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About Lobe

Lobe.ai, a tool acquired by Microsoft, aims to democratize AI and deep learning models by making these technologies accessible and user-friendly. As an AutoML tool, it allows users to create AI models with a focus on image classification, without the need for coding. Users simply provide a set of labeled images, and Lobe.ai automatically finds the most effective model to classify them.


  • User-Friendly: Lobe.ai is extremely easy to use, with a clean, intuitive interface that even third-graders can navigate. This accessibility facilitates a broader understanding and application of AI.
  • Speed: The tool’s speed of model-building is impressive, allowing rapid prototyping and application.
  • Free of Charge: Currently, Lobe.ai is free to use, making it accessible to anyone interested in exploring AI capabilities.


  • Limited Features: At the moment, Lobe only offers image classification. This limitation means it’s less versatile than competitors such as Google AutoML, which provides services like object recognition, text, tabular, video, and more.
  • Lack of Insights: Lobe does not provide in-depth model analysis like some of its counterparts, such as Kortical.


  • Image Classification: Lobe’s primary feature is the training and classification of image networks. Despite limited training data, it consistently delivers quality results.
  • Speed: The tool’s speed stands out, as it can train models in just minutes. For higher accuracy, users have the option to extend the training duration.
  • Export: Lobe allows users to export their models to various platforms such as CoreML, TensorFlow, TensorFlow Lite, and even provides a local API.


  • Commercial Applications: Lobe.ai serves as a cost-effective tool for businesses to create models for AI projects. It simplifies the process for project and product managers who may not have advanced technical skills.
  • Education: In educational settings, it serves as an introductory tool to AI development. Because it requires no coding skills, it can be used to teach the basics of AI to a wide range of students, including young learners.
  • Sales Demonstrations: When trying to convince potential customers about the benefits of AI, Lobe.ai can serve as a persuasive tool. Its intuitive interface and clear results can help decision makers understand what AI can offer them.

Lobe.ai represents a leap forward in accessible AI technology. Its focus on making AI user-friendly means that this advanced technology is within reach of anyone interested in leveraging it. Despite its current limitations, it’s a robust tool that provides competitive image classification models at impressive speeds.

While its current capabilities are limited to image classification, there’s potential for expansion into areas such as text classification and tabular models, or developing small apps on top of the models. Both directions present exciting possibilities for the future of AI.

In essence, Lobe.ai is a promising new player in the realm of AI and machine learning tools. Its simplicity and speed make it an attractive choice for businesses, educators, and AI enthusiasts alike. With potential for growth and the backing of a tech giant like Microsoft, Lobe.ai is surely a tool to watch out for.

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