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About DiffusionBee

Stable Diffusion is an AI art generation tool that allows users to create art on their Mac computers. DiffusionBee, the free and user-friendly tool, is powered by Stable Diffusion technology and offers a range of features and benefits. These include versatile AI art generation options such as Text to Image, Image to Image, In-painting, Out-painting, Upscaling, and Custom Models. With local processing, users can enjoy faster generation times without any limits or cloud-based communication. DiffusionBee is compliant with CreativeML Open RAIL-M license, which allows users to use generated images as desired, providing creative freedom. The tool also has an active community on Discord, where users can seek assistance and ask questions. DiffusionBee caters to various creative individuals, including artists seeking to generate unique AI art with ease, designers looking for inspiration or additional visual elements, and content creators in need of visually striking images for projects. Overall, DiffusionBee is a powerful and convenient solution for generating stunning AI art on Mac computers.

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