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About Brand AI Model

Contlo’s Brand AI Model is a powerful tool that enables businesses to streamline their marketing activities by generating personalized marketing content. This AI-powered model can create contextually relevant marketing creatives such as emails, images, and copies. To set up the Brand AI Model, businesses provide inputs such as brand story, identity, design language, tonality, and aesthetic attributes that represent the brand. The AI model deeply understands the brand and creates personalized marketing strategies and activities, such as creative generation, generative customer journeys, autonomous segments, and campaigns. With just a few minutes of training, marketers can generate brand-consistent emails, SMS, and WhatsApp campaigns using their Brand AI Model. This tool can also help businesses boost their click-through rates and open rates by generating impactful email subject lines, preheaders, and email content. Additionally, auto-generated SMS and WhatsApp texts can be used to retarget customers more effectively.

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