelix uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to come up with unique brand names that help products stand out and make an impact on customers. In conclusion, Namelix is a great place to get ideas for names for businesses.

It’s absolutely free for businesses of any size, customisable, and provides distinctive suggestions.

Remember, knowledge is the key to making informed decisions. Whether you’re searching for AI software to enhance your business operations, or streamline your creative projects, our Tools Review page is the key to discovering the right solutions. Explore software including Jasper, Deepswap AI, Cushion AI, Topaz Sharpen, and more.


How effective is Namelix at coming up with unique names for businesses?

I have found that Namelix is quite effective in generating unique company names.
Based on the user’s input, the AI system will come up with a wide range of creative name options.
However, the generated names’ uniqueness might depend on the choice of keywords and the name styles selected.

How do people feel about Namelix?

Users have had mostly positive experiences with Namelix, as the platform is easy to use and 100% free. However, some users have reported small inconveniences, such as not being able to use the Enter key to generate new results after inputting keywords. Overall, Namelix is a helpful tool that a lot of people have used to find names for their businesses.

Is there any restriction to utilizing Namelix for business?

Although Namelix offers a wide variety of name generation options, it does have some limitations. One of the primary limitations is that domain search and registration is done through an affiliate site, which can be an extra step for users. Additionally, the scope of a name generated by Namelix depends on the user-input keywords and selected name styles, so the results might not always be perfect for every user’s needs.

What are the differences between Namelix and other business name generators?

Namelix is known for using AI to come up with unique and easy-to-remember business names. While other business name generators might use simpler algorithms, Namelix offers a more advanced approach to generating names based on user-input keywords and name style preferences.

Can you create a custom logo with Namelix?

Namelix itself does not offer a custom logo creation feature. However, it does have a logo generation component that provides you with logo suggestions based on the generated business names. Although these logo options could be helpful, you may find that you need more resources or creative services in order to develop a truly distinctive brand.

Is Namelix 100% free?

Namelix is 100% free to use for generating business names. Domain name registration and certain other tools, however, do cost money. The costs associated with those services depend on the specific provider. However, using the Namelix business name generator itself does not involve any hidden costs.

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