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About Apple Books

Apple Books has introduced a new feature that allows writers and publishers to opt-in to have their written books converted into narrated audio form using AI voice synthesis models. This initiative aims to expand the availability of audiobooks on the Apple Books Store. AI audiobooks, tagged with “Narrated by Apple Books,” are now available for download in the Apple Books app.

Apple has specifically targeted certain genres for this initial rollout, with each genre accompanied by a particular AI voice. While fiction and romance books are narrated by “Madison” and “Jackson,” non-fiction and self-development genre books are narrated by “Helena” and “Mitchell.”

The transformation into an AI-narrated audiobook is done on an opt-in basis, and the source book must be written in English. Apple and its partners manually review the AI-generated tracks for quality assurance before publishing. This feature offers an appealing proposition to small independent writers who may not have the resources for human narration.

Additionally, authors can produce a human-narrated version later and generate other audiobook versions with different distributors.


  • Expanded availability of audiobooks through AI voice synthesis
  • Provides an accessible and cost-effective option for small independent writers and publishers
  • Different AI voices tailored to specific genres for enhanced narration experience
  • Option to create human-narrated versions alongside AI-narrated audiobooks
  • Utilizes advanced speech synthesis technology developed by Apple
  • Showcases Apple’s commitment to innovation in speech technology


  • Limited availability to certain genres at present
  • The AI-generated audio may still be discernible as synthesized, although of higher fidelity than previous speech synthesis technology


  • AI voice synthesis for converting written books into narrated audio form
  • Option for writers and publishers to opt-in to the AI-narrated audiobook feature
  • Manual review process to ensure quality of the AI-generated tracks
  • Compatibility with the Apple Books platform for easy access and distribution
  • Ability to produce human-narrated versions alongside AI-narrated audiobooks
  • Support for English-language source books

Use Cases:

  • Authors and publishers seeking an accessible and cost-effective way to create audiobook versions of their written books
  • Independent writers and small publishers who may lack the resources for human talent and traditional audiobook production
  • Readers and book lovers interested in exploring a wider range of audiobooks across various genres
  • Apple Books users looking to enjoy narrated audiobooks with AI-generated voices
  • Publishers and authors aiming to reach a broader audience through the availability of AI-narrated audiobooks

In conclusion, Apple Books’ AI-narrated audiobook feature offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for authors and publishers to convert their written books into narrated audio form. With AI voice synthesis technology and tailored AI voices for specific genres, Apple Books expands the availability of audiobooks to a wider audience.

While human-narrated audiobooks remain a significant part of Apple Books’ catalog, the AI-narrated option provides an accessible and innovative alternative. Through this initiative, Apple Books continues to embrace advancements in speech technology and support authors and publishers in reaching more listeners.

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