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About Humata AI

Humata is an AI-powered chatbot that provides efficient file management and analysis for users. With its instant answer feature, users can ask questions about their data and receive AI-powered responses. Humata also offers faster research capabilities, allowing users to understand complex documents 100 times faster with AI assistance. Additionally, Humata can summarize, synthesize, and extract valuable information from files through its data extraction feature. The chatbot also has Q&A capabilities, enabling users to answer hard questions related to their files quickly. Moreover, Humata’s automatic writing feature can create new content based on a user’s file, speeding up writing tasks. Humata is ideal for various professionals, including researchers seeking to quickly analyze and understand complex documents, students aiming to write papers more efficiently, and business professionals needing to extract valuable insights from files. Humata is available for free, or for $4.99/month for premium users.

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