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About Arcwise AI

Arcwise AI is an AI copilot tool for Google Sheets that utilizes GPT technology to help users with data understanding, cleaning, and processing. This tool offers various features and advantages such as text commands that allow users to chat with the spreadsheet and ask questions for insights and assistance. Additionally, users can receive AI-generated, context-aware formula recommendations and links to StackOverflow posts. Arcwise AI also provides data cleaning and scraping capabilities, enabling users to reformat date columns, normalize addresses, summarize responses, and more.

This tool caters to various professionals, including data analysts seeking to streamline data processing and gain insights more efficiently, business professionals looking to improve their productivity with Google Sheets, and researchers aiming to save time on manual data cleaning and organization.

Overall, Arcwise AI offers an innovative and user-friendly solution for working with data in Google Sheets, ensuring a more efficient and insightful experience.

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