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About CopyFish

Copyfish emerges as a remarkable free OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software, empowering users to effortlessly extract text from a diverse array of sources, including images, videos, and PDFs. By seamlessly converting visual content into editable text, this tool obviates the need for manual retyping, resulting in substantial time and effort savings.

Copyfish showcases its versatility by adeptly handling various types of images, encompassing everything from photographs, charts, diagrams, and screenshots to PDF documents, comics, error messages, memes, Flash content, and even YouTube movies. The software facilitates easy navigation of the extracted text for purposes such as online search, storage, email communication, and translation.

Featuring a user-friendly interface that combines functionality with an element of enjoyment, Copyfish stands as a free and accessible solution available for download. This tool finds its utility in a multitude of scenarios, such as research endeavors necessitating the extraction of textual data from images, multilingual communication by translating text from images, archiving essential information for future reference, and transforming PDF documents into editable text.

With its efficient text extraction capabilities, Copyfish caters to a broad audience seeking quick and effective solutions for converting visual content into readable and editable text.


  • Text Extraction Efficiency: Copyfish excels in its core function of swiftly extracting text from various forms of visual content.
  • Diverse Image Compatibility: The tool adeptly processes a wide spectrum of images, ranging from photographs to screenshots and PDF documents.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Copyfish offers a simple and intuitive interface that ensures ease of use for a diverse user base.
  • Multilingual Translation: Users can conveniently translate extracted text from images into different languages.
  • Cost-Free Access: As a free software, Copyfish ensures that users can access its features without financial constraints.


  • Limited Advanced Features: While effective at basic text extraction, Copyfish may lack more advanced features found in premium OCR solutions.


  • Text Extraction: Copyfish seamlessly converts text from images, videos, and PDFs into editable content.
  • Image Variety: The tool is adept at handling diverse image formats, from charts to comics.
  • Translation Capabilities: Users can translate extracted text into various languages.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Copyfish offers a simple and enjoyable user experience.
  • Cost-Free Access: The software is available for free, ensuring accessibility for all users.

Use Cases

  • Research Assistance: Copyfish assists researchers in swiftly extracting relevant text from images for their projects.
  • Multilingual Communication: Users can employ Copyfish to translate text from images into different languages for effective communication.
  • Archival Purposes: Essential information from images can be efficiently archived for future reference.
  • PDF Conversion: PDF documents can be transformed into editable text using Copyfish’s capabilities.

Copyfish occupies a pivotal niche in the landscape of OCR software by offering a user-friendly and efficient solution for extracting text from images, videos, and PDFs. Its ability to cater to a wide variety of image formats ensures its relevance across diverse fields and industries.

While it may lack some of the advanced features offered by premium OCR solutions, Copyfish effectively fulfills its primary function of text extraction with simplicity and accuracy. Whether it’s aiding researchers in data extraction, enabling multilingual communication, archiving essential information, or transforming PDFs into editable text, Copyfish stands as a valuable tool for anyone seeking a quick and accessible solution for converting visual content into readable and editable text.

As a cost-free resource, Copyfish democratizes OCR technology, making it accessible to a broad range of users who stand to benefit from its capabilities. Overall, Copyfish’s focus on user-friendliness, text extraction efficiency, and compatibility with various image formats positions it as a commendable choice for those in need of a straightforward and effective OCR solution.

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