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About Casetext

Casetext introduces CoCounsel, an AI legal assistant powered by GPT-4, designed to streamline various critical tasks in the legal domain. From document review and legal research memos to deposition preparation and contract analysis, CoCounsel promises superior work at superhuman speed, providing lawyers more time to focus on serving their clients and growing their businesses. Casetext has been at the forefront of AI for the legal industry since 2013, empowering lawyers with higher-quality, efficient, and affordable representation for their clients.


  • Fast Legal Research and Deposition Prep: CoCounsel accelerates legal research by quickly generating complete answers with supporting sources and outlines for depositions, helping lawyers save time and effort.
  • Enhanced Document Review: CoCounsel efficiently identifies critical documents in contract databases and extracts key information during discovery, improving precision, recall, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Automated Contract Revision: The AI assistant analyzes uploaded contracts and associated policies, identifying relevant clauses, conflicts, and risks, and provides valuable recommendations for revisions.
  • Trusted by Thousands of Law Firms: Casetext’s AI solutions have gained the trust of over 10,000 law firms of various sizes and practice areas since 2013.
  • Expertise and Rigor: Casetext’s team of experienced attorneys, AI and machine learning experts, and product and design leaders ensure that new technologies are thoroughly vetted before implementation.


  • Dependency on Discord Server: Some users may find using the designated Discord server for image creation inconvenient and prefer standalone applications.
  • Limited Customer Support: Midjourney’s customer support has received criticism, with users reporting slow responses and lack of satisfactory assistance.
  • Public Nature of AI-Generated Images: All images created using Midjourney are public, which may not appeal to users seeking privacy or originality.


  • Fast-track Legal Research and Deposition Prep
  • Document Review and Key Information Extraction
  • Automated Contract Revision

Use Cases

  • Law Firm Efficiency: CoCounsel streamlines legal research, deposition preparation, and document review, boosting the overall efficiency of law firms and their attorneys.
  • Contract Analysis and Revision: The AI assistant assists in identifying contract-related risks, conflicts, and relevant clauses, enabling attorneys to make informed decisions during contract revision.
  • Time Management: Lawyers can delegate time-consuming tasks to CoCounsel, freeing up their time for more strategic and client-focused activities.

Casetext’s AI legal assistant, CoCounsel, is a valuable tool that streamlines legal research, deposition preparation, document review, and contract analysis. By harnessing the power of AI, CoCounsel empowers lawyers to work more efficiently, providing higher-quality services to their clients. The platform’s reliable expertise and rigorous vetting of AI technologies instill trust and safety in its users.

While CoCounsel’s use of a Discord server and limited customer support may present some challenges, the platform’s affordability, efficiency, and proven track record make it an attractive choice for law firms of all sizes and practice areas. Casetext’s commitment to leveraging AI responsibly for the legal profession positions CoCounsel as a leading AI legal assistant that helps lawyers navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of legal technology.

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