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About Iconify AI

IconifyAI is a game-changer in the field of digital design. It’s an Artificial Intelligence-based application specifically developed to generate professional and unique icons for apps or websites.

Think of IconifyAI as your on-demand graphic design team, operating round the clock to turn your creative ideas into distinctive icon designs. But unlike a traditional design team, IconifyAI completes its task in just seconds, and the designs are never cookie-cutter templates – each icon is unique and tailored to fit your brand identity.


  • Fast and Efficient: The design process takes less than a minute, a far cry from the often time-consuming process of traditional design.
  • Fully Automated: The platform is 100% AI-driven and trained on a large library of graphics, icons, and assets. It generates the color palette based on the selected graphics or brand colors, meaning you get a unique design without much effort.
  • Customization: IconifyAI offers a wide range of styles, shapes, colors, and objects for tailored icon designs. You won’t have to settle for a one-size-fits-all design.


  • Design Limitations: While the AI can generate impressive designs, it might not replace a professional human designer for intricate, specific, or highly creative designs.
  • Requires Credits: Icon generation is not free, and it requires purchasing credits. You might need to budget for this if you’re planning to create multiple icons.


  • High-Resolution Output: Icons are rendered as 1024×1024 PNG images, ensuring high-quality graphics for any platform. You also have full ownership of the generated icons, including selling rights and copyright.
  • Preview and Download: You can preview the generated icon and download it as a 1024×1024 HD image. It also allows copying as an image to the clipboard for easy sharing.
  • Affordable Pricing: IconifyAI offers an affordable pricing model. You can generate up to 25 icons for $10 or 60 icons for $20.

Use Cases

  • App Developers: App developers seeking professionally designed icons for their applications can benefit from IconifyAI’s quick and customizable design process.
  • Website Owners: For website owners looking to enhance their brand with customized icons, IconifyAI is an ideal solution.
  • Designers: Designers in need of a fast, automated design process for icon generation can significantly streamline their workflow with IconifyAI.

IconifyAI has reinvented the icon design process, making it easier, faster, and more accessible than ever. It provides a unique solution for those who seek to build and enhance their brand identity without investing heavily in graphic design resources.

Its fast, customizable, and affordable service is lauded by happy customers, many of whom are impressed by the quality and variety of icons it generates. IconifyAI can truly be a game-changer for anyone who wants a sleek and distinctive icon for their app or website in just a matter of seconds.

Whether you are an app developer, a website owner, or a designer, IconifyAI can be your go-to tool for professional and unique icon designs.

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