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About CodeGeeX

CodeGeeX is an AI-based coding assistant that offers code generation and translation capabilities. Powered by a large-scale multilingual code generation model with 13 billion parameters, CodeGeeX is pretrained on a vast code corpus encompassing over 20 programming languages.

It assists developers in writing code more efficiently by suggesting code in the current or following lines based on comments or previous code. Additionally, CodeGeeX can translate code snippets between various programming languages, making it a versatile tool for developers working with multiple languages.

The platform also provides customizable features through its “Prompt Mode,” allowing users to configure their own programming assistant according to their preferences.


  • Efficient Code Generation: CodeGeeX’s AI-powered code generation helps developers write code faster by generating code blocks based on comments and previous lines of code.
  • Multilingual Code Support: With pretrained models for over 20 programming languages, CodeGeeX offers code generation and translation capabilities across a wide range of programming languages.
  • Customizable Assistant: The “Prompt Mode” allows users to personalize their programming assistant, enabling features such as code explanation, summarization, and generating code in a specific coding style.
  • VS Code Extension: CodeGeeX provides a free VS Code extension, offering code generation and translation directly within the popular code editor.
  • User-Friendly Interface: CodeGeeX’s interface is designed for ease of use, making it accessible to developers of all levels of expertise.


  • Smaller User Base: CodeGeeX is relatively new and may have a smaller user base compared to more established AI-powered code generation tools like GitHub Copilot.
  • Potential Bugs: As a newer tool, CodeGeeX may have some bugs or limitations that are yet to be addressed due to its smaller user base.


  • AI-Based Code Generation: CodeGeeX uses a large-scale multilingual code generation model to suggest code in real-time based on user comments and previous code.
  • Code Translation Tool: The platform offers code translation capabilities, allowing developers to convert code snippets between 19 supported programming languages.
  • VS Code Extension: CodeGeeX provides a free VS Code extension with three modes: Stealth, Interactive, and Prompt mode, enhancing code generation and translation within the editor.
  • Candidate Feature: CodeGeeX generates multiple versions of the same line of code, allowing users to choose the most suitable option.
  • Custom Themes and Plugins: Users can customize the appearance and functionality of CodeGeeX with custom themes and plugins.

Use Cases

  • Code Generation Assistance: CodeGeeX is useful for developers who want an AI-based coding assistant to suggest code snippets or entire lines based on comments or previous code.
  • Language Translation: Developers working with multiple programming languages can benefit from CodeGeeX’s code translation tool to quickly convert code snippets between languages.
  • Personalized Assistance: The “Prompt Mode” allows developers to configure their own programming assistant with specific code explanations, summarizations, and coding style preferences.

CodeGeeX is an AI-powered coding assistant that offers efficient code generation and translation capabilities across multiple programming languages. With a user-friendly interface and a customizable Prompt Mode, it aims to enhance developer productivity and provide valuable assistance during the coding process.

While CodeGeeX may have a smaller user base compared to more popular AI-powered code-generating tools like GitHub Copilot, its open-source nature and multilingual support make it a promising alternative. Developers looking for a versatile and free coding assistant should consider giving CodeGeeX a try, as it can significantly streamline the coding experience and improve coding efficiency.

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