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Interview Prep AI

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About Interview Prep AI

Interview Prep AI is an advanced artificial intelligence tool that serves as your personal job interview coach. It offers a cutting-edge technology that simulates real job interviews, enabling you to practice and enhance your skills before the actual interview.

The tool works by allowing you to upload your CV as text or convert it into text and save it. You can then fill out initial information such as job description, interview type, and language. You can practice as many times as you want by engaging in multiple live iterations of your interview with our AI and receive instantaneous feedback.

The tool ensures that all the information you provide, including the job description, remains private, and is not stored on our servers. You can get started for free, and the tool can be used to reduce stress and anxiety associated with preparing for a live job interview, practice answering interview questions in a simulated environment, get instant feedback on your performance, and improve your skills and confidence before the actual interview.

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