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About Buildt

Buildt AI is an advanced AI-powered codebase search tool that is designed to simplify code management for developers. Its key features include Super Search, which allows users to quickly and accurately find, generate, and replace code snippets using natural language search. Buildt AI also offers code management capabilities, enabling users to generate new code, refactor existing code, extend functionality, and remove legacy or duplicate code. Additionally, it provides dependency updates, allowing users to add or update dependency changes throughout the codebase.

Buildt AI currently supports Javascript and Typescript, with plans to support 15+ languages in the future. This tool caters to various developers, including software developers seeking to improve code search and management efficiency, programming teams looking to streamline codebase maintenance and refactoring tasks, and individual programmers aiming to enhance their coding workflow with AI-powered assistance.

Overall, Buildt AI is a powerful and user-friendly solution for code management, making it an essential tool for developers.

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