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Written by Adam Morris

Updated September 8, 2023

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Seamless.AI is a real-time contact search engine that helps users find decision makers and their contact information quickly and efficiently.

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With the growing adoption of AI technology by companies worldwide, it’s crucial to comprehend how it can be utilized effectively for the benefit of individuals and society. However, choosing the right AI products for investment can be challenging.

AI is being applied in various fields, from healthcare to finance to marketing. To help you navigate the world of AI, we’ve reviewed, a platform that uses AI for lead generation, provide sales and marketing intelligence to businesses.

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This article will review Seamless AI, covering its functionality, features, advantages, and limitations. Additionally, we will compare it to other AI-based solutions and provide our opinion on whether it is worth using. Let’s proceed with our Seamless AI review to assess if it meets its reputation.

Seamless AI Review: What is

The purpose of Seamless AI is to transform the marketing and sales process for businesses using AI technology. Seamless.AI is a real-time contact search engine that helps users find decision makers and their contact information quickly and efficiently.

Seamless AI ROI

With its integrated machine learning and natural language processing technology, this platform provides accurate and up-to-date contact info about prospects and customers multiple times. can filter out relevant data from a large customer or prospect database rapidly; even more conveniently, it can enrich existing customer data with additional details such as contact information, job changes, or company information. This feature is especially ideal for businesses with incomplete or obsolete data that need an extra boost to get their customer profiles in order.

Seamless AI sales prospect software

Furthermore, also offers comprehensive features like lead generation for connecting to potential customers more efficiently, sales intelligence for understanding sales process and customer behavior in greater detail, account-based marketing capabilities to target contacts from high value accounts – all of which helps improve your team and business’ outreach efforts significantly.

In short, is the must-have tool for any enterprise aiming at staying ahead of the curve in today’s competitive market landscape. For Sales Professionals

Sales professionals are always on the lookout for the best clients to work with and identifying and securing key contacts within those organizations. Keeping up to date information of prospective customers is a tedious task in itself, however, Seamless has made it incredibly easy to locate such vital information.

Seamless AI buyer intent data

Seamless helps SDR’s easily search for high quality leads from different online sources and automate their customer data entry into Salesforce quickly and accurately. The software captures relevant customer data such as name, company, title, email address etc across various digital platforms into one centralized repository that can be accessed directly from Salesforce by sales reps.

The time-saving for SDR’s and sales reps due to this automation is highly beneficial and efficient; allowing teams to execute outreach campaigns more smoothly with less manual effort spent making sure contact information entered into Salesforce is accurate. Seamless is fantastic for addressing data problems facing SDR’s while they prospect for deals in the ever growing digital world. Customer Success Manager Must Have Tool

A use case for this could be useful when businesses are looking to target potential customers. To identify potential customers for their products or services, businesses can research a company’s employee information, such as their department and job title.

With the data gained from this type of search, businesses can create targeted lists of potential leads and upload that information automatically to their CRM system. This process saves time and money by not having to manually review leads and enter the data, while also making sure that the leads identified are likely interested parties.

Seamless AI autopilot tool

In addition to finding potential leads, this use case has other applications as well. By researching how many employees belong to a company in a specific industry, businesses can see if it is an area they should focus more marketing efforts on or even if there is an opportunity for them to reach out and partner or collaborate with similar companies.

Companies may also use this search capability to compare how many employees are using certain software packages. This helps them determine whether or not these tools would be worth investing money in for their own team or business.

User Friendly Interface

Managing sales and marketing processes is made easy for businesses with’s user-friendly interface. With their centralized dashboard, users can easily view all the tools and features included in the platform in a single location.

Furthermore, they can create custom views, reports, and dashboards to gain deeper insights into their data while also setting up automated workflows to further streamline processes.

Seamless AI writer tool

Although includes some complex AI-powered business tools, they provide plenty of onboarding resources, support and training guides for businesses to ensure that their employees get up to speed quickly.

Moreover, with each update they make to the interface, users can count on a smoother experience as they look forward to more intuitive interface and improved accessibility to new features with every iteration. Overall, Seamless AI’s user friendly interface and ease of use are key strengths of the platform and make it great tool for optimizing your sales and marketing efforts.

How To Sign Up To Seamless

To sign up for Seamless, visit the website and follow the setup process. Your account will be free. Once you’re signed up, you can explore the site’s features using a guided tour.

Seamless AI sign up

This includes the Chrome extension, connecting to your CRM, inviting contacts from email, and joining their affiliate program. You get credits for each step that you take during the setup process which can then be applied towards searches on the platform.

For those who need more searches than they have credits for, there is always an option to upgrade to a premium plan with further features and benefits. Key Features

Find Contact Social

The ability to easily find contact social networks is a huge help for anyone looking to build connections. With the Find Contact Social feature, you can efficiently search through LinkedIn with a few simple keywords and instantly receive results.

It works with both the free and premium versions of LinkedIn as well as Sales Navigator for more comprehensive searches. This makes it easier than ever to navigate this popular professional networking platform and find contacts that may be valuable for potential partnerships or collaborations.

Seamless AI sales prospect software

For those who need to dive deeper into their online marketing, the Find Contact Social feature also offers the convenience of expanding the search beyond LinkedIn. With one click, you’re able to reach out to others on different social networks in order to gain more insight into your target audience or even potential partners or affiliates.

Speed up the connection process by utilizing this user friendly feature and make sure your campaigns get off to a great start right from the beginning!

My Contacts

My Contacts is a useful tool to help you narrow down your contacts list in order to find those people you’ve already added as valid contacts. With its several premade filters and the ability to filter the list even further, My Contacts provides an easy way for us to search through the crowded field of contacts that we’ve collected over time.

By selecting “My Contacts”, it allows us to directly go to our personal contacts list and bring up up all of the important names, companies, businesses or just friends we may have met along the way. From there, one can easily identify who is saved under My Saved Contacts, My Recommendations or My Email Contacts depending on how they’d like to categorize their contact list.

Additionally, if they’d like an even more detailed breakdown of a certain group within those categories they can filter by company name (ex. Automattic) or phone numbers and create yet another smaller version of their contacts list with more specific search results within. All in all it’s thanks to this convenient tool that we are able to thoroughly sort through our contact lists without too much difficulty.

My Companies

My Companies is an effective and efficient tool for managing all of the companies that you’re involved with. Utilizing the My Companies feature, users can easily view and save information regarding any company or organization they are working with.

All users have to do is simply click on the desired company name which will open a modal containing all pertinent details associated with that particular organization. This allows for quick retrieval of needed data whether it be contact information, project timeline, or anything else you may need to know about a certain company.

Seamless AI job changes

Additionally, adding new companies to your My Companies list is straightforward and easy to do. After viewing the details of a potential company in the modal, users can simply select an option which adds it to their personal list.

Since this process only takes seconds at most, it allows for people to effectively keep track of their partners and organize related work all in one single place. As far as added convenience goes – My Companies unquestionably surpasses others due its comprehensive array of features as well as its easy-to-use interface!

Streamline Your Sales Process With

Setting and tracking goals is extremely important in any type of business. It helps an individual or a whole sales team to stay focused and organized, ensuring that they are working towards their desired results. Seamless AI offers a powerful tool for setting and tracking goals with its Sales Income Calculator.

Users can enter their sales targets and commissions data to estimate the amount of work required to achieve their goal effortlessly.

Seamless AI sales prospect tool

The calculator provides four different quota options for each user, which can then alter the information supplied about leads, appointments, and total sales goals. The feature will display the estimated value of each lead, helping users understand the number of leads they need to contact daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly in order to achieve their desired results.

With this helpful technology from, individuals and teams have the ability to set realistic goals with confidence and then track progress against those same targets in order to achieve success.


Seamless.AI offers a feature called “Gong” that is a celebration of success. When the gong button is clicked in the upper, right-hand corner of the tool, an animation appears along with two buttons that are meant to spread the news throughout your team. This innovation is a great way to motivate and reward yourself or other members of your team for accomplishing goals and tasks.

The concept behind the gong feature is simple; it serves as a virtual cash register sound when earning rewards. It encourages users to meet their goals and objectives by providing satisfaction from completing them with celebratory feedback.

Along with this reward system, there are also optional leaderboards enabled that show progress and achievements among a group of users who share similar objectives, further encouraging others towards success through competition.

Pricing offers a range of pricing plans to suit businesses of all sizes and budgets. Companies can get the best value for their money by paying for the pricing system based on the number of leads and data points needed.

Seamless AI pricing plans

The Basic Plan includes access to the platform’s core features such as data enrichment, lead generation, sales intelligence, account-based marketing. The Professional Plan comes with additional features such as custom reporting and integrations with third-party tools for an enhanced AI experience.

For larger enterprises with more complex needs, offers custom Enterprise Plans tailored to each business’s requirements without compromising on quality or service. All plans come with customer support and free onboarding to ensure users get the most out of Seamless quickly and effectively.


The pros of Seamless are numerous. The first factor is the availability of accurate and current information on the platform. As the market changes, it’s important to have access to contacts that stay directly in line with industry trends and shifts.

Seamless makes this possible while ensuring everything is tailored specifically to an individual’s needs. Perhaps their most useful tool is their capability for quickly building lists off of LinkedIn profiles. With LinkedIn becoming increasingly popular, Seamless provides all you need in order to use it as a powerful source of networking opportunities and find people quickly.

Another aspect that needs noting when using Seamless is the sensitive content filter they provide for customers hoping protect their information from malicious sources. This serves not only as a security feature but also guarantees results by providing quality assurance protocols which monitor how any contact list was built before sending it out.


One of the major cons of using the platform is its steep learning curve for new users. Although there are many features and tools, it can be challenging to understand and utilize them proficiently. Furthermore, due to limited customization options, users may find the platform unable to meet their specific needs.

Seamless AI data accuracy

Another downside is that many depend on third-party customer data sources which could simulate outcomes and lead to inaccurate information. Additionally, businesses may find that the platform has high costs associated with it due to needing a subscription or additional resources in order to access some of the more advanced functions.

Other users have also complained that Seamless’ breakdown of leads by location, specifically NY, are missing many counties. Finally, when the pandemic happened, other users have complained about poor support services when it came to the auto renew feature of with the platform still charging payment on their credit card.

Is Seamless A Scam?

Seamless is a legitimate artificial intelligence company offering sales and marketing tools to businesses of all sizes. The company has received funding from well-known investors such as General Catalyst and SalesForce Ventures, indicating that it is a reputable and trustworthy business.

In addition, there are no reports of any illegal or fraudulent activities linked to the platform. Reviews indicate that users find the platform helpful and reliable for their business requirements.

Seamless AI add ons

The platform does come with a pricier price tag compared to similar competitors, however, this should not automatically indicate that is a scam. Instead, businesses should thoroughly read through user reviews to determine if the software is accurate and suitable for their needs and budget ahead of making any purchases.

Ultimately, the platform appears to offer powerful sales and marketing tools that could be beneficial for many businesses.

Issues On Poor Customer Service? is committed to providing superior customer service and customer support throughout. They offer various customer support options that cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes, making it effortless to get prompt assistance.

From email, phone, and chat support to personalized account management and specialized knowledge base resources, Seamless ensures that companies have the help they need.

Seamless AI customer support

Businesses can expect a fast response during business hours from the customer service team available at Seamless AI, giving peace of mind when needing assistance with their platform or options. Additionally, dedicated account managers are available to provide personalized guidance ranging from feedback about performance to help in setting up desired features on the platform.

To further streamline success, users can take advantage of the vast amount of resources offered as part of Seamless AI’s comprehensive knowledge base. All these options combined make it easier than ever for enterprises around the world to reap the full benefits that come with using seamless AI’s top-notch customer service and customer support system.

Seamless Integrations has powerful integrations with Zapier, an online automation platform that allows users to connect different web services and automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to help manage them.

With and Zapier, users can easily automate their sales prospecting efforts for smoother workflows. This great combination of solutions makes it simple to capture lead information from one service and transfer it or enrich the data in another program or database.

Seamless AI integrations

For example, when a new lead is identified by automatically import it into your CRM like Salesforce or Hubspot via Zapier without needing any manual input from you.

You can also use this integration to add updates such as news articles related to a potential customer’s company, direct dials, social media activity, and more in real-time so your reps always have the best information on hand as soon as they need it.

Seamless AI third party integrations

And with setup being so simple, there’s no need to worry about complex configurations or waiting too long for setups – integrates so quickly with Zapier that you’ll be using this automation tool in no time at all!

Chrome Extension

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, salesperson, or marketer looking to build relationships with key decision-makers and leads, there is one essential requirement—contact information. To make this process easier, Seamless.AI is offering a Chrome Extension that provides you with all the necessary contact details of your prospects with just a few clicks.

The extension offers prospecting capabilities through its powerful search engine: allowing users to find contact information from almost any website on the web including email addresses, direct dials, social profiles and more.

Seamless AI chrome extension

Additionally, Seamless.AI’s proprietary algorithms scour the internet for reliable data points that are constantly updated so users don’t need to worry about outdated records.

It’s an efficient way to save time and increase your productivity when seeking out contacts within target markets or industries. Furthermore, it pulls in valuable insights such as job titles and company names for lead segmentation to ensure you’re reaching out to relevant professionals for further engagement tailored to their needs.

Conclusion has revolutionized business contact research, making it easier than ever before to look for contacts in a reliable and effective manner. Seamless is highly intuitive and simple to use, allowing users to quickly access vast databases of potential contacts in no time at all.

Even the free version comes with features that can help businesses save time and money by finding high quality leads they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

Overall, provides an invaluable lead generation service for businesses all around the world, allowing them to easily find leads and reach out to potential customers. It may be a bit expensive for smaller businesses, but considering the cost savings achieved by successful campaigns it could prove to be a worthy investment.

Whether you’re running a large or small business Seamless is undoubtedly a game changer if you need some assistance finding new contacts for marketing purposes or other endeavors.

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