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About Cradle is a groundbreaking biotechnology platform designed to accelerate the design and optimization of proteins. By combining powerful prediction algorithms and AI design suggestions, brings a transformative approach to protein engineering. Their cutting-edge tools and solutions aim to expedite the time-consuming process of protein design and optimization, thereby enabling biologists to conduct their research more effectively and efficiently.


  • AI-powered Design Tools: leverages advanced AI to improve the process of protein design and prediction. This level of automation can significantly reduce the time and resources needed for protein design and experimentation.
  • Constant Improvement:’s platform learns from every round of wet lab results, thus enhancing its predictive and design capabilities over time.
  • Comprehensive Features: From predicting a protein’s 3D structure and optimizing thermostability to codon optimization, provides a broad range of features. Additionally, it teases more features coming in the future, further extending its capabilities.
  • Security and Ownership: prioritizes user privacy and data security, ensuring that your sequences and data remain private and secure. Moreover, users retain full ownership of all intellectual property.


  • Some Features Still in Development: Some potentially significant features, such as improving a protein’s activity, specificity, affinity, and multi-objective optimization, are marked as “future” on their website, indicating that they might not be currently available.
  • Learning Curve: While the use of AI and machine learning can greatly enhance protein design and prediction, these advanced technologies might also introduce a steep learning curve for users not familiar with AI technologies.


  • 3D Structure Prediction: Enables prediction of the structure of an individual sequence or multimer using AlphaFold 2.
  • Thermostability Optimization: Offers optimization of protein thermostability using models trained on large datasets.
  • Codon Optimization: Allows for the optimization of protein’s codons for better expression using machine learning models.
  • Future Features: Promises future capabilities for designing proteins that perform better in harsh environments, improving enzyme reaction rates, optimizing protein specificity, and more.


  • Protein Design and Optimization: Scientists and researchers can utilize’s tools for designing and optimizing proteins for various applications, including medical, industrial, and environmental.
  • Data Analysis and Prediction: The platform can analyze and predict candidate proteins’ potential, providing insights that can guide experimental design and decision-making.
  • Bespoke Model Creation: Researchers can train the Cradle AI with their own wet lab results to create a tailored model that enhances candidates with each testing round.

To sum it up, is an innovative solution for scientists and researchers engaged in protein design and engineering. Its AI-based tools and features have the potential to revolutionize protein design, promising a faster, more efficient research process.

Although some key features are still under development,’s commitment to continuous improvement and expansion suggests a bright future for this platform. With its unique offering, is poised to become a valuable ally for those striving to make strides in the biological field.

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