Photoroom Review: The Best AI Powered Photo Editor?

Written by Adam Morris

Updated September 30, 2023

Our rating for PhotoRoom


We give PhotoRoom 5 out of 5 stars.

PhotoRoom is an all-in-one image editing app that uses AI tools such as background removal, magic retouch, batch editing, object detection, and more.

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As someone who uses many different photo editing programs, I was interested to learn about PhotoRoom, an AI-powered program that has gotten a lot of praise for how easy it is to remove backgrounds from pictures and how well it does it. I’d like to tell you what I think about PhotoRoom, which I’ve been using a lot lately.

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I looked into the app’s features, like its “magic edit” tool and how fast I could get rid of things in photos I didn’t want. I was also able to try out the PhotoRoom Pro version and see how well it worked with different devices and how good the customer service was.

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PhotoRoom AI Photo Editor: Key Points

  • AI-powered background removal and object retouching are just two of PhotoRoom’s robust editing features.
  • The enhanced editing capabilities of the Pro version come from its expanded set of features.
  • The PhotoRoom user experience is all about compatibility, customer service, and the community.

Overview of PhotoRoom

As someone who likes to edit photos, I’ve seen a lot of apps that claim to have skilled editing tools. But PhotoRoom has stood out as an all-in-one app that can be used for many different kinds of shooting.

At its core, PhotoRoom is an AI-powered app for editing pictures. This AI-powered technology makes it easy for me to take, edit, and mix pictures by separating different parts of a picture. One of the best things about PhotoRoom is that it can change the background to a beautiful picture in an instant.

Photoroom software tools

Since I began using PhotoRoom, it quickly became one of my top daily-use apps. PhotoRoom caught my eye because of how clean and easy to use it is.

Using the app’s wide selection of themes and background styles, you can easily create gorgeous photographs with only a few taps.

The program has attracted a broad user base because to its useful features and user-friendliness. On JustUseApp, PhotoRoom has an average review of 4.8/5, a safety score of 39.4/100, and a legitimacy score of 100/100.

In a nutshell, PhotoRoom is a highly functional program that benefits photographers of all experience levels.

Its AI-powered technology speeds up the editing process, and its many tools and styles make it easy to make stand out content.

Best Features and Tools of PhotoRoom

Background Removal

The tool to get rid of the background is one of PhotoRoom’s best features. This tool has helped me a lot when I’m making pictures of products because it quickly and correctly gets rid of photos’ unwanted backgrounds. This makes it simple for me to show off my goods in a professional way.

Magic Retouch

With Magic Retouch, I can improve my photos by adding frames and effects that make them look better right away. This handy tool helps me improve my photos without needing to know a lot about editing. I can change the color or get rid of unwanted details.

Photoroom magic touch tool

Instant Backgrounds

With the Instant Backgrounds feature, I can quickly change the background of my photos to one of several already-made backgrounds. I have a lot of options since they vary from patterns and gradients to plain colors. When I update my product images or try out new designs, this function saves me a lot of time and work.

Batch Editing

When I need to get a lot of editing done quickly, batch editing is one of my go-to strategies. It lets me make the same changes to multiple images at once, saving me time and making sure that all of my product photos look the same. From resizing to applying filters, the Batch Editing feature is a major timesaver.

White Background Swap

One of my favorite features of PhotoRoom is the White Background Swap tool. This option allows me to easily replace the existing background of my images with a clean, white background – perfect for online marketplaces and social media. Beyond just white backgrounds, I can also choose from other solid colors if desired.

Auto Object Detection

The Auto Object Detection feature in PhotoRoom accurately identifies and selects the main objects in my images. Thanks to this technology, I can easily edit my photographs to improve the appearance and feel of my product shots with no effort on my side.

Photoroom object AI eraser tool

PhotoRoom Pro Version

Cost and Free Trial

As a user of PhotoRoom, I appreciate the availability of both a free version and the more advanced PhotoRoom Pro option. Even though the free version only has a few features, it still works well for editing.

However, when I found myself in need of more advanced capabilities, I opted for the PhotoRoom Pro version, which unlocks a range of premium features for a monthly or annual fee.

Before committing to a subscription plan, I was happy to discover PhotoRoom Pro offers a free trial. This let me try out the more advanced tools without having to immediately pay for a subscription. The free trial allowed me to experience firsthand the benefits of the pro version and ultimately informed my decision to subscribe.


When choosing a subscription plan, I decided to opt for the annual option. Doing so provided me with a discount compared to paying on a monthly basis, translating to long-term savings. I liked this pick since it showed the company’s dedication to affordable and practical choices.

Photoroom batch editing tool

In conclusion, PhotoRoom Pro’s extra features helped me improve my photos even more than the free version. Having a free trial and the option to choose between monthly and annual subscriptions helped me pick the best plan for my requirements.

PhotoRoom App for iOS

As someone who has used PhotoRoom, I can say with certainty that it is a flexible app for editing photos that works well on different devices. To begin, it is accessible through the iPhone and the iPad by way of the Apple App Store. Only iOS 11.0 or later can fully use the app’s features.

PhotoRoom’s intuitive layout makes it a breeze to use on a portable device. Because the touch controls are easy to use, editing and customizing pictures is a breeze. Magic Retouch, for example, allows me to remove unwanted objects with just a swipe of my finger.

Photoroom mobile app

Unfortunately, PhotoRoom does not currently have a dedicated web app. However, the compatibility with mobile devices is robust, catering well to users who prefer photo editing on the go.

It’s free, it’s simple to use, and you can download it right now. The availability of an easy download, and compatibility with the latest iOS, ensures smooth operation and caters to a wide range of users. Although it lacks a dedicated web app, its mobile performance remains reliable and efficient.

Help & Support

I heard different things about PhotoRoom’s customer service. While some users are satisfied with their prompt assistance and problem-solving skills, others have faced issues like delayed responses or lack of communication.

For instance, a recent user on Trustpilot mentioned that they did not receive any reply from the customer service team for over a week, resulting in frustration and eventually canceling their free trial.

In terms of community, PhotoRoom seems to have an active one, especially on platforms like Product Hunt. The overall rating for the app on Product Hunt stands at 4.77 out of 5, based on 76 actual user reviews.

Photoroom help center

The average rating over the past few months has been 3.6 out of 5, with some users giving it 5 stars and others giving it fewer stars. Positive feedback includes praises for its quick background removal and wide range of features, while the negatives touch upon aspects needing improvement.

PhotoRoom has a thorough help section with tutorials, FAQs, and account purchase and management information. Overall, while some issues with customer service may need improvement, the active community and available resources contribute positively to PhotoRoom’s image.

Before You Go…

As I explored PhotoRoom, I was pleasantly surprised by how much it relied on AI. Photographers, businesspeople, influencers, and artists who value efficiency and accuracy in their picture editing will find this an invaluable resource.

Having an easy way to remove unwanted photos speeds up and enhances many commonplace activities.

I also discovered that the program has various customisation choices, making it suited for many people. For anyone aiming to edit numerous images in a few seconds and produce professional-quality designs, PhotoRoom is a reliable choice.

Photoroom customer reviews

For those concerned about safety and legitimacy scores, I found that PhotoRoom holds a 4.8/5 rating and has a 100/100 legitimacy score, ensuring that this application is secure and trustworthy.

Last but not least, I like how PhotoRoom’s user-friendly interface and rich media collection enhance my workflow. The sophisticated AI technology and feature-rich platform make it a breeze to edit photos.

Based on what I’ve found, I agree that PhotoRoom is worth looking into if you want a powerful picture editing program that lets you get results quickly and easily.

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Is PhotoRoom free to use?

Yes, PhotoRoom offers a free version with limited features. However, to access more advanced features and functionalities, you can opt for their paid plans. The pricing and plan details can be found on their official website. Compare the benefits and choose the plan that fits your needs the best.

Can I access PhotoRoom on a PC?

I can confirm that PhotoRoom is available on both desktop and mobile platforms. You can use PhotoRoom on your PC by visiting their web-based platform or downloading their desktop application. You can also use PhotoRoom on your phone by getting their app for iOS or Android.

How does the AI in PhotoRoom work?

PhotoRoom’s AI technology works by automatically detecting and separating the subject of the photo from its background. Machine learning and advanced algorithms make this a reality. Artificial intelligence is designed to provide instant and precise results, allowing you to spend less time perfecting each photo.

What are alternatives to PhotoRoom?

If you don’t want to use PhotoRoom, you can choose from a few other programs. Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Fotor, and GIMP are all well-known options. 

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