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About Fobizz

Fobizz Tools is a suite of digital tools that have been specifically designed to enhance teaching and learning experiences, with the aim of saving educators time. The suite offers a range of features and advantages, including comprehensive resources such as online courses, live webinars, lesson materials, and various tools to facilitate efficient teaching and learning. Additionally, Fobizz Tools provides AI assistants that allow educators to create and share content quickly and easily, including multimedia boards, surveys, worksheets, and more. The platform is also designed to be simple, data privacy-friendly, and secure, ensuring compliance with DSGVO regulations. Furthermore, Fobizz Tools is free to use, with users able to register for an account and access the platform at no cost. The use cases for Fobizz Tools are varied and cater to educators, students, and educational institutions. Teachers can use the platform to create engaging and interactive lesson materials, while students can access user-friendly tools to enhance their learning experience. Educational institutions can also adopt Fobizz Tools as a secure and privacy-compliant digital tool.

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