Otter AI Review

Written by Adam Morris

Updated August 30, 2023

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We give Otter AI 4 out of 5 stars. is a revolutionary AI-powered transcription service that can quickly transcribe voice conversations, audio files, and even in real time.

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Are you tired of spending hours transcribing voice conversations manually? Do you want to find out if there’s a more efficient way to get the job done? It’s time to consider is a web-based app that uses advanced artificial intelligence to transcribe audio file into written text in real-time. This innovative tool has gained popularity among journalists, researchers, students, and business professionals who need to transcribe interviews, meetings, podcasts, and webinars.

Otter AI homepage

In this Otter review, we will assess the features, accuracy, pricing, and ease of use of this software. We can assist you in determining whether is suitable for your needs, regardless of whether you are a freelance writer, content creator, or business owner.

Otter AI Review: What is is a revolutionary AI-powered automatic transcription service that can quickly transcribe voice conversations into digital text. This technology accurately captures all the details of conversations with built-in speaker identification.

Not only does this speed up the process of note-taking for meetings, but it also eliminates manual effort altogether. By using noise filtering and natural language processing technology, Otter can accurately and reliably transcribe speech in multiple languages.

Otter AI's real time transcription

In 2022, became even more powerful when upgraded its Business and Enterprise account users to include new features specifically designed for improved meeting management.

With a variety of cross-platform options like web, Chrome extension, iOS and Android apps, users have been able to quickly set up virtual meetings without ever having experienced any technical glitches or hiccups in the system’s functionality. Moreover, Otter’s free to custom pricing plans makes it available to companies of all sizes while still offering superior quality transcription services.

How Otter Works

Otter is a cutting-edge transcription technology powered by AI natural language processing algorithms. Through this innovative technology, Otter can instantly transcribe speech in real time and detect who is speaking. It can learn to recognize your voice so that it always tags your name within the transcript.

Otter AI search previous recordings through keyword search

Furthermore, Otter has been programmed to detect and ignore any filler words like “um” or “uh” so they never appear in a transcript. To create your own unique voiceprint, you must go into Account settings from the home screen of the web version of the app and click your name, then access My voiceprint.

Overall, Otter is an incredibly efficient tool that enables people to quickly caption lectures, interviews, meetings – anything really! – with unparalleled accuracy and speed. With every advancement in artificial intelligence technology, it continues to improve its capabilities and performance ratings until it becomes even more of a game changer for anyone looking to capture audio recording quickly and accurately for streamlined captions for their use or publication.

Otter: Setup

Setting up an Otter account is easy and fast. To register on the website, use your login credentials from Apple, Google, or Microsoft, or fill in some basic information to create a new account. If you’re on a smartphone, download the app from the Android Play Store or Apple App Store. On desktop devices, just log in and start using the platform’s web interface.

Otter AI Android and iOS app

The company provides an outstanding getting started guide if you run into issues when setting up your Otter account. It offers detailed instructions on how to complete the registration process and access all of its features without any hassles. The guide also includes tips and tricks for navigating through the web service fluently. With this guide at hand, a new user should be able to get started with Otter in no time!

Otter Review: Interface

The user interface of Otter offers an excellent experience for users conducting interviews and recording conversations. Everything from the simplicity of its record button to the comprehensive navigation menu on the left allow users to quickly produce recordings and access them afterwards.

Additionally, Otter’s main dashboard provides a tutorial which guides users on how to effectively use the service while also showcasing frequently asked questions about the program itself. The record button is located at the bottom of every page while users can easily get access to past recordings through their navigation menu.

What makes this tool even more useful is its ability to search specific conversations using its built-in search bar and create private groups for files which need to be shared with others. This all adds up to convenient data organization which makes it simple for anyone wanting to use Otter’s services across multiple different platforms.

Otter Review: Features

Otter is a revolutionary transcription services app that is designed to make transcription faster and more accurate. It combines artificial intelligence (AI) with human-generated transcripts to provide users with highly accurate transcriptions, allowing them to tackle longer tasks in less time. Otter has some good features that make it stand apart from other transcription services.

Live Transcription Services

For starters, Otter provides live transcription of a speaker’s words as they are said. This feature allows users to speed up their workflow by quickly taking notes while the speaker speaks and focusing on what the speaker is saying rather than manually typing it all out later. Additionally, Otter’s AI algorithms can detect speech patterns such as emphasis, pauses, and names to ensure that the outputted transcripts are accurate.

Otter AI's real time summary

They also offer keyword search capabilities so you can quickly locate specific points in a recording. Finally, for extra accuracy and scalability, you can upload your audio files directly into Otter or share recordings with other users for collaborative transcription projects. With all this in mind, it’s clear why so many people are using Otter as their go-to transcription service!

Speech Recognition Technology’s transcription feature is the highlight of its product offering. The company has spent years perfecting its speech recognition technology in order to optimise it for maximum efficiency. The biggest downside is that Otter only supports English language transcription at this time.

Otter AI autopilot feature

It allows users to create audio and textual records from meetings and virtual events, audio files, in-app private voice recordings, direct or group messages. Each file created is saved in both audio and textual formats for editing, commentating, and for inviting other people to view or collaborate with them as needed.

Transcribe Imported Audio Recording And Video Files

Otter can take any audio or video file you have and quickly transcribe it into text. Otter supports a wide variety of file formats, such as AAC, M4A, WMA, MPEG, WMV, Mp3, WAV, MOV, and MP4 files. All the user needs to do is upload the relevant file, and the software will automatically start processing in the background. This makes it simple to both quickly access saved audio notes or videos as well as review material from seminars or podcasts.

Transcribe audio and video files with Otter AI

When transcribing imported audio or video files with Otter, users also have access to a range of other features that may be useful when reviewing materials. With its interactive timeline view feature users can scroll through the full transcript while playing back the audio content. It also offers smart search capabilities which allow them to quickly find precisely what they are looking for in a large body of text by simply typing a keyword in the search bar.

Custom Vocabulary

Custom Vocabulary is an incredibly useful feature that allows users of the Otter voice recognition app to add unique terms and words to their transcription settings. This allows for Otter to accurately transcribe industry specific terminology or company-specific jargon instead of misinterpreting them for something else.

With the new updates on the pricing structure, Free plan subscribers can now add 5 custom vocabulary while Pro plan subscribers can opt to add up to 100 names and 100 other terms altogether. This makes it easier for businesses and individuals to ensure that everything they’re saying is being transcribed clearly and accurately for their projects or treatments.

Otter: Performance

Otter is an incredibly effective and efficient voice to text program, boasting fast and accurate transcriptions with very little waiting time. While there can be issues when multiple people are speaking simultaneously, that tends to be expected for this type of software.

Otter AI automated slide capture

Furthermore, Otter’s suite of extra tools make transcription even more swift and effortless – the streamlined editing process ensures quick adjustments with minimal fuss, and the ability to upload existing audio or video files with minimal set-up creates further ease and convenience.

All in all, Otter is reliable in terms of speed and accuracy while providing seamless integration for various types of file processing. The overall experience is quite enjoyable and allows users to get their transcription jobs done quickly without compromising quality.

Otter Review: Accuracy

Otter AI’s transcription is fairly accurate when it comes to transcribing audio and video. However, for more complex conversations with a variety of speakers using unique words and phrases, Otter AI does an even better job.

With its powerful keyword recognition feature, Otter AI can easily recognize words that you use often regardless of accents or pronunciation mistakes. This amazing feature allows for a very accurate transcription even in difficult conversations. Furthermore, Otter AI allows you to edit any mistakes you find from the automated transcript by simply selecting a portion of text and making corrections.

You can also create custom vocabulary words to further improve accuracy by teaching Otter AI about the specific vernacular used in your conversations. These features make Otter AI’s transcription almost always spot on and are hugely useful if you need incredibly accurate transcripts.

Otter Web App

Otter’s web interface is designed to provide users with a convenient and straightforward way to keep track of their recordings. With an intuitive yet minimalistic dark blue and white color scheme, the left panel of the web interface contains five links: Home, My Agenda, My Conversations, Shared with Me, and Apps.

Otter AI customizable vocabulary for personal use

By connecting to your calendar events directly through My Agenda, you can easily create recordings for any Google Meet or other video calls by using the Otter Chrome Extension or the Otter Assistant for Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Under My Conversations are where all recordings reside; selecting a file would open it up and allow you to edit the transcript accordingly. Additionally, you can also quickly access specific parts of audio recordings by searching for keywords or organize conversations if they decide to store them. This added searchability creates a more efficient experience when revising an old audio file as well as conveniently sharing recent ones with your peers.

Otter On Mobile Devices

The Otter AI mobile app is an incredibly powerful tool for anyone on the go who wants to record conversations or ideas. It allows you to upload audio and video files, as well as start voice notes by simply clicking the recording button.

Aside from content creators, there are countless applications for the Otter AI mobile app. Whether you’re attending a meeting or lecture, catching up with friends over a video call, or just talking to someone on the phone, this powerful tool allows you to transcribe your conversation in real-time or later when it’s convenient for you.

There’s no limit to what you can do with this app – but whatever you use it for, rest assured that everything will be quickly saved directly into your account without any extra effort involved.

Otter Review: Security

Otter’s data security features help users feel more secure about their information. They ensure that customer’s work is safe and secure by using AWS S3 storage and enabling AWS SSE (Server Side Encryption). This means that the company’s servers encrypt all stored data with a key that only the user knows.

Additionally, the company has policies to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to any data or information. Furthermore, Otter also offers its customers additional layers of security such as two-factor authentication for added protection.

Otter AI security features

The safety of your documents is of the utmost importance to them so they also employ rigorous program tests for their software services on an ongoing basis. To ensure there are no security breaches, they automate testing and regularly audit their servers with industry-leading algorithms to check for vulnerabilities in their system.

In addition, their practice includes threat-intelligence scanning so that any unusual activity can be flagged immediately before becoming a cause for concern. Ultimately, given these extensive security protocols it’s easy to trust Otter transcription software with your data.

Otter Review: Pricing

Otter has designed its pricing plans to meet the needs of individuals, teams, and organizations. For individuals, there is the free plan that includes basic recording and transcription functions. If you need more features, then you can upgrade to a Pro plan for $16.99 per month (originally $12.99).

The Pro plan gives users access to audio analysis features like speaker recognition technology that automatically knows who is speaking in a recorded meeting or conversation and advanced search options for easy access to specific moments in a recording.

Otter AI pricing

For teams and organizations, Otter offers two plans: Business and Enterprise. The Business plan gives teams access to Otter assistant and collaboration features at an affordable cost of $30/month/user while the Enterprise plan requires contact with the company for a custom quotation tailored to your team’s needs.

Both plans come with unlimited file storage and automatic transcription so conversations can be examined without having to download and review long audio files manually – saving teams time in their workflow processes.

Otter: Support

For those looking for support with Otter, the best option is to submit an online ticket. Through the contact page, queries can be sent and any further conversation regarding these issues will be completed via email. Note that paying subscribers have access to priority support, helping them to find solutions faster than most users.

Otter AI customer support and help center

In addition to submitting tickets for help, users can also check out Otter’s comprehensive FAQ section and quick start guide. The FAQ page contains answers to a wide range of popular questions and is particularly useful when first using the program.

The quick start guide provides clear documentation about each of the programs features, allowing new users to become familiar with them quickly. Together, these resources offer a complete toolkit of support options on top of that provided by ticket submission.

Who is Made For? is a great app designed for people with busy schedules and for those who need an extra helping hand with transcription and note-taking. It’s especially well-suited for business professionals in meetings, as well as students and lecturers in class or workshops. makes it so much easier to keep track of important conversations and information quickly by transcribing the audio into text. With the automated transcript immediately available, users can easily review what was said in real time without having to take down notes manually which saves them plenty of time, energy, and effort.

Who should use Otter AI

Furthermore, this application is built with several impressive features that improves its overall usability and boosts productivity levels. These include embedded concerns timing within the text transcript, keyword search through the text transcripts, collaboration mode facilities between multiple parties, access to rich data grouped by dates or topics, automatic summary creation after a meeting recording session ends, plus integration options with web conferencing services like Zoom or Skype.

Whether you are a professional in meetings with clients or participating in educational lectures or classes, would be a great tool even for occasional users due to its excellent benefits at good value pricing options.


Otter is a powerful speech-to-text and AI transcription tool that has a lot of potential for making meetings, lectures, and interviews much easier to understand. The applications doesn’t just stop with transcriptions either – Otter now has a Chrome extension which allows users to automatically transcribe and caption audio recordings quickly and easily. This makes it easy to sift through and understand important conversations, helping to inform decisions or serve as a reference if needed.

Otter AI integrations

Recently, Otter has taken its technology even further by integrating with solutions like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. This allows users to simply upload recordings of meetings or conversations they’ve had over these platforms which can then be quickly and accurately transcribed by the AI technology within Otter.

It supports both recorded video calls as well as live calls at the same time, giving users complete flexibility when transitioning between methods of conferencing or conversing with coworkers or clients. Otter’s integrations with popular communication solutions are incredibly useful for business owners who rely on accurate transcriptions from their meetings in order to stay organized and informed. Review: Pros and cons is a popular transcription software that converts audio and voice recordings into text files with accuracy and speed. It runs on multiple platforms including web browsers and mobile devices.

The software also has many advanced features such as transcription editing, collaboration tools, and the ability to transcribe both recorded files and live meetings. As an added bonus, Otter offers a free trial plan for users who want to try out the service before investing in it.

On the downside, Otter does not have good accuracy when dealing with complex audio tests. Also, it is not always good at identifying the end of a sentence which can cause problems in terms of formatting the resulting document properly.

Additionally, Otter is only available for English (both UK and USA). Furthermore, its pricing structure is a bit more expensive than other transcription apps on the market which may prevent cost-conscious users from considering this option.

Final Verdict on Review

Overall, is a great choice for transcription needs in everyday life. It is faster and more accessible than manual services and the user interface is straightforward enough to use without any difficulty.

However, if you depend on 100% accuracy in your transcripts then a human transcriptionist is necessary as there may be imperfections in reception that can only be fixed through manual editing. This means that if you need perfect accuracy then using Otter won’t satisfy your particular requirements completely.

In conclusion, though not perfect, Otter can do a lot of the transcription work for us with its intelligent AI algorithms; it just needs a bit more help (mostly in terms of editing) from humans in certain situations.

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