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About Datature

Datature is an all-inclusive AI vision platform that enables users to manage datasets, annotate, train, and deploy computer vision applications without the need for coding. The platform offers several key features and advantages, including Nexus, which is the core platform for collaboration, annotation, training, and deploying multiple computer vision models with no-code. Additionally, the platform provides IntelliBrush, an AI-assisted labeling tool that ensures quick and accurate pixel-perfect annotations. Datature also offers Portal, a free open-source platform that allows users to upload models and test performance and accuracy. The platform caters to various teams and enterprises, including product developers seeking to efficiently build computer vision applications, data scientists looking for a platform to manage and annotate datasets easily, and businesses aiming to launch computer vision products faster and more effectively. Overall, Datature is a feature-rich solution that provides a no-code approach to creating and managing computer vision applications.

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