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About Maps GPT

MapsGPT is a mapping tool that is powered by OpenAI and Proxi. It is designed to create custom maps with ease and speed. With MapsGPT, users can quickly find and explore interesting places near them. The tool offers several key features and advantages, including easy map generation, editable maps, simple sharing, and Proxi integration. Users can enter the type of location desired, and the tool will create a map with custom pins. The maps are also editable, allowing users to modify them by adding or editing points as needed. Sharing maps is simple and can be done via Twitter, Facebook, email, or by copying the link. Proxi integration allows users to revisit previously created maps and access aggregated data. MapsGPT caters to various needs, including travelers seeking to explore new places and points of interest, event planners looking for suitable locations for gatherings or activities, and local explorers aiming to discover hidden gems in their area. Overall, MapsGPT offers a user-friendly solution for creating and sharing custom maps for any occasion.

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