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About Ludo

Ludo AI is an AI-powered platform designed to assist game developers in their game research and design process. With its streamlined ideation feature, game developers can easily generate game concepts, search for games and images, and monitor daily trends. The platform also offers a Game Concept document feature that allows developers to store research, game ideas, and game elements in an organized format.

Ludo AI’s AI-powered games search feature analyzes millions of games, game icons, and screenshots to help developers stay ahead of market trends. The platform also offers team collaboration features that enable developers to share well-organized documents with stakeholders for efficient teamwork.

With Ludo AI, game developers can reduce their game design time by 50% with AI-assisted character, mechanic, and story creation. The platform is ideal for various game development professionals, including game developers seeking to streamline their ideation and design process, design teams looking to collaborate efficiently and stay ahead of market trends, and game studios aiming to create top-charting games with increased productivity.

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