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About AskUI

Askui is an advanced AI-driven software that has reimagined the domain of User Interface (UI) automation. Its technology is powered by cutting-edge deep learning models, enabling developers to automate a wide range of UI interactions across multiple platforms.

Askui’s tool, known as AskUI James, can identify and interact with UI elements based solely on their visual properties, negating the need for selectors or specific identifiers used in traditional automation practices.

It simulates human-like interactions, such as mouse movements, clicks, drag and drop actions, and color verifications. The tool’s vision is to free humans from repetitive tasks and pave the way for a highly automated digital world.


  • Versatility: Askui is platform-independent, offering its services across various mediums like desktop applications (Windows, MacOS, Linux), web applications (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), enterprise applications (SAP, ServiceNow, Citrix, Salesforce), and native mobile applications (Android and iOS).
  • Simplicity: By using screenshots to identify UI elements and easy-to-use fluent API for action definitions, AskUI simplifies the automation process.
  • Efficiency: Askui is designed to save developers a significant amount of time, claiming to reduce the automation process by up to 90%.
  • Human-Like Interaction: Askui simulates real user interactions, performing actions such as real mouse movements and element clicks.
  • AI-Powered: The use of advanced deep learning technologies allows AskUI to identify UI elements based solely on visual features.


  • Reliance on AI: While AI brings many benefits, it might also pose challenges, such as unexpected behavior or lack of interpretability in some cases. Developers may need to invest time in learning and adapting to this new AI-driven way of UI automation.
  • New technology: As an emerging technology, AskUI may have less community support or resources compared to more established automation tools. This could potentially make problem-solving more challenging.
  • Lack of Direct Code Access: Since AskUI simulates human-like interactions and does not access underlying code selectors or the DOM, there might be scenarios where direct code interaction could be more beneficial.


  • Automate Anything: Allows the automation of all possible UI commands by simulating real interactions.
  • Visual Feature Recognition: Uses modern Deep Learning technologies to identify UI elements based on visual features alone.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Enables UI automation across all technologies – Desktop, Web, Native Mobile.
  • Human Action Simulation: Performs real mouse movements and element clicks, without accessing underlying code selectors or the DOM.


  • Cross-Application Workflows: It enables end-to-end automation for workflows across multiple applications.
  • Web Applications: Askui can be used for automating tasks on any web browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and more.
  • Enterprise Applications: It’s suitable for automating enterprise applications including SAP, ServiceNow, Citrix, and Salesforce.
  • Native Mobile Applications: Developers can use AskUI to automate tasks on Android and iOS, with support for real and virtual devices.
  • Desktop Applications: It offers the ability to automate tasks on Windows, MacOS, and Linux without the need for automation IDs.

In conclusion, AskUI’s AI-driven solution revolutionizes the domain of UI automation by simulating human interactions and offering a platform-independent framework. Whether it’s automating tasks on desktop applications, web applications, or enterprise applications, AskUI delivers a powerful and efficient solution.

Its unique blend of human-like simulation, deep learning technologies, and cross-platform compatibility sets it apart in the UI automation space. By eliminating the need for code selectors and object repositories, it brings a fresh perspective to automation, allowing developers to focus on more critical aspects of their projects. The future of UI automation is here, and it’s called AskUI.

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