Textbot AI Review

Written by Adam Morris

Updated August 26, 2023

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Textbot AI is an AI-powered messaging services solution that enables users to send both individual and mass text messages and answer customer queries.

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Are you tired of constantly responding to messages from customers or clients? Would you like to have an automated system to handle these inquiries so that you can save time? That’s where Textbot AI comes in.

Many businesses are using chatbots for customer service due to the increasing automation and artificial intelligence. Textbot AI is one such platform that promises to save you a great money and time and increase efficiency. Is the investment worth it?

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In this Textbot AI review, we’ll take a closer look at this service and see if it lives up to its claims. We will analyze the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages to assist you in deciding if it is suitable for your business. So, if you’re considering implementing a chatbot for your customer service needs, keep reading to learn more about Textbot AI.

Textbot AI Review: Legit SMS Marketing System?

Textbot AI is an artificial intelligence technology platfor that enables businesses to communicate with their audiences through text messages. It is a fast, scalable and efficient way of assisting customers as it does not require any human intervention and the localized texts have already been programmed by the company itself.

Textbot AI offers an advanced conversational and automated messaging services solution that can aid in automating customer service, marketing campaigns, exchange of personal information between businesses and customers, as well as ordering products or services without human involvement.

With Textbot AI’s virtual personal assistant feature, businesses need not worry about writing that perfect text message or figuring out what they want to say each time they send a message.

Its advanced artificial intelligence capabilities enable it to take care of everything for the user – from researching the customer’s buying habits and needs to providing options for product/service purchases or providing them with the necessary support they require.

Not only can a text bot make you create automated conversations but also measure its performance across multiple locations by tracking incoming messages from customers and how effectively your texts were understood by them!

Who Created Textbot AI?

Textbot AI was created by an experienced team of technical experts who have previously worked on a range of successful artificial intelligence-based products.

These include the Voicebot AI, which provides users with voice recognition technology; and the Chatbot AI, which is used to provide advice and answer questions more informally. Textbot AI builds upon these earlier efforts but is specifically designed as a tool for businesses seeking to communicate with their customers in an efficient way.

Textbot AI team behind the platform

The use of artificial intelligence in Textbot AI allows it to tackle customer service challenges more efficiently than traditional methods, enabling businesses to quickly respond to customer inquires and better understand their preferences.

This sophisticated technology allows businesses to get a better understanding of customer needs and create more personalized interactions with them. The ability for Textbot AI to accurately interpret customer sentences and provide accurate responses can help streamline customer service operations and reduce costs incurred from manual handling.

How Does Textbot AI Work?

Textbot AI is a revolutionary tool used to automate customer interactions and services. The system employs sophisticated artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to analyze the context of user messages. It generates appropriate responses based on previous conversations with the same user.

By making use of an extensive knowledge base, Textbot AI can quickly put together meaningful sentences in order to communicate with customers or respond to queries, without actually requiring a human being (the bot operator) to intervene and take care of everything from start to finish.

Textbot AI platform features

To put it simply, Textbot AI works by looking through databases where conversations are stored so as to determine the content of each message. After studying the context behind each message, it looks for similar conversations in its records before responding accordingly with a meaningful sentence.

This iterative process allows Textbot AI to swiftly answer any questions users have without needing further intervention from the bot operator like a human would need. The entire process takes just milliseconds and ensures efficient customer service delivery at all times.

Thanks to this technology, customers don’t even know they are interacting with an an automated voice answering service system as everything happens in real-time, providing them with ideas and solutions quickly!

Textbot AI Review: Does It Actually Work?

Textbot AI is quickly becoming a popular option for businesses as a cost effective way of managing customer queries. With the advances in artificial intelligence, computers can now understand requests and respond in an appropriate manner.

This type of technology does have its advantages over human assistants, since it does not suffer from fatigue or exhaustion and there are no language barriers. On top of that, the customer service is always available since no one needs to be physically present to either answer incoming calls, and inquiries or attend to other tasks.

what you can do with textbot AI

Although this technology has numerous benefits, it is important to take note of certain factors that must not be ignored. Compared to real people, Textbot AI cannot completely match the response speed and accuracy at times; for example with complex customer issues or those that require deep thinking.

Additionally, this automated virtual assistant still lack a certain warmth and kindness which can only truly be achieved with actual humans – which might be required depending on the industry the company provides services for.

TextBot AI Review: Features

Textbot ai is an innovative new software solution that offers users the ability to fully automate text conversations. With Textbot ai, businesses can enable personalized, conversational interactions with their customers through automated text message interactions.

Users are able to set up the Textbot ai program easily in minutes and no coding is required. Furthermore, the platform is customizable to cater to the specific requirements of each business and its customers.

Customizable text messaging

Customizable text messaging is becoming an increasingly popular tool for businesses to reach their customers. Through TextBot AI, businesses can now send out individualized text messages where customers can receive personalized information tailored specifically to them.

This feature allows businesses to send mass text messages to easily and effectively remind a customer of upcoming appointments, follow up after an appointment or transaction, and even deliver special offers or promotions in the form of highly personalized messages. As such, this creative use of text messaging has revolutionized how brands are able to communicate with their patrons quickly and reliably.

Using textbot AI in network marketing insdustru=y

With increased customization options for marketing message, brands now have the ability to craft unique and engaging conversations with their customers that are specially tailored towards creating meaningful relationships instead of just one-way communication.

In addition to significantly improving customer engagement, these customizable message allow for higher security measures in terms of user accounts and identifiable data so that businesses know exactly whom they are talking too when processing requests or payments.

By employing these tactics, customizable text messages provide efficient customer support while also maintaining client confidentiality – a combination that has established it as the preferred marketing strategy amongst many establishments..

Predictable responses

The development of automated responses to customer questions is becoming increasingly important as businesses move towards streamlining their customer communications. With TextBot AI, businesses can guarantee that their clients will always receive quick and accurate responses from staff or a computer-generated text message.

TextBot AI makes this process simple by providing customizable automated voice messages, with natural language processing capabilities that are easier for customers to understand.

TextBot AI also offers a range of other features that make it an ideal choice for any sized business looking to improve their text message marketing efforts. When properly optimized, TextBot AI can be an incredibly powerful tool to automate text messaging, increase customer engagement and promote products and services more effectively.

Not only does it provide customizable automated responses, but it also has the ability to gain insights into customer behavior through advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms. The data collected can then be used to refine text messaging marketing strategies to target specific audiences more effectively.

What To Expect From TextBot AI When You Join

TextBot AI is a revolutionary platform which uses AI-powered automated virtual assistant to automate tasks and unlock new possibilities and business opportunities for online business owners. When you join TextBot AI’s AVA Basic level, you’ll gain access to a powerful set of features that are designed to help users get the most out of their digital platform.

The inclusiveness of the AVA Basic level offers users access to an automated virtual assistant (known as AVA), your own personal phone number and unlimited custom keyword tools. This provides users more effective communication with their customers and prospects, resulting in improved engagement rates and more leads.

Textbot AI's AVA

The tracking feature allows users to monitor their affiliate marketing traffic as well as their sales statuses at any time, giving them optimal visibility into customer transactions and preferences; furthermore, users can also see how popular certain keywords are amongst customers which helps guide them towards better content crafting and messaging strategies.

These sophisticated features are all included when you become part of TextBot AI’s AVA Basic community, providing users with an invaluable asset that will save both time and money in the long run.

TextBot AI Pricing

TextBot.ai is a powerful tool for those wanting to automate their texting process. For a one-time fee of just $100, you can quickly and easily set up your TextBot.ai account. However, in order to start getting the most out of TextBot.ai, you’ll need to purchase usage credits for your account either on a one-time basis or through a monthly plan.

The Tire Kicker Plan is recommended for low use users looking to invest $10,000 at one time (1,000 credits or 2,000 with the monthly option).

Textbot AI pricing

For more medium use customers, the Builder Plan offers 2,500 points for a one-time charge of $25 and double that amount when signing up for the monthly plan. Finally, for heavy texters there’s The Boss Plan – 5,000 credits make available with a one-time charge of $50 and double that amount if opting in for the monthly plan.

Each time AVA sends a text message on your behalf from your TextBot.ai number, it will cost you just 1 cent (-$0.01) deducted from your balance which is also supplemented by an initial cost of $1 per month keeping your number active – an added bonus!

Textbot AI Affiliate Program

Textbot AI’s affiliate program is an innovative way to make money while helping businesses revolutionize the way they communicate with customers.

As a Textbot AI affiliate, you will earn a commission for every sale you refer to their SMS marketing system. The best part about affiliate system is that as your referrals increase, so does your commission rate! Textbot AI has also implemented several tiers of commissions, allowing affiliates to maximize their earnings.

Textbot AI affiliate program

With promotional materials and support from the Textbot AI team, becoming an affiliate is easy. All you have to do is refer new customers and watch the commissions roll in. Their powerful SMS marketing system can assist businesses in great ways and as an affiliate you’ll get to be a part of their success story!

High payouts and low thresholds make it a profitable venture that anyone can take advantage of. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity – sign up today and start your money online by promoting Textbot AI!

Is Textbot AI Safe?

Textbot AI is a safe and secure way to interact with automated services online. It stores no personally identifiable information, so users never have to worry about their personal details being exposed or shared with anyone else.

Furthermore, it doesn’t collect any information on user location or IP address, so using the service won’t result in your identity being revealed. This makes it a great option for people that may be located in a different country but want to access automated services securely from anywhere in the world.

The protection of users’ personal data is paramount to Textbot AI, as they understand that having peace of mind when interacting with automated services is essential for users. As well as providing a reliable and secure platform for all to use, Textbot AI also provides an expansive array of services ranging from customer service support to marketing automation.

With comprehensive protection safeguarding all interactions with the bot and sms text messaging services, you can rest assured that your data will always remain private and secure while using these automated services.

Why Use Textbot AI?

Textbot AI is a powerful automated text messaging platform that can provide businesses with the ability to save time, money and effort while still providing excellent customer service. The system will free up your staff from dealing with mundane tasks such as responding to customer inquiries so they can focus on more important matters.

With the automated feature, Textbot can easily recognize questions and respond quickly without having to manually search for an answer. Improving the quality of customer service not only benefits the customers but also saves time in resolving issues.

Textbot AI benefits

The AI employed by Textbot has the capability to analyze customer data and gain insights in order to anticipate consumer preferences or troubleshoot potential issues before they occur.

This allows your company to respond proactively, adding value to the overall client experience. Furthermore, its AI-based platform would allow businesses to customize their communications with customers and create more personalized experiences at every point of contact.

What Can Textbot AI Do For Business?

Textbot AI is an incredibly useful tool for businesses as it can provide a range of invaluable services. One example of how businesses can take advantage of this technology is through marketing. Textbot AI allows companies to send out newsletters and advertisements more efficiently, giving them the ability to reach more potential customers with minimal effort.

By utilizing this approach, businesses not only boost their likelihood of acquiring new customers but also enhance their comprehension of their intended market, allowing them to customize their marketing tactics accordingly.

Textbot AI advantages with restaurant business

In addition to its use as a marketing tool, Textbot AI can also be used as an effective customer service solution. It’s able to answer inquiries from customers quickly and without needing any human expertise. This means that businesses don’t need to worry about managing customer inquiries manually, freeing up valuable time and resources so they can focus on improving their product or service instead.

Furthermore, Textbot AI also has the ability to learn from customer interactions and provide personalized text messages – something that would otherwise require extensive manual labor. In short, using textbot AI for customer service purposes can drastically reduce the amount of time spent responding to inquiries while at the same time improving the quality of support provided.

Textbot AI Review: Pros and Cons


The Textbot ai System is an ideal solution for businesses that are looking for automated solutions to their marketing campaigns. The system is especially useful for contact management since it allows account holders to build a database of contacts and send out targeted messages in the form of text messages.

This makes it much easier to communicate with customers on a regular basis because the open rates are much higher than those of emails, thus providing higher returns. Moreover, text messaging can be used instead of traditional sales funnels which most business insiders don’t consider as effective strategies for customer engagement.

Textbot AI's integration and automatic follow up feature

Overall, Textbot ai offers numerous benefits to users including its easy-to-use interface and dedicated customer support team. It also provides access to pre-stored templates so that users can create custom keywords and tailor their messaging according to their desired outcomes.

Additionally, tracking and reporting abilities offered by the platform help users monitor their campaigns more effectively. With tools to optimize content delivery and maximize response rate from clients, it’s no wonder why many companies are joining the bandwagon and implementing Textbot ai into their respective strategies.


Textbot ai is an automated messaging platform that can be used to reach out to prospects. It offers convenience and allows businesses to connect with customers quickly, but it also has a few cons. The biggest downside is the opt-in rate; while more people may be responsive to viewing or answering text messages, they are not likely to quickly make a purchase for a product or sign up for a service.

This is in part due to the fact that most text messages do not provide enough information for them to make an informed decision. They may have no idea about the offering enterprise or what kind of services they are providing; therefore, they don’t trust giving their payment information over text messages.

In addition, Textbot ai’s customizability options are limited compared to other platforms, which reduces its degree of automation and makes it less user-friendly. This can become especially problematic during customer support cases when responding more quickly and accurately is essential for follow up replying purposes and customer satisfaction.

On top of this, due to its quick messaging capabilities, Textbot ai and sms services will never develop the same human relationships as if they were talking in person or on the phone.

Textbot AI Review: Conclusion

Textbot AI is an SMS marketing system that provides businesses with a simple and effective way to communicate with their customers. With Textbot AI, businesses can send out automated text messages, individualized text messages, and set up automatic responses for customer inquiries.

These features allow businesses to be more efficient in their communication with current and potential customers. The automated text messaging feature makes it easy for businesses to send out mass text messages, reminders, updates, or special offers quickly and reliably.

Meanwhile, the individualized texting feature allows businesses to have more meaningful conversations with their customers by sending them follow-ups, appointment reminders, or personalized messages tailored specifically for them.

Finally, the automatic response facility ensures that any customer inquiry will receive prompt and accurate replies without requiring manual input from employees. All of these features make Textbot AI a powerful SMS marketing system that can greatly benefit all varieties of businesses.

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