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About Kore.ai

Kore.ai is a renowned provider of AI-optimized customer and employee experiences, offering a diverse array of industry-specific virtual and process assistants. At its core, the platform features Experience Optimization (XO), an innovative fusion of conversational AI and digital user experience.

This synergy ensures fluid and seamless interactions. Kore.ai stands out by providing industry-tailored products catering to sectors such as contact centers, banking, healthcare, commerce, IT support, HR support, and collaborative workspaces. Furthermore, the platform encompasses SearchAssist, a cognitive search solution enhanced by conversational support.

Kore.ai’s utility spans multiple industries and professional roles. Customer service teams can employ AI-driven virtual assistants to augment customer experiences, while HR and IT support teams can tap into AI-powered solutions to streamline employee support.

Businesses and organizations aiming to enhance customer and employee interactions through AI technology also find value in Kore.ai’s offerings. Overall, Kore.ai presents a comprehensive platform to automate interactions and optimize experiences across various industries.


  • Versatile Solutions: Kore.ai offers specialized solutions for diverse industries, including contact centers, banking, healthcare, and more.
  • Experience Optimization: The platform’s Experience Optimization (XO) blends conversational AI and digital UX, ensuring seamless interactions.
  • Cognitive Search Solution: Kore.ai features SearchAssist, a cognitive search tool enhanced with conversational support.
  • Global Client Base: The platform is trusted by an impressive roster of Fortune 2000 companies, demonstrating its reliability and effectiveness.


  • Learning Curve: Users new to AI-driven solutions may require some time to familiarize themselves with Kore.ai’s functionalities.
  • Integration Challenges: Depending on the complexity of existing systems, integrating Kore.ai into established workflows might require careful planning.


  • Experience Optimization (XO): The platform harmonizes conversational AI and digital UX for seamless interactions.
  • Industry-Focused Solutions: Kore.ai offers tailored solutions for various sectors, including contact centers, banking, healthcare, and more.
  • SearchAssist: A cognitive search solution enhanced with conversational support, enabling more efficient data retrieval.
  • Global Recognition: Kore.ai is trusted by Fortune 2000 companies, including top banks and healthcare institutions.
  • AI Academy: The platform offers a learning center to master conversational AI skills and become certified on Kore.ai’s XO Platform.
  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU): Kore.ai employs advanced NLU to create intelligent virtual assistants with contextual intelligence.
  • End-to-End Platform: Kore.ai provides an AI-powered “no-code” platform for designing, building, testing, and deploying virtual assistants.
  • Specialized Solutions: The platform offers solutions for cloud call centers, banking, healthcare, HR and IT helpdesk, and more.
  • Personalized Experiences: Kore.ai believes in blending AI convenience with a human touch for enriching customer and employee experiences.

Use Cases

  • Customer Service: AI-driven virtual assistants enhance customer experiences by providing personalized and efficient support.
  • HR and IT Support: Kore.ai’s solutions streamline employee support, improving internal processes.
  • Business Optimization: The platform’s cognitive search solution aids in efficient data retrieval, enhancing decision-making.
  • Industry-Specific Applications: Kore.ai’s tailored solutions cater to various industries, including healthcare, banking, and more.

Kore.ai emerges as a transformative force in the AI-driven customer and employee experience landscape. By seamlessly blending conversational AI with digital user experience, the platform offers a harmonious interaction environment. It stands as a reliable choice, evident in its partnership with Fortune 2000 companies, including top banks and healthcare institutions. Kore.ai’s commitment to optimizing experiences is reflected in its specialized solutions for diverse industries and roles.

While there might be a learning curve for newcomers to AI technology, the platform offers an AI Academy for mastering conversational AI skills. Kore.ai’s end-to-end platform facilitates the entire process, from design to deployment, simplifying the creation of intelligent virtual assistants. Additionally, the platform’s use cases are diverse, catering to sectors such as customer service, HR and IT support, and industry-specific applications.

In the journey to harness AI-powered assistants, Kore.ai shines as a beacon of innovation, steering businesses towards enhanced customer and employee experiences. Its belief in blending AI convenience with human touch aligns with the evolving digital landscape, where interactions are expected to be personalized, seamless, and efficient. Kore.ai’s offerings present a cohesive solution to businesses seeking to optimize interactions, automate processes, and redefine engagement across various industries.

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