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About Cordless

Cordless is an AI-powered contact center solution that enables customer support teams to deliver exceptional service over the phone. Its key features include automatic call transcription, which transcribes calls in real-time, saving time and improving accuracy. Additionally, Cordless offers conversation intelligence, which analyzes calls to provide insights into customer behavior and preferences, as well as sentiment analysis, which determines the emotional tone of a call to help agents respond appropriately.

Cordless is an ideal solution for businesses that aim to enhance customer experience over the phone. It can be used for various purposes, including customer support, sales, and marketing. For customer support, Cordless provides agents with the necessary tools to handle customer inquiries with ease. For sales teams, it helps close deals more effectively by providing insights into customer needs and preferences. Finally, for marketing teams, Cordless provides valuable data on customer behavior and preferences that can be used to improve marketing campaigns.

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