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About Consensus

Consensus is an innovative AI-powered search engine that focuses on extracting, aggregating, and summarizing scientific research from a wide array of topics, ranging from health and mindfulness to technology and more. The tool is meticulously designed to swiftly provide accurate answers to queries by delving into peer-reviewed research papers and distilling key findings.

By ensuring that the results are based on evidence from reliable sources, Consensus serves as a valuable resource for researchers, students, and individuals seeking substantiated information for both academic and personal growth purposes. Notably, Consensus differentiates itself by being ad-free, creating an environment where users can access dependable insights without distractions. Currently in the free beta testing phase, Consensus offers users the opportunity to experience its capabilities firsthand.


  • AI-Powered Accuracy: Consensus leverages AI technology to sift through extensive scientific papers and present users with accurate and evidence-based information.
  • Broad Coverage: With access to over 200 million scientific papers, Consensus covers a vast range of subjects, ensuring that users can find relevant insights across various domains.
  • Trustworthy Results: Consensus prioritizes transparency by citing its sources and only presenting information tied to legitimate studies, building trust with users.
  • Instant Summaries: Utilizing proprietary features that tap into advanced language models like GPT-4, Consensus provides users with quick and concise summaries of research findings.
  • Diverse User Base: Consensus caters to a wide spectrum of users, including researchers, students, professionals, doctors, and individuals seeking evidence-driven knowledge.


  • Beta Phase Limitations: As Consensus is currently in its free beta testing phase, users might encounter occasional limitations or features that are still under development.
  • Research Scope: While Consensus covers a substantial range of scientific papers, the availability of specific research papers might be constrained by publishers or access restrictions.


  • AI-Driven Search: Consensus employs AI technology to analyze and extract insights from an extensive database of scientific papers.
  • Evidence-Based Results: All search results are tied to peer-reviewed research papers, ensuring that users receive substantiated information.
  • Ad-Free Environment: Consensus differentiates itself by offering an ad-free experience, allowing users to focus solely on the information they are seeking.
  • Instant Analysis: The tool utilizes advanced language models to provide users with summarized and easy-to-understand explanations of research findings.
  • Wide User Base: Consensus caters to researchers, students, clinicians, analysts, content creators, and health enthusiasts, among others.

Use Cases

  • Students and Researchers: Consensus aids students in finding credible sources to support their academic papers, and it assists researchers in efficiently conducting literature reviews.
  • Clinicians: Healthcare professionals can swiftly locate answers to patients’ questions based on evidence from scientific research.
  • Analysts and Content Creators: Consensus provides instant access to expert quotes and peer-reviewed insights for presentations and content creation.
  • Health and Fitness Enthusiasts: Those interested in health and fitness can verify the viability of supplements and exercise routines through evidence-based information.
  • General Knowledge Seekers: Curious individuals seeking authoritative and unbiased information on various topics can rely on Consensus.

Consensus is a groundbreaking AI-powered search engine that bridges the gap between scientific research and accessible information. By utilizing advanced AI technology, Consensus empowers users to navigate the vast realm of scientific papers and effortlessly extract evidence-based insights. The tool’s commitment to transparency, accuracy, and ad-free experience showcases its dedication to providing users with trustworthy and valuable information.

As Consensus continues to evolve during its beta testing phase, it holds the potential to become an indispensable resource for researchers, students, professionals, and knowledge seekers worldwide. By democratizing expert knowledge and making it easily accessible, Consensus aligns with its mission of reshaping how individuals access and consume scientific information, ultimately fostering a more informed and enlightened society.

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