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About AI CLI

AI CLI is an open-source Command Line Interface (CLI) tool powered by GPT-3, designed to enhance response quality and reduce costs. Developed by Anurag Bhagsain, this TypeScript library enables users to obtain shell commands directly from the terminal, eliminating the need to search for commands online continuously.

With a current prompt length of approximately 840 tokens, AI CLI utilizes the text-davinci-002 pricing model, costing approximately $0.017 per command. The tool is actively maintained, and the development team is continuously fine-tuning the system to further improve response quality and optimize costs.


  • Streamlined Workflow: AI CLI proves highly valuable for developers and users frequently working with the command line interface. It provides a convenient feature to get answers for CLI commands directly from GPT-3 within the terminal, saving time and effort spent on manual searches.
  • Open-Source and Strong License: Being an open-source TypeScript library, AI CLI allows users to access and utilize the tool without any licensing restrictions. Its strong copyleft license ensures that users can modify and distribute the tool under certain conditions, fostering a collaborative and community-driven development environment.
  • Secure and Well-Maintained: AI CLI has been reviewed and found to have no known vulnerabilities or bugs. The active maintenance by the development team ensures that the tool remains up-to-date and secure for users.
  • GitHub Availability: The tool is hosted on GitHub, providing users with easy access to the library and enabling them to contribute to its development, raise issues, and suggest improvements.


  • Data Dependence of AI Technology: Like many AI-powered tools, AI CLI’s effectiveness is highly dependent on the quality and quantity of data available. If the data provided to GPT-3 is insufficient or of poor quality, it may result in inaccurate or suboptimal responses.


  • Quick Command Retrieval: AI CLI leverages GPT-3 to provide quick and accurate answers for command-line interface commands directly from the terminal. This feature streamlines developers’ workflow and enhances productivity.
  • TypeScript Library: Developed using TypeScript, AI CLI offers strong typing and improved code maintainability, making it a reliable tool for developers.
  • Open-Source License: The tool is available under a strong copyleft license, enabling users to modify, distribute, and contribute to the project while adhering to the license’s terms and conditions.

Use Cases

  • Developers and System Administrators: AI CLI is an excellent tool for developers and system administrators who frequently work with the command line interface. It allows them to quickly retrieve command answers without the need for manual searches, boosting their efficiency.
  • Educational and Learning Environments: AI CLI can be beneficial in educational settings where students learn about command-line interfaces. It can provide quick answers to queries, helping students grasp the concepts more effectively.

AI CLI, powered by GPT-3, presents a valuable solution for developers and system administrators seeking an efficient way to retrieve command-line interface commands directly from the terminal. Its streamlined workflow and ability to provide quick answers improve productivity and enhance the development process. The tool’s open-source nature and strong copyleft license foster a collaborative development environment, encouraging contributions and improvements from the community.

While AI CLI has many advantages, it is essential to consider the potential limitations of AI technology, such as its dependence on data quality and quantity. Users should exercise caution and ensure the data provided to GPT-3 is adequate and of high quality to achieve accurate and reliable responses.

Overall, AI CLI serves as a valuable addition to developers’ toolkits, simplifying command retrieval tasks and demonstrating the potential of AI technology to optimize workflows and reduce manual efforts in various domains. As the project continues to be actively maintained and fine-tuned, users can expect further improvements in response quality and cost-effectiveness, making AI CLI an increasingly valuable resource for developers and learners alike.

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