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About Jua AI

Introducing The Jua Model – a revolutionary AI-powered global weather model that offers unparalleled accuracy in weather forecasting. Unlike traditional models such as GFS or IFS, Jua is a 100% AI-powered weather model that leverages primary data sources to provide high-performing, full-scale weather predictions. The Jua model introduces a completely new way to model the Earth’s atmosphere, resulting in high accuracy and precision forecasts for up to 48 hours into the future. With a spatial resolution of 1 km2 and the ability to predict weather on a five-minute temporal resolution, Jua empowers users with high-precision forecasts, making it an ideal solution for hundreds of use cases across different industries. Whether you require weather forecasting for enterprise-scale energy procurement or need to predict microclimates in specific regions, Jua’s extreme accuracy and precision make it a reliable choice. Say goodbye to merging different regional models and rely on one global weather model for all your use cases. With Jua, forecasts feel like measurements, and you can stay ahead of weather changes with up to 12x more frequency than a forecast based on a leading numerical model.

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