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About Amper

Amper Music is an AI-powered music composition tool designed to ease and accelerate the process of creating original soundtracks. It caters to content creators, including marketers, companies, podcasters, video producers, and advertisers, seeking a hassle-free solution for producing high-quality music.

With a user-friendly interface and cloud-based platform, Amper Music requires no technical expertise, allowing users to generate unique music pieces with just a single click. This AI music generator offers a range of musical instruments, samples, and genres, making it a valuable tool for enhancing various content types.


  • Quick Music Composition: Thanks to its AI models, Amper Music can rapidly create music for diverse purposes, including podcasts, music videos, video game soundtracks, and film soundtracks, streamlining the music production process.
  • Cloud-Based Platform: As a cloud-based music interface, Amper Music stores all music creations on its AI storage, ensuring users’ compositions are readily accessible and safe.
  • Wide Array of Musical Instruments: The platform provides access to various musical instruments, enabling users to produce music across different genres and styles, and facilitating the generation of dynamic music compositions.
  • Extensive Musical Samples Library: Amper Music boasts an extensive collection of musical samples from multiple genres, allowing for quick music generation by leveraging existing models and templates.


  • Limited Refund Eligibility: Only platform customers residing in the European Union are eligible for a refund after payment, limiting refund options for customers outside the EU.


  • Customization Options: Users can control the length, structure, instrumentation, and mood of their music compositions to align with their desired narratives, offering flexibility and creative freedom.
  • Hassle-Free Pricing: Amper Music offers global perpetual licenses and royalty-free access to all music, simplifying pricing options for users.
  • API Availability: Advanced users can integrate Amper’s capabilities into their projects using its API, allowing for seamless integration and enhancing the platform’s versatility.

Use Cases

  • Video Producers: Amper Music caters to video producers seeking custom soundtracks to enhance their video content, elevating the overall viewer experience.
  • Podcasters: Podcasters can leverage Amper Music to find unique background music that complements their podcast episodes, adding depth and atmosphere to their content.
  • Advertisers: Amper Music is a valuable tool for advertisers aiming to create memorable and engaging audio experiences for their marketing campaigns, enhancing brand impact and recall.

Amper Music’s AI-powered music generator offers a simple and efficient solution for content creators seeking original soundtracks. With its quick music composition capabilities, extensive library of musical samples, and easy customization options, Amper Music streamlines the process of creating unique music pieces for various purposes. Its cloud-based platform ensures music creations are readily accessible and secure, while the API availability allows for integration into more advanced projects.

For video producers, podcasters, and advertisers, Amper Music provides a user-friendly and hassle-free experience, eliminating the need for technical expertise in music production. The platform’s flexibility and extensive range of musical instruments and genres make it suitable for a wide array of creative projects.

However, potential users should be aware that the refund eligibility is limited to customers residing in the European Union, which may restrict refund options for customers outside the EU.

Overall, Amper Music presents a valuable resource for content creators, allowing them to focus on the creative aspects of their projects while simplifying the technicalities of music composition. With its AI-driven capabilities, Amper Music contributes to the growing demand for AI-generated music and serves as a reliable tool for enhancing various forms of content across different industries.

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