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About Goodlookup

Goodlookup is an AI-powered function that simplifies spreadsheet usage for users. It is specifically designed for Google Sheets and enhances topic clustering work. Goodlookup offers several key features and benefits, including the combination of GPT-3 and Fuzzy Matching, which provides improved matching capabilities. It also matches semantic relationships, synonyms, and cultural similarities between text strings. Goodlookup is easy to use and functions similarly to popular spreadsheet functions like VLOOKUP or INDEX MATCH. It is a subscription-based tool, with an affordable yearly subscription fee of $15.

Goodlookup is ideal for various spreadsheet users, including data analysts seeking to improve text-to-text record linking and data matching, business professionals dealing with data from multiple sources and non-uniform naming conventions, and researchers aiming to enhance topic clustering and data organization in spreadsheets. Goodlookup complements traditional fuzzy matching by adding a new layer of semantic understanding to text data matching, making it a valuable tool for modern spreadsheet users.

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