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About Litmaps

Litmaps is an AI tool that facilitates literature review by generating maps of connected papers based on their citations. With Litmaps, users can easily and accurately find the articles and papers they need to complete their research. By simply inputting a seed paper, Litmaps generates a map of the most relevant articles related to the seed paper. The map is arranged such that the most recent articles appear on the right, while the most cited articles appear at the top. The lines on the map show the citations between the articles.

Litmaps also offers automated citation searching, which enables users to discover academic papers they may not have known they needed. Users can visualize their search results in a Litmap and see how the articles link to each other by tracing citations. Additionally, users can collaborate with colleagues and share their Litmaps on social media or export them to showcase their work.

Litmaps can also monitor users’ searches in the background and alert them to new articles they may have otherwise missed out on. Overall, Litmaps is a powerful tool for researchers looking to streamline their literature review process and stay up-to-date on the latest research in their field.

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