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About Just Prompts

Just Prompts is an innovative tool that elevates user-generated prompts through its Additive Prompting feature. Developed by @NickFloats and @SanxRoz, this tool aims to enhance the quality of AI-generated outputs by adding more context and nuance to the inputs.

By incorporating the Additive Prompting feature, users can create prompts that yield more accurate and diverse outputs from AI models. To access the tool, users need to obtain an API key from the OpenAI platform’s account page. Although specific AI models supported by Just Prompts are not mentioned explicitly, it is likely designed to work seamlessly with OpenAI’s models due to its API key requirement.

With Just Prompts, users can unlock the potential of AI-generated outputs and explore more complex and nuanced prompt creation.


  • Enhanced AI Outputs: Just Prompts’ Additive Prompting feature can improve the quality of AI-generated outputs, resulting in more accurate and meaningful responses.
  • Advanced Prompt Creation: By incorporating more context and nuance to prompts, users can access AI models’ capabilities more effectively and obtain diverse outputs.
  • API Key Integration: The requirement for an API key from the OpenAI platform ensures seamless compatibility with their models, enhancing the tool’s performance.


  • API Key Requirement: Some users may find the need to obtain an API key from the OpenAI platform an additional step that may require technical know-how.
  • Specific Model Support: The tool’s compatibility might be limited to certain AI models, and it could benefit from explicitly stating the supported models.
  • Learning Curve: Users unfamiliar with AI-generated outputs and prompt creation may experience a learning curve while exploring the tool’s full potential.


  • Additive Prompting: The Additive Prompting feature allows users to enhance prompt creation by adding more context and nuance to improve AI-generated outputs.

Use Cases

  • Researchers and Developers: Researchers and developers in the AI domain can leverage Just Prompts to experiment and fine-tune prompt creation, leading to more accurate and diverse AI outputs.
  • Content Creators: Content creators can benefit from Just Prompts to generate more nuanced prompts, leading to AI-generated content that aligns better with their creative vision.
  • Data Analysts: Data analysts can use Just Prompts to explore complex questions and obtain comprehensive insights from AI models by crafting intricate prompts.

Just Prompts presents a valuable tool for users seeking to enhance the functionality and accuracy of AI-generated outputs. With its Additive Prompting feature, this tool empowers users to create more complex and nuanced prompts, ultimately leading to more accurate and meaningful AI responses.

While the API key requirement may pose a challenge for some users, it ensures seamless integration with OpenAI’s models, promising enhanced performance. As Just Prompts finds its place among researchers, developers, content creators, and data analysts, it has the potential to unlock the capabilities of AI models and provide valuable insights across various domains.

However, clear documentation about supported AI models and user-friendly guides can further enhance the tool’s accessibility and appeal to a broader audience. As AI technology continues to advance, Just Prompts stands as a promising tool that enables users to explore the full potential of AI-generated outputs through sophisticated and well-crafted prompts.

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