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About Audioshake

AudioShake is an advanced AI-powered tool that has been specifically designed to unleash the untapped potential of audio recordings for musicians, publishers, and labels. It comes equipped with a range of key features and benefits, including track separation, which allows for the isolation of individual elements such as vocals, drums, guitar, bass, and other sounds. This feature enables creative reuse and versatile applications such as the creation of instrumentals, remixes, mash-ups, re-mastering, and bleed removal.

AudioShake also offers an API and Live service that allows for seamless integration into various audio services and solutions for labels and publishers. The tool caters to a diverse range of stakeholders, including musicians and producers looking to repurpose audio elements for new projects, labels and publishers seeking to monetize and expand their audio catalog, and audio service providers aiming to integrate track separation capabilities into their offerings.

Overall, AudioShake is a best-in-class AI solution that unlocks new creative and commercial opportunities in audio recordings. It is an essential tool for anyone looking to take their audio recordings to the next level.

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