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About Finding Words

Empathy’s Finding Words emerges as an empathetic and AI-powered tool designed to assist users in crafting heartfelt and personalized obituaries for their departed loved ones. Guided by a thoughtful process, this tool provides solace to those navigating the challenging task of memorializing their loved ones through words. With a series of empathetic questions, Finding Words generates draft obituaries that serve as starting points, offering a foundation for users to create tributes that truly honor and celebrate the lives of the deceased.


  • Empathetic Support: Empathy’s Finding Words offers a compassionate approach to obituary creation, guiding users through a process that acknowledges the emotional weight of the task.
  • Guided Process: The tool’s guided approach, driven by a series of thoughtful questions, eases the burden of obituary writing and provides structure to the writing process.
  • Draft Generation: The generation of draft obituaries jumpstarts the writing process, serving as a meaningful starting point for users to build upon.


  • Personalization: While the tool offers a structured approach, users seeking highly personalized and unique obituaries might need to put in additional effort beyond the draft generation.
  • Emotional Impact: For some users, relying on AI-generated content might impact the emotional authenticity of the final obituary.


  • AI-Guided Process: Empathy’s Finding Words utilizes AI to guide users through a series of questions that lead to the creation of draft obituaries.
  • Edit and Personalize: Users can edit and personalize the draft obituaries generated by the tool to reflect their unique memories, emotions, and experiences.
  • Privacy and Security: The tool ensures the privacy and security of users’ personal information and obituaries, never sharing or publishing them without consent.

Use Cases

  • Bereaved Families: Finding Words offers solace to bereaved families by providing a structured and empathetic approach to obituary creation during a difficult time.
  • Funeral Service Providers: Funeral service providers can leverage Finding Words as a user-friendly tool to assist their clients in crafting meaningful obituaries.
  • Individuals: Individuals seeking a secure and private way to create an obituary can turn to Finding Words for guidance and support.

Empathy’s Finding Words stands as a beacon of support and empathy in the realm of obituary creation. Acknowledging the emotional weight of commemorating loved ones, this AI-powered tool extends a compassionate hand to those grappling with the task of crafting obituaries. Through a thoughtful and guided process, Finding Words generates draft obituaries that serve as foundations for personalized and heartfelt tributes. While the tool streamlines the process, it also recognizes the deeply personal nature of such endeavors and encourages users to infuse their own memories, emotions, and stories.

In a world where technology has the power to offer comfort during times of grief, Finding Words embodies a unique fusion of AI and human emotion. By providing a secure and private platform for obituary creation, the tool not only addresses practical needs but also fosters an environment of support and understanding.

As users navigate the journey of commemorating their loved ones, Empathy’s Finding Words stands as a testament to the ways in which AI can serve as a gentle guide, helping individuals express their emotions and memories with grace and authenticity. In the realm of remembrance, Finding Words offers a space where technology and empathy intertwine, offering solace and a way to honor those who have left a lasting impact on our lives.

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