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About Atmo AI

Atmo is an AI-enabled hardware-software system that offers high-accuracy weather prediction for any city, state, or country. It provides a time horizon of up to 14 days and spatial resolution of up to 1 Km², with spatial processing of 500 Km² per minute. Atmo has millions of cores, a TDP of 50 KW, and no moving parts, resulting in a low noise level of 50db.

Atmo offers several benefits, including doubling the time horizon and quadrupling the forecast resolution available to 4 billion people and 180 countries, making it affordable for all communities, regardless of wealth or prior infrastructure. Atmo operates anywhere between -30C to 45C and does not require a data center or even a roof to deliver the forecast. Additionally, Atmo enhances public spaces with its climate icon designed by Frank Stephenson.

Atmo brings Deep Learning to Numerical Weather Prediction by combining Numerical Weather Prediction techniques (NWP) and Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) for next-generation weather forecasting. It has several use cases, including helping governments prepare for weather-related disasters with early and accurate weather forecasting, providing tailored and cost-effective solutions to support nations worldwide in delivering superior forecasts to every citizen, and equipping military organizations to anticipate extreme weather and mitigate weather-related risks.

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